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Stock Quotes and Charts - Stock Market Research - Stock Earnings, Insider Trends & Holdings - Features stock market research tools, quotes and charts research last stock quote high and low for the day, current stock prices, volume yield and change. Stock earnings insider trading information, announcements, stock upgrades or downgrades and stock holdings information change in stock ownership plus compare your stock to industry peers buy sell or hold and more. Stock Market Research Tools for Stock Market Investors and Day Traders to do research and keep track of their stocks.. Keep track of your stocks with Level II Stock Quotes and live stock charts, Level 2 Quotes gives you the stock trading tools to make a better informed decision to buy or sell stocks. Get penny stock quotes for the OTCBB or Pink Sheets stocks, penny stocks are stocks that have a stock market price of $5 dollars and under, but usually penny stocks are traded on the OTCBB, use the most active stocks section to find penny stocks.
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Stock Quotes and Charts - Stock Research - Stock Earnings, Insider Trends & Holdings - Features stock market research, lookup stocks, get stock quotes and charts, research a stocks trading price current high and low for the day, check stock trading volume yield and change. Lookup stock earnings insider trading information stock announcements, upgrades or downgrades and stock holdings information change in stock ownership. Lookup and compare your stock to industry peers, see what analysts have to say or consensus of your stocks earnings, broker or analyst suggestions, buy, sell or hold and more. Check the earnings center for latest earnings activity, look for stocks that have upward or downward revisions, check stocks that have been upgraded or downgraded near their 52 week lows or highs, look for stocks that just received their first up or downgrade in 6 months.. These lists allow you to quickly and easily scan for many investment ideas. Also remember volume is also an indicator of a stocks momentum and if you get in early, the earnings potential is at it's greatest, just make sure your on the right side of the trade and don't fight against the overall market trend.
Most Active Stocks: Features most active stocks, stock market most active stocks gainers and losers in the market, find penny stock OTCBB stocks.
More Info: Remember a sudden volume increase, stock market momentum or change, usually indicates buyers coming in or short sellers covering their trades driving the stock price up, also it could be Stock Market News related or insider buying or selling, check Expected Earnings Reports or SEC Filings. For day traders, keep your stop losses tight, you can always move your stops as the stock market allows and remember never go against the overall stock market trend when trading stocks. Also track and analyze your stocks using the Stock Charts, keep a close eye on the stock market volume coming in near the end of the day, this will give you some insight going into the after hours session and could be a stock market indicator as to a possible higher or lower open.
Day-Trading Tips: For a formula that works with any stock, see our How to use Level II Quotes for Day Trading section, for a stock trading formula to determine stock support and resistance, this gives you some insight going forward in the next stock trading day and the stock market open price.
Note: The stock quotes provided here does not necessarily represent the top BID and ASK, Sell or Buy price Size or BUY and SELL orders in the marketplace.
Note: Simply type in your stock symbol and click "Get Stock Quotes and Charts" or "Advanced Charts" button. The data and information provided here is for informational purposes only and all information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, or is available from other public sources. The decision to invest in the stock market should only be made after your consultation with an investment adviser or stock market broker, fundamental analysis and stock market technical indicators are your responsibility, do your own research before you invest.