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Business Summary and Article:CVAT
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: CVAT
Cavitation Technologies, Inc. engages in the manufacture and sale of cavitation reactor products in the biodiesel field in the United States and other parts of world. It primarily focuses on the manufacture of biodiesel production systems, biodiesel reactor systems, and the production of biodiesel. Cavitation Technologies intends to manufacture and sell modular biodiesel production systems using 2-stage, continuous flow, hydrodynamic, and cavitation-based NANO technology. The company, formerly known as Hydro Dynamic Technology, Inc., is based in Chatsworth, California.

Article: More on CVAT
CVAT's unique nano cavitation technology does not have an equivalent in today's market!

What they have invented is so ground breaking I would compare it to the transistor which led to the first computer.

When I asked the CEO how it was made he said it took 500 pages of engineering! The reactor itself where the liquids are mixed is about the size of a small shoe box.

CVAT could turn out to be Wall Street's biggest secret so make sure it's on your watch list!!

The company's patent pending technology could be applicable in so many different sectors making the profit potential for CVAT tremendous. 

CVAT can be used extensively in the chemical industry to process silicones, resins, waxes, textile fibers, lubricants and even in the personal care industry by being used to process lotions, creams, shampoos, conditioners, body washes, deodorants, and much more.

CVAT's nano cavitation is about 40 times more efficient compared to acoustic cavitation and 160 to 400 times more efficient compared to the conventional agitation/heating/refluxing method.

The biodiesel market will substantially benefit from CVAT with a technology that works this fast.

Nano cavitation technology reduces costs and time of biodiesel production process by 7-10 times! 

CVAT's vision is to become the technology and worldwide market leader in the manufacturing and sales of modular biodiesel production systems based on nano based cavitation technology.

The U.S. is positioned to become the largest biodiesel market with 19% world market share by 2012!

"Our country is on the verge of a dramatic change for how we power our cars, our homes and our businesses. And innovation - including innovations in biodiesel - is the catalyst of this change," said Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Stephen L. Johnson. 

According to an economic study released by the National Biodiesel Board, the biodiesel industry will add $24 billion to the U.S. economy by 2015. 

CVAT views its technology as essential to achieving national biodiesel policy.

CVAT anticipates it will have biodiesel products sales of $50 million in the next 24 months with cumulative profits of $100 million over the next 5 years! 

CVAT's first commercial application of the company's technology is the BioForce 9000 Nano Biodiesel Reactor, the most cutting-edge equipment available today for the production of biodiesel. 

Clayton Hawranik, President of SRS Engineering, one of CVAT's first clients commented after purchasing a BioForce 9000 reactor, "Working with Cavitation Technology has been a first class experience. They have a game changing technology which will revolutionize the biodiesel industry by allowing biodiesel producers to cut production costs as well as to have feedstock flexibility."

CVAT is also in discussion with several household-name oil companies on the possible use of CVAT technology for the modification of crude oil.

CVAT filed a patent for the rapid modification and enhancement of crude oil at the end of 2008.

With CVAT's system crude oil has been converted into many useful products. One barrel of crude oil gives the following percent yield: gasoline 46.7%, fuel oil 28.6%, jet fuel 9.1%, petrochemicals 3.8%, coke 3.5%, asphalt and road oil 3.1%, liquefied gases 2.9%, lubricants 1.3%, kerosene 0.9%, and waxes 0.1%. 

CVAT CEO Roman Gordon said in a recent press release, "We look forward to productive collaboration with a number of the oil mining and refining companies. Oil refining is a multi-billion dollar industry and we are very excited to become part of it. We are certain that our systems will increase profitability by cutting refining costs, saving energy, and increasing efficiencies. During our testing more diesel and gasoline was produced from the same barrel of crude oil using our technology."

For more information on CVAT check out their website at:
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