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Stock Market - Market Makers List - H

Features a market makers directory list for H, there are more than 600 member firms that act as NASDAQ Market Makers...

Market Makers List - Starting with letter H
  1. H|Hyatt Hotels Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||H|H|N
  2. HA|Hawaiian Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HA|N
  3. HAAC|Health Assurance Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HAAC|N
  4. HAACU|Health Assurance Acquisition Corp. - SAIL Securities|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HAACU|N
  5. HAACW|Health Assurance Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HAACW|N
  6. HACK|ETFMG Prime Cyber Security ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HACK|HACK|N
  7. HAE|Haemonetics Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HAE|HAE|N
  8. HAFC|Hanmi Financial Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HAFC|N
  9. HAIA|Healthcare AI Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HAIA|N
  10. HAIAU|Healthcare AI Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HAIAU|N
  11. HAIAW|Healthcare AI Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HAIAW|N
  12. HAIL|SPDR S&P Kensho Smart Mobility ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HAIL|HAIL|N
  13. HAIN|The Hain Celestial Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HAIN|N
  14. HAL|Halliburton Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HAL|HAL|N
  15. HALL|Hallmark Financial Services, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HALL|N
  16. HALO|Halozyme Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HALO|N
  17. HAP|VanEck Natural Resources ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HAP|HAP|N
  18. HAPP|Happiness Development Group Limited - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HAPP|N
  19. HAPY|Harbor ETF Trust Harbor Corporate Culture Leaders ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HAP
  20. HAPY|N
  21. HARP|Harpoon Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HARP|N
  22. HART|IQ Healthy Hearts ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HART|HART|N
  23. HAS|Hasbro, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HAS|N
  24. HASI|Hannon Armstrong Sustainable Infrastructure Capital, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HASI|HASI|N
  25. HAUS|Tidal ETF Trust Home Appreciation U.S. REIT ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HAUS|HAUS|N
  26. HAUZ|Xtrackers International Real Estate ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HAUZ|HAUZ|N
  27. HAWX|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI ACWI ex U.S. ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HAWX|HAWX|N
  28. HAYN|Haynes International, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HAYN|N
  29. HAYW|Hayward Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HAYW|HAYW|N
  30. HBAN|Huntington Bancshares Incorporated - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HBAN|N
  31. HBANM|Huntington Bancshares Incorporated - Depositary Shares each representing a 1/1000th interest in a share of Huntington Series I Preferred Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HBANM|N
  32. HBANP|Huntington Bancshares Incorporated - Depositary Shares 4.500% Series H Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HBANP|N
  33. HBB|Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company Class A Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||HBB|HBB|N
  34. HBCP|Home Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HBCP|N
  35. HBI|Hanesbrands Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HBI|HBI|N
  36. HBIO|Harvard Bioscience, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HBIO|N
  37. HBM|Hudbay Minerals Inc. Ordinary Shares (Canada)|N| |N|100|N||HBM|HBM|N
  38. HBNC|Horizon Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HBNC|N
  39. HBT|HBT Financial, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HBT|N
  40. HCA|HCA Healthcare, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HCA|HCA|N
  41. HCAR|Healthcare Services Acquisition Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCAR|N
  42. HCARU|Healthcare Services Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCARU|N
  43. HCARW|Healthcare Services Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCARW|N
  44. HCAT|Health Catalyst, Inc - Common stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HCAT|N
  45. HCC|Warrior Met Coal, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HCC|HCC|N
  46. HCCI|Heritage-Crystal Clean, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HCCI|N
  47. HCDI|Harbor Custom Development, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCDI|N
  48. HCDIP|Harbor Custom Development, Inc. - 8.0% Series A Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, no par value|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCDIP|N
  49. HCDIW|Harbor Custom Development, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCDIW|N
  50. HCDIZ|Harbor Custom Development, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCDIZ|N
  51. HCI|HCI Group, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HCI|HCI|N
  52. HCIC|Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCIC|N
  53. HCICU|Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCICU|N
  54. HCICW|Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. V - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCICW|N
  55. HCII|Hudson Executive Investment Corp. II - Class A common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCII|N
  56. HCIIU|Hudson Executive Investment Corp. II - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCIIU|N
  57. HCIIW|Hudson Executive Investment Corp. II - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCIIW|N
  58. HCKT|The Hackett Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HCKT|N
  59. HCM|HUTCHMED (China) Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HCM|N
  60. HCMA|HCM Acquisition Corp - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCMA|N
  61. HCMAU|HCM Acquisition Corp - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCMAU|N
  62. HCMAW|HCM Acquisition Corp - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCMAW|N
  63. HCNE|Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCNE|N
  64. HCNEU|Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCNEU|N
  65. HCNEW|Jaws Hurricane Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HCNEW|N
  66. HCOM|Hartford Schroders Commodity Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HCOM|HCOM|N
  67. HCP|HashiCorp, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HCP|N
  68. HCRB|Hartford Core Bond ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HCRB|HCRB|N
  69. HCSG|Healthcare Services Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HCSG|N
  70. HCTI|Healthcare Triangle, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HCTI|N
  71. HCVI|Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. VI - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCVI|N
  72. HCVIU|Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. VI - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCVIU|N
  73. HCVIW|Hennessy Capital Investment Corp. VI - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCVIW|N
  74. HCWB|HCW Biologics Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HCWB|N
  75. HCXY|Hercules Capital, Inc. 6.25% Notes due 2033|N| |N|100|N||HCX
  76. HCXY|N
  77. HD|Home Depot, Inc. (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HD|HD|N
  78. HDAW|Xtrackers MSCI All World ex US High Dividend Yield Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDAW|HDAW|N
  79. HDB|HDFC Bank Limited Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HDB|HDB|N
  80. HDEF|Xtrackers MSCI EAFE High Dividend Yield Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDEF|HDEF|N
  81. HDG|ProShares Hedge Replication ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDG|HDG|N
  82. HDGE|Ranger Equity Bear Bear ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDGE|HDGE|N
  83. HDIV|QRAFT AI-Enhanced U.S. High Dividend ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDIV|HDIV|N
  84. HDLB|ETRACS Monthly Pay 2xLeveraged US High Dividend Low Volatility ETN Series B due September 30, 2044|P| |Y|100|N||HDLB|HDLB|N
  85. HDMV|First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Developed International ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDMV|HDMV|N
  86. HDRO|ETF Series Solutions Defiance Next Gen H2 ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDRO|HDRO|N
  87. HDSN|Hudson Technologies, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HDSN|N
  88. HDV|iShares Core High Dividend ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HDV|HDV|N
  89. HE|Hawaiian Electric Industries, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HE|HE|N
  90. HEAR|Turtle Beach Corporation - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HEAR|N
  91. HEDJ|WisdomTree Europe Hedged Equity Fund|P| |Y|100|N||HEDJ|HEDJ|N
  92. HEEM|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Emerging Markets ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HEEM|HEEM|N
  93. HEES|H&E Equipment Services, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HEES|N
  94. HEET|Hartford Schroders ESG US Equity ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HEET|HEET|N
  95. HEFA|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HEFA|HEFA|N
  96. HEGD|Swan Hedged Equity US Large Cap ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HEGD|HEGD|N
  97. HEI|Heico Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HEI|HEI|N
  98. HEI.A|Heico Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HEI.A|HEI.A|N
  99. HELE|Helen of Troy Limited - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HELE|N
  100. HELX|Franklin Genomic Advancements ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HELX|HELX|N
  101. HEP|Holly Energy Partners, L.P. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HEP|HEP|N
  102. HEPA|Hepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HEPA|N
  103. HEPS|D-Market Electronic Services & Trading - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HEPS|N
  104. HEQ|John Hancock Hedged Equity & Income Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HEQ|HEQ|N
  105. HEQT|Simplify Hedged Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HEQT|HEQT|N
  106. HERA|FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HERA|N
  107. HERAU|FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp. - Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and one fourth of one warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HERAU|N
  108. HERAW|FTAC Hera Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HERAW|N
  109. HERD|Pacer Cash Cows Fund of Funds ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HERD|N
  110. HERO|Global X Video Games & Esports ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HERO|N
  111. HES|Hess Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HES|HES|N
  112. HESM|Hess Midstream LP Class A Share|N| |N|100|N||HESM|HESM|N
  113. HEWC|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Canada ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HEWC|HEWC|N
  114. HEWG|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Germany ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HEWG|N
  115. HEWJ|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Japan ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HEWJ|HEWJ|N
  116. HEWU|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI United Kingdom ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HEWU|HEWU|N
  117. HEXO|HEXO Corp. - Common Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HEXO|N
  118. HEZU|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI Eurozone ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HEZU|HEZU|N
  119. HFBL|Home Federal Bancorp, Inc. of Louisiana - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HFBL|N
  120. HFFG|HF Foods Group Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|E||HFFG|N
  121. HFGO|Hartford Large Cap Growth ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HFGO|HFGO|N
  122. HFRO|Highland Income Fund|N| |N|100|N||HFRO|HFRO|N
  123. HFRO$A|Highland Income Fund 5.375% Series A Cumulative Preferred Shares|N| |N|100|N||HFROpA|HFRO-A|N
  124. HFWA|Heritage Financial Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HFWA|N
  125. HFXI|IQ 50 Percent Hedged FTSE International ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HFXI|HFXI|N
  126. HGBL|Heritage Global Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HGBL|N
  127. HGEN|Humanigen, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HGEN|N
  128. HGER|Harbor ETF Trust Harbor All-Weather Inflation Focus ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HGER|HGER|N
  129. HGLB|Highland Global Allocation Fund Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HGLB|HGLB|N
  130. HGTY|Hagerty, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HGT
  131. HGTY|N
  132. HGTY.W|Hagerty, Inc. Warrants, each whole warrant entitles the holder thereof to purchase one share of Class A common stock at a price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||HGTY.WS|HGTY+|N
  133. HGV|Hilton Grand Vacations Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||HGV|HGV|N
  134. HHC|Howard Hughes Corporation (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HHC|HHC|N
  135. HHGC|HHG Capital Corporation - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HHGC|N
  136. HHGCR|HHG Capital Corporation - Rights|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HHGCR|N
  137. HHGCU|HHG Capital Corporation - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HHGCU|N
  138. HHGCW|HHG Capital Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HHGCW|N
  139. HHH|ETFMG Real Estate Tech ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HHH|HHH|N
  140. HHLA|HH&L Acquisition Co. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||HHLA|HHLA|N
  141. HHLA.U|HH&L Acquisition Co. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HHLA.U|HHLA=|N
  142. HHLA.W|HH&L Acquisition Co. Redeemable warrants, each warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HHLA.WS|HHLA+|N
  143. HHR|HeadHunter Group PLC - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HHR|N
  144. HHS|Harte-Hanks, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HHS|N
  145. HI|Hillenbrand Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HI|HI|N
  146. HIBB|Hibbett, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HIBB|N
  147. HIBL|Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bull 3X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||HIBL|HIBL|N
  148. HIBS|Direxion Daily S&P 500 High Beta Bear 3X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||HIBS|HIBS|N
  149. HIE|Miller/Howard High Income Equity Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HIE|HIE|N
  150. HIFS|Hingham Institution for Savings - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HIFS|N
  151. HIG|Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIG|HIG|N
  152. HIG$G|Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. (The) Depositary Shares each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 6.000% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series G, $0.01 par value|N| |N|100|N||HIGpG|HIG-G|N
  153. HIGA|H.I.G. Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||HIGA|HIGA|N
  154. HIGA.U|H.I.G. Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share, $0.0001 par value, and one-third of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HIGA.U|HIGA=|N
  155. HIGA.W|H.I.G. Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HIGA.WS|HIGA+|N
  156. HIHO|Highway Holdings Limited - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HIHO|N
  157. HII|Huntington Ingalls Industries, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HII|HII|N
  158. HIII|Hudson Executive Investment Corp. III - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HIII|N
  159. HIIIU|Hudson Executive Investment Corp. III - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HIIIU|N
  160. HIIIW|Hudson Executive Investment Corp. III - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HIIIW|N
  161. HIL|Hill International, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIL|HIL|N
  162. HILS|Hillstream BioPharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HILS|N
  163. HIMS|Hims & Hers Health, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIMS|HIMS|N
  164. HIMX|Himax Technologies, Inc. - American depositary shares, each of which represents two ordinary shares.|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HIMX|N
  165. HIO|Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIO|HIO|N
  166. HIPO|Hippo Holdings Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIPO|HIPO|N
  167. HIPO.W|Hippo Holdings Inc. Warrants|N| |N|100|N||HIPO.WS|HIPO+|N
  168. HIPS|GraniteShares HIPS US High Income ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HIPS|HIPS|N
  169. HISF|First Trust High Income Strategic Focus ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HISF|N
  170. HITI|High Tide Inc. - Common Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HITI|N
  171. HIVE|Hive Blockchain Technologies Ltd. - Common Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HIVE|N
  172. HIW|Highwoods Properties, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIW|HIW|N
  173. HIX|Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HIX|HIX|N
  174. HJEN|Direxion Hydrogen ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HJEN|HJEN|N
  175. HJPX|iShares Currency Hedged JPX-Nikkei 400 ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HJPX|HJPX|N
  176. HKND|Humankind US Stock ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HKND|HKND|N
  177. HL|Hecla Mining Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HL|HL|N
  178. HL$B|Hecla Mining Company Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLpB|HL-B|N
  179. HLAH|Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HLAH|N
  180. HLAHU|Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I, Inc. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HLAHU|N
  181. HLAHW|Hamilton Lane Alliance Holdings I, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HLAHW|N
  182. HLAL|Wahed FTSE USA Shariah ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HLAL|N
  183. HLBZ|Helbiz, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HLBZ|N
  184. HLBZW|Helbiz, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HLBZW|N
  185. HLF|Herbalife Nutrition Ltd. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLF|HLF|N
  186. HLG|Hailiang Education Group Inc. - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HLG|N
  187. HLGE|Hartford Longevity Economy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HLGE|HLGE|N
  188. HLGN|Heliogen, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLGN|HLGN|N
  189. HLGN.W|Heliogen, Inc. Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HLGN.WS|HLGN+|N
  190. HLI|Houlihan Lokey, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLI|HLI|N
  191. HLIO|Helios Technologies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLIO|HLIO|N
  192. HLIT|Harmonic Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HLIT|N
  193. HLLY|Holley Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLL
  194. HLLY|N
  195. HLLY.W|Holley Inc. Warrants|N| |N|100|N||HLLY.WS|HLLY+|N
  196. HLMN|Hillman Solutions Corp. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HLMN|N
  197. HLNE|Hamilton Lane Incorporated - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HLNE|N
  198. HLT|Hilton Worldwide Holdings Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||HLT|HLT|N
  199. HLTH|Cue Health Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HLTH|N
  200. HLVX|HilleVax, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HLVX|N
  201. HLX|Helix Energy Solutions Group, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HLX|HLX|N
  202. HMA|Heartland Media Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HMA|HMA|N
  203. HMA.U|Heartland Media Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HMA.U|HMA=|N
  204. HMA.W|Heartland Media Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||HMA.WS|HMA+|N
  205. HMC|Honda Motor Company, Ltd. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HMC|HMC|N
  206. HMCO|HumanCo Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HMCO|N
  207. HMCOU|HumanCo Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HMCOU|N
  208. HMCOW|HumanCo Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HMCOW|N
  209. HMLP|Hoegh LNG Partners LP Common Units representing Limited Partner Interests|N| |N|100|N||HMLP|HMLP|N
  210. HMLP$A|Hoegh LNG Partners LP 8.75% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Units|N| |N|100|N||HMLPpA|HMLP-A|N
  211. HMN|Horace Mann Educators Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HMN|HMN|N
  212. HMNF|HMN Financial, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HMNF|N
  213. HMOP|Hartford Municipal Opportunities ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HMOP|HMOP|N
  214. HMPT|Home Point Capital Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HMPT|N
  215. HMST|HomeStreet, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HMST|N
  216. HMTV|Hemisphere Media Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HMTV|N
  217. HMY|Harmony Gold Mining Company Limited|N| |N|100|N||HM
  218. HMY|N
  219. HNDL|Strategy Shares Nasdaq 7HANDL Index ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HNDL|N
  220. HNGR|Hanger, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HNGR|HNGR|N
  221. HNI|HNI Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HNI|HNI|N
  222. HNNA|Hennessy Advisors, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HNNA|N
  223. HNNAZ|Hennessy Advisors, Inc. - 4.875% Notes due 2026|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HNNAZ|N
  224. HNP|Huaneng Power Intl Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HNP|HNP|N
  225. HNRA|HNR Acquisition Corp Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||HNRA|HNRA|N
  226. HNRA.W|HNR Acquisition Corp Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for three quarters of one share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per whole share|A| |N|100|N||HNRA.WS|HNRA+|N
  227. HNRG|Hallador Energy Company - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HNRG|N
  228. HNST|The Honest Company, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HNST|N

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  1. HNVR|Hanover Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HNVR|N
  2. HNW|Pioneer Diversified High Income Fund, Inc.|A| |N|100|N||HNW|HNW|N
  3. HOFT|Hooker Furnishings Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOFT|N
  4. HOFV|Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HOFV|N
  5. HOFVW|Hall of Fame Resort & Entertainment Company - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HOFVW|N
  6. HOG|Harley-Davidson, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HOG|HOG|N
  7. HOLD|AdvisorShares North Square McKee Core Reserves ETF.|P| |Y|100|N||HOLD|HOLD|N
  8. HOLI|Hollysys Automation Technologies, Ltd. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOLI|N
  9. HOLX|Hologic, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOLX|N
  10. HOM|LifeGoal Home Down Payment Investment ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HOM|HOM|N
  11. HOMB|Home BancShares, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HOMB|HOMB|N
  12. HOMZ|Hoya Capital Housing ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HOMZ|HOMZ|N
  13. HON|Honeywell International Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HON|N
  14. HONE|HarborOne Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HONE|N
  15. HOOD|Robinhood Markets, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOOD|N
  16. HOOK|HOOKIPA Pharma Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOOK|N
  17. HOPE|Hope Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOPE|N
  18. HORI|Emerging Markets Horizon Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|E||HORI|N
  19. HORIU|Emerging Markets Horizon Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|E||HORIU|N
  20. HORIW|Emerging Markets Horizon Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|E||HORIW|N
  21. HOTH|Hoth Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HOTH|N
  22. HOTL|Kelly Strategic ETF Trust Kelly Hotel & Lodging Sector ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HOTL|HOTL|N
  23. HOUR|Hour Loop, Inc. - common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HOUR|N
  24. HOUS|Anywhere Real Estate Inc. Common Stock,|N| |N|100|N||HOUS|HOUS|N
  25. HOV|Hovnanian Enterprises, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HOV|HOV|N
  26. HOVNP|Hovnanian Enterprises Inc - Depositary Share representing 1/1000th of 7.625% Series A Preferred Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HOVNP|N
  27. HOWL|Werewolf Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HOWL|N
  28. HP|Helmerich & Payne, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HP|HP|N
  29. HPE|Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HPE|HPE|N
  30. HPF|John Hancock Pfd Income Fund II Pfd Income Fund II|N| |N|100|N||HPF|HPF|N
  31. HPI|John Hancock Preferred Income Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HPI|HPI|N
  32. HPK|HighPeak Energy, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HPK|N
  33. HPKEW|HighPeak Energy, Inc. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HPKEW|N
  34. HPLT|Home Plate Acquisition Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HPLT|N
  35. HPLTU|Home Plate Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HPLTU|N
  36. HPLTW|Home Plate Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HPLTW|N
  37. HPP|Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HPP|HPP|N
  38. HPP$C|Hudson Pacific Properties, Inc. 4.750% Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||HPPpC|HPP-C|N
  39. HPQ|HP Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HPQ|HPQ|N
  40. HPS|John Hancock Preferred Income Fund III Preferred Income Fund III|N| |N|100|N||HPS|HPS|N
  41. HPX|HPX Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||HPX|HPX|N
  42. HPX.U|HPX Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HPX.U|HPX=|N
  43. HPX.W|HPX Corp. Redeemable warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HPX.WS|HPX+|N
  44. HQH|Tekla Healthcare Investors Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HQH|HQH|N
  45. HQI|HireQuest, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HQI|N
  46. HQL|TeklaLife Sciences Investors Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HQL|HQL|N
  47. HQY|HealthEquity, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HQY|N
  48. HR|Healthcare Realty Trust Incorporated Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HR|HR|N
  49. HRB|H&R Block, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HRB|HRB|N
  50. HRI|Herc Holdings Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||HRI|HRI|N
  51. HRL|Hormel Foods Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HRL|HRL|N
  52. HRMY|Harmony Biosciences Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HRMY|N
  53. HROW|Harrow Health, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HROW|N
  54. HROWL|Harrow Health, Inc. - 8.625% senior notes due 2026|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HROWL|N
  55. HRT|HireRight Holdings Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HRT|HRT|N
  56. HRTG|Heritage Insurance Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HRTG|HRTG|N
  57. HRTX|Heron Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HRTX|N
  58. HRZN|Horizon Technology Finance Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HRZN|N
  59. HSAQ|Health Sciences Acquisitions Corporation 2 - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HSAQ|N
  60. HSBC|HSBC Holdings, plc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HSBC|HSBC|N
  61. HSC|Harsco Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HSC|HSC|N
  62. HSCS|Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HSCS|N
  63. HSCSW|Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HSCSW|N
  64. HSCZ|iShares Currency Hedged MSCI EAFE Small-Cap ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HSCZ|HSCZ|N
  65. HSDT|Helius Medical Technologies, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HSDT|N
  66. HSIC|Henry Schein, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HSIC|N
  67. HSII|Heidrick & Struggles International, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HSII|N
  68. HSKA|Heska Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HSKA|N
  69. HSMV|First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Small/Mid ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HSMV|HSMV|N
  70. HSON|Hudson Global, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HSON|N
  71. HSRT|Hartford Short Duration ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HSRT|HSRT|N
  72. HST|Host Hotels - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HST|N
  73. HSTM|HealthStream, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HSTM|N
  74. HSTO|Histogen Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HSTO|N
  75. HSUN|Hartford Sustainable Income ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HSUN|HSUN|N
  76. HSY|The Hershey Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HS
  77. HSY|N
  78. HT|Hersha Hospitality Trust Class A Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HT|HT|N
  79. HT$C|Hersha Hospitality Trust 6.875% Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HTpC|HT-C|N
  80. HT$D|Hersha Hospitality Trust 6.50% Series D Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares of Beneficial Interest, $0.01 par value per share|N| |N|100|N||HTpD|HT-D|N
  81. HT$E|Hersha Hospitality Trust 6.50% Series E Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HTpE|HT-E|N
  82. HTA|Healthcare Trust of America, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HTA|HTA|N
  83. HTAB|Hartford Schroders Tax-Aware Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HTAB|HTAB|N
  84. HTAQ|Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp. I Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||HTAQ|HTAQ|N
  85. HTAQ.U|Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp. I Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-half one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HTAQ.U|HTAQ=|N
  86. HTAQ.W|Hunt Companies Acquisition Corp. I Warrants, each exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||HTAQ.WS|HTAQ+|N
  87. HTBI|HomeTrust Bancshares, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTBI|N
  88. HTBK|Heritage Commerce Corp - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTBK|N
  89. HTCR|Heartcore Enterprises, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HTCR|N
  90. HTD|John Hancock Tax Advantaged Dividend Income Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HTD|HTD|N
  91. HTEC|Robo Global Healthcare Technology and Innovation ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HTEC|HTEC|N
  92. HTFB|Horizon Technology Finance Corporation 4.875% Notes due 2026|N| |N|100|N||HTFB|HTFB|N
  93. HTGC|Hercules Capital, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HTGC|HTGC|N
  94. HTGM|HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HTGM|N
  95. HTH|Hilltop Holdings Inc.|N| |N|100|N||HTH|HTH|N
  96. HTHT|Huazhu Group Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTHT|N
  97. HTIA|Healthcare Trust, Inc. - 7.375% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HTIA|N
  98. HTIBP|Healthcare Trust, Inc. - 7.125% Series B Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HTIBP|N
  99. HTLD|Heartland Express, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTLD|N
  100. HTLF|Heartland Financial USA, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTLF|N
  101. HTLFP|Heartland Financial USA, Inc. - Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/400th ownership interest in a share of 7.00% Fixed-Rate Reset Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series E|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTLFP|N
  102. HTOO|Fusion Fuel Green PLC - Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HTOO|N
  103. HTOOW|Fusion Fuel Green PLC - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HTOOW|N
  104. HTPA|Highland Transcend Partners I Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||HTPA|HTPA|N
  105. HTPA.U|Highland Transcend Partners I Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-third of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HTPA.U|HTPA=|N
  106. HTPA.W|Highland Transcend Partners I Corp. Redeemable warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HTPA.WS|HTPA+|N
  107. HTRB|Hartford Total Return Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HTRB|HTRB|N
  108. HTUS|Hull Tactical US ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HTUS|HTUS|N
  109. HTY|John Hancock Tax-Advantaged Global Shareholder Yield Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||HT
  110. HTY|N
  111. HTZ|Hertz Global Holdings, Inc - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTZ|N
  112. HTZWW|Hertz Global Holdings, Inc - Warrant|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HTZWW|N
  113. HUBB|Hubbell Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HUBB|HUBB|N
  114. HUBG|Hub Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HUBG|N
  115. HUBS|HubSpot, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HUBS|HUBS|N
  116. HUDI|Huadi International Group Co., Ltd. - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HUDI|N
  117. HUGE|FSD Pharma Inc. - Class B Subordinate Voting Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HUGE|N
  118. HUGS|USHG Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HUGS|HUGS|N
  119. HUGS.U|USHG Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A Common Stock, and one-third of one Warrant|N| |N|100|N||HUGS.U|HUGS=|N
  120. HUGS.W|USHG Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HUGS.WS|HUGS+|N
  121. HUIZ|Huize Holding Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HUIZ|N
  122. HUM|Humana Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HUM|HUM|N
  123. HUMA|Humacyte, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HUMA|N
  124. HUMAW|Humacyte, Inc. - Warrant|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HUMAW|N
  125. HUN|Huntsman Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HUN|HUN|N
  126. HURC|Hurco Companies, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HURC|N
  127. HURN|Huron Consulting Group Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HURN|N
  128. HUSA|Houston American Energy Corporation Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||HUSA|HUSA|N
  129. HUSV|First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund III First Trust Horizon Managed Volatility Domestic ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HUSV|HUSV|N
  130. HUT|Hut 8 Mining Corp. - Common Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HUT|N
  131. HUYA|HUYA Inc. American depositary shares, each representing one Class A ordinary share|N| |N|100|N||HUYA|HUYA|N
  132. HVAL|ALPS Hillman Active Value ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HVAL|HVAL|N
  133. HVBC|HV Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HVBC|N
  134. HVT|Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HVT|HVT|N
  135. HVT.A|Haverty Furniture Companies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HVT.A|HVT.A|N
  136. HWBK|Hawthorn Bancshares, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HWBK|N
  137. HWC|Hancock Whitney Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HWC|N
  138. HWCPZ|Hancock Whitney Corporation - 6.25% Subordinated Notes due 2060|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HWCPZ|N
  139. HWEL|Healthwell Acquisition Corp. I - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HWEL|N
  140. HWELU|Healthwell Acquisition Corp. I - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HWELU|N
  141. HWELW|Healthwell Acquisition Corp. I - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HWELW|N
  142. HWKN|Hawkins, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HWKN|N
  143. HWKZ|Hawks Acquisition Corp Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HWKZ|HWKZ|N
  144. HWKZ.U|Hawks Acquisition Corp Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and one-half of one redeemable public warrant|N| |N|100|N||HWKZ.U|HWKZ=|N
  145. HWKZ.W|Hawks Acquisition Corp Public warrants, each whole public warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||HWKZ.WS|HWKZ+|N
  146. HWM|Howmet Aerospace Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HWM|HWM|N
  147. HWM$|Howmet Aerospace Inc. $3.75 Preferred Stock|A| |N|100|N||HWMp|HWM-|N
  148. HXL|Hexcel Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HXL|HXL|N
  149. HY|Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||H
  150. HY|N
  151. HYB|New America High Income Fund, Inc. (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HYB|HYB|N
  152. HYBB|iShares BB Rated Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYBB|HYBB|N
  153. HYBL|SPDR Series Trust SPDR Blackstone High Income ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HYBL|HYBL|N
  154. HYD|VanEck ETF Trust VanEck High Yield Muni ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HYD|HYD|N
  155. HYDB|iShares High Yield Bond Factor ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HYDB|HYDB|N
  156. HYDR|Global X Hydrogen ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HYDR|N
  157. HYDW|Xtrackers Low Beta High Yield Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYDW|HYDW|N
  158. HYEM|VanEck Emerging Markets High Yield Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYEM|HYEM|N
  159. HYFM|Hydrofarm Holdings Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HYFM|N
  160. HYG|iShares iBoxx $ High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYG|HYG|N
  161. HYGH|iShares Interest Rate Hedged High Yield Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYGH|HYGH|N
  162. HYGI|iShares U.S. ETF Trust iShares Inflation Hedged High Yield Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYGI|HYGI|N
  163. HYGV|FlexShares High Yield Value-Scored Bond Index Fund|P| |Y|100|N||HYGV|HYGV|N
  164. HYHG|ProShares High Yield Interest Rate Hedged|Z| |Y|100|N||HYHG|HYHG|N
  165. HYI|Western Asset High Yield Defined Opportunity Fund Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HYI|HYI|N
  166. HYIN|WisdomTree Alternative Income Fund|Z| |Y|100|N||HYIN|HYIN|N
  167. HYLB|Xtrackers USD High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYLB|HYLB|N
  168. HYLD|High Yield ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYLD|HYLD|N
  169. HYLN|Hyliion Holdings Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HYLN|HYLN|N
  170. HYLS|First Trust Tactical High Yield ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HYLS|N
  171. HYLV|IndexIQ ETF Trust IQ S&P High Yield Low Volatility Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYLV|HYLV|N
  172. HYMB|SPDR Nuveen Bloomberg High Yield Municipal Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYMB|HYMB|N
  173. HYMC|Hycroft Mining Holding Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HYMC|N
  174. HYMCL|Hycroft Mining Holding Corporation - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HYMCL|N
  175. HYMCW|Hycroft Mining Holding Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HYMCW|N
  176. HYMCZ|Hycroft Mining Holding Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||HYMCZ|N
  177. HYMU|BlackRock High Yield Muni Income Bond ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HYMU|HYMU|N
  178. HYPR|Hyperfine, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HYPR|N
  179. HYRE|HyreCar Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||HYRE|N
  180. HYRM|DBX ETF Trust Xtrackers Risk Managed USD High Yield Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYRM|HYRM|N
  181. HYS|PIMCO 0-5 Year High Yield Corporat Bond Index Exchange-Traded Fund|P| |Y|100|N||HYS|HYS|N
  182. HYT|Blackrock Corporate High Yield Fund, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HYT|HYT|N
  183. HYTR|CP High Yield Trend ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYTR|HYTR|N
  184. HYUP|Xtrackers High Beta High Yield Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||HYUP|HYUP|N
  185. HYW|Hywin Holdings Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||HYW|N
  186. HYXF|iShares ESG Advanced High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HYXF|N
  187. HYXU|iShares International High Yield Bond ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||HYXU|HYXU|N
  188. HYZD|WisdomTree Interest Rate Hedged High Yield Bond Fund|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||HYZD|N
  189. HYZN|Hyzon Motors Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HYZN|N
  190. HYZNW|Hyzon Motors Inc. - Warrant|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HYZNW|N
  191. HZN|Horizon Global Corporation Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||HZN|HZN|N
  192. HZNP|Horizon Therapeutics Public Limited Company - Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||HZNP|N
  193. HZO|MarineMax, Inc. (FL) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||HZO|HZO|N
  194. HZON|Horizon Acquisition Corporation II Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||HZON|HZON|N
  195. HZON.U|Horizon Acquisition Corporation II Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share, and one-third of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||HZON.U|HZON=|N
  196. HZON.W|Horizon Acquisition Corporation II Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||HZON.WS|HZON+|N
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For NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stocks. Level II Stock Quotes also features live stock charts, most active stocks and stock market news. For level II quotes click on LII-Book button.
Features free level 2 stock quotes, live stock charts, most active stocks, stock market watch list and stock market news for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX stocks. Market hours 4:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Features live stock quotes, stock market watch list, news and live candlestick stock charts for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTCBB stocks. You can see what a stock is doing, watch the open and close of the stock trade and compare to the previous trade to give you a better view.
Features real time NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, hot Penny stocks that are trading up in today's session and are below $5 dollars with volume coming in moving the stock market price higher. Volume is also an indicator of a stocks momentum and if you get in early, the earnings potential is at it's greatest, just make sure your on the right side of the trade and don't fight against the overall market trend.
Thousands of stock transactions take place everyday, not only in the United States but also all over the world.  When a stock is bought and sold, it has two kinds of prices, a bid price and an ask price. The bid price is what someone is willing to pay for the stock.
CA TSX Stock Quotes
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes
Features Free real-time stock quotes - Canadian stock quotes and charts for TSX and TSX Venture Stocks, regular trading hours from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Real-Time Stock Quotes.
Features Day-Trading Tips - A Day-Trading Formula that works with any Stock, Day trading tips for using Level 2 Quotes from your broker, this gives you an advantage.
Features a market makers list and brokerage firms, track the big picture, track the buy and sell orders, and the total stock shares traded by the market maker or specialist. For the top online stock brokers see our Online Stock Trading Broker List.
Features Stock Quotes Research, lookup stocks, earnings reports, historical charts, upgrades or downgrades and Insider Trends Buy Hold or Sell indicators. You can also research a stocks trading price current high and low for the day, check stock trading volume yield and change. Lookup stock earnings insider trading information stock announcements, upgrades or downgrades and stock holdings information change in stock ownership.
The futures trading markets are a meeting place for buyers and sellers of many different commodities futures like financial futures, oil futures, gold futures, silver futures, copper futures and many more.
Level II Stock Charts
Level 2 Stock Charts
Features live up to the minute stock market charts and stock quotes. Also features live headline news for your stocks and the stock watch-list to keep track of your stocks.
Features live candlestick stock charts, stock chart - Volume, Strength, MACD and Divergence. Pre-market and after market charts. Plus technical analysis for day traders to spot trends.
Features Stock Trading Tips for day traders or investors, Real Stock Trading Tips and advise you can use in today's stock market. The Asian and European markets can be used as a possible guide to get an idea of which direction the US market is likely to go in.
Forex Trading Currency Pairs, Free Quotes and Charts - Forex Trading Currencies features candlestick charts and quotes for XAU/USD - GOLD Dollar Rates, XAG/USD - SILVER Dollar Rates or EUR/USD - Euro Fx / U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and many more currency pairs. Watch for trends spot entry and exit points, view current bid and ask prices.
The trading floor of the futures exchange, with all the shouting and signaling to buy or sell Futures Commodities does give the direct impression of chaos.
Floor Traders - Trader Article for Investors.
Futures Hedging - Hedgers Article the Benefits.
Futures Contract - Futures type of Contract.
Futures Commodities - Futures Commodities
Stock Market Trading Books for Beginners and Professionals:

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