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Business Summary and Article:BMGP
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: BMGP
Biomagnetics Diagnostics Corp., through its subsidiary, Biospectrum Technologies, Inc., designs diagnostic equipment and immunoassays in the United States. Its diagnostic equipment is designed to detect the virus by measuring and defining a single paramagnetic micro sphere attached to each virus molecule. The company was formerly known as Biomag Corp. Prior to that, Biomag Corp. was known as Ibises International, Inc. Biomagnetics Diagnostics is based in Orangevale, California.

Article: More on BMGP
BMGP's product/process will raise the benchmark for the medial diagnostic industry. Make sure you always do your own research. I believe BMGP may do for the medical products industry what Apple did for portable music.

BMGP is so close to breaking out so make sure you add it to your watch list.

Diagnostic tests are extremely important!

Without them, millions of people could die when their disease goes undetected.

BMGP designs diagnostic equipment and immunoassays.

BMGP's diagnostic equipment is designed to detect the virus by measuring and defining a single paramagnetic micro sphere attached to each virus molecule.

"Testing for the virus not the antibody will DRASTICALLY reduce the time a disease can be detected. The quicker individuals are diagnosed the sooner they enter the health care system increasing their chances of recovery," said BMGP President Clayton Hardman.

BMGP could revolutionize the diagnostics industry and be of significant importance to blood banks around the world!

No current screening, or confirmatory tests, have the ability to measure viral load; a critical measurement in developing drugs and vaccines and determining the effectiveness of health care treatments.

BMGP's HTS-MTP is designed to detect the virus and count the viral load in a matter of minutes, and has the capabilities of screening many more assays per hour, at a fraction of the cost of current technology. 

BMGP's initial immunoassays, will target the HIV and Hepatitis B viruses. 

It is estimated that about 0.6% of the world's population is infected with HIV!!

According to the Joint United Nations Program on HIV/AIDS and the World Health Organization, as of January 2006, AIDS has been estimated to have killed more than 25 million people since it was first recognized in 1981!

According to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, most new HIV infections in the country are transmitted by the 25 percent of those carrying the virus who have no idea, or don’t want to know, they are infected. 

Center for Disease Control (CDC) officials suggest that is the country’s biggest problem in fighting the spread of the virus. 

More companies like BMGP are needed to test people!

The CDC recommends that every person in this country between the ages of 13 and 64 should voluntarily have an HIV test as part of a routine blood screening, with no need for separate consent.

BMGP has several distinct advantages over the competition. Foremost are its speed (allowing the lab to perform far more tests in the same time it takes to do a single test), accuracy, sensitivity and specificity. 

Other product strengths include cost, reliability, and efficiency.

BMGP has applied for a patent, for a new diagnostic system designed for multi-analyte testing for blood banks titled “SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR DETECTING SPECIFIC BINDING REACTIONS USING MAGNETIC LABELS."

This technology uses a combination of opposing magnetic fields and light refraction.

Blood banks receive and test approximately 14 million units of blood annually!

Each unit is tested for 9 infectious diseases totaling 126 million diagnostics tests. 

BMGP hopes to bring this new system to market in 2009. The costs of performing these diagnostics including assays, staffing and general overhead which exceeds all revenues.

BMGP's system will perform all 9 required tests in a single assay, thus substantially reducing the costs blood banks will incur.

BMGP President, Clayton Hardman stated last month, "As we begin this New Year, I feel it is important to enumerate on what we have accomplished and its relevance in the diagnostics industry. The medical device market is a $200 billion dollar industry. We have designed and patented (two patents have been issued and a 3rd is pending) a system we call the HTS-MTP (High Throughput Screening - Magnetic Testing Platform). The (HTS-MTP) can detect ANY pathogen (viral or bacterial) using any body fluid.

The test results will be qualitative (screening) as well as quantitative (confirmatory) and also provide viral load (degree of infection) results; all for the same price of an initial screening test."

More information on BMGP is available at:
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