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Business Summary and Article:AROX
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: AROX Alderox Inc., formerly Reclamation Consulting and Applications, Inc., is engaged in the production and sale of its Alderox products, which are made from the Company’s formula relating specifically to an improved release agent for mitigating the sticking of ore, asphalt, concrete and other similar products to various surfaces. The Company’s Alderox line of products includes ASA 12, DCRTM, KR7, PaverBlend, and ASA Cleaners. The release agents included in the Alderox line of products consists mostly of oils, especially 100% biodegradable oil, such as soybean oils. The Company manufactures, sells and services its products throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico through Applied Industrial Technologies under an exclusive distributorship agreement within the asphalt and concrete industries.

Article: More on AROX
Keep in mind that AROX is not a one product company and has range of products across different industries. They have been providing their products in the market for some time but the Contract with 3M Canada will propel them into the spotlight.

I believe this is the real catalyst that is going to send stock higher from these levels!! Make sure you add AROX to your watch list and do your own research.

You can get detailed information about some of their flagship product here: 

AROX has three extremely huge industries to market to with their line of products!

AROX provides products and services globally into the mining, asphalt and concrete industries.

Currently five formulations of AROX's Alderox are available in four target markets. Alderox ASA-12 Mining is sold into the mining industry, Alderox ASA-12 Asphalt, Alderox DCR and Alderox PowerBlend are the formulations sold in the asphalt release market and Alderox KR-7 is sold in the concrete form oil and release agent market.

The mining industry is heavily relied on here in the United States.

AROX and their line of products benefit mining companies immensely.

More than half of the electricity in the country is generated using coal which is mined!

AROX entered the mining industry and completed a successful 90 day trial with a major western US operation in mid-2007. Since then, AROX has been tested and used in mining operations worldwide, including Canada, USA, Mexico, Chile and Australia!

Build-up of materials in truck beds and on equipment is an issue at many mining operations worldwide!

AROX's release agent is able to assist mining clients by eliminating or greatly reducing this problem, thereby increasing productivity and reducing safety concerns related to removing build-up from truck beds and equipment.

Because of AROX, productivity increases of up to 20% have been experienced in the mining industry!

AROX's Alderox ASA-12 has been used in both the mining and processing aspect in the following applications: Haul Truck Beds/Undercarriages, Loading Pockets, Skips, Excavator/Loader Buckets, Conveyors, Augers, Crushing Stations, Chutes, and Pan Feeders.

AROX's product line is completely non-hazardous and non-toxic, perfect for use in confined areas, underground and in environmentally sensitive locations and has no recorded negative effect on equipment or material.

The asphalt industry could save so much money with AROX's products!

Before AROX's Alderox was introduced to the asphalt and concrete release markets, the cost of using an environmentally friendly agent was not only the price per gallon, but increased labor costs in cleaning trucks and equipment, staining of equipment or concrete, increased breakage, wasted product due to freezing, evaporation, spillage or over-application, and an overall decreased productivity which came out of the buyers' profitability.

AROX's ALDEROX KR-7 was brought to market in response to the concrete industry's need for an effective, economical, and environmentally friendly release agent. KR-7 is applied as a clear coating to concrete molds/forms and allows concrete to be easily released from molds/forms.

Testing of AROX's ALDEROX KR-7 conducted in Utah, California, and Puerto Rico has proven KR-7 to be a superior concrete release agent.

AROX's ASA-12 and KR-7 are the only EcoLogoM Certified products in the world!

AROX is also getting publication in mining magazines!

In 2007, AROX's Alderox ASA-12 was featured in Mining Engineering, a U.S. publication of the Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration, Inc., Gold & Minerals Gazette, an Australian mining publication, Canadian Mining Magazine and International Mining Magazine in the U.K.

AROX's Alderox spray provides an effective barrier and lubrication action in thousands of applications across the construction and mining industries. The unique nature of the product also allows for the reduction and elimination of build-up under wheel wells of equipment in both snow and heavy mud and reduces the problems associated with mining and coal build-up.

The construction industry is one of the nation's largest industries with millions of employees!

The amazing thing also about AROX's product is that 1 gallon of Alderox will cover approximately 1000 sq.ft.!

AROX officially launched its marketing program in South America at the Expomin 2008 mining trade show in Santiago, Chile during April of this year. 

AROX President Gordon Davies, stated, "The South American market is growing much faster that we had originally anticipated. These mines have significant problems with carryback and ore build-up on equipment, especially those in areas where high humidity and rainfall are further exacerbating the problem." Mr. Davies went on to say, "Although this market is developing quickly, the Company is working with very well qualified, established distributors and agents throughout South America who are able to fully service these projects. 

The Company has also brought on in-house sales personnel who are fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese in order to better serve our customers and agents." Mr. Davies concluded, "As the Company continues to develop the South American market, management has made the decision to target Australasia for next major marketing program. 

Australasia is a perfect market for the Alderox product due to the climate, the large number of mining operations and the proven existence of major issues related to carryback."

AROX has also announced formal trials with a large, heavy equipment manufacturer have been scheduled to take place in the Canadian oil sands.

AROX's Alderox ASA-12 Mining has been successfully, though informally, tested within the Canadian oil sands in the past. A heavy equipment manufacturer has now scheduled formal trials during which the Alderox product will be applied to materials handling/haulage equipment.

Management is confident that the trial will be a success and that use of AROX's Alderox ASA-12 Mining product will prove to be of significant value when used at oil sands operations.

More information on AROX is available at their website:
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