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Business Summary and Article:CVSC
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: CVSC
Based in suburban Orlando, Florida, Cardiovascular Sciences Inc. (CV Sciences) is a technology company focused on the development of innovative medical products. CV Sciences is currently developing proprietary technology for the prevention of post-surgical adhesions, and has acquired the rights to an inventory of intellectual properties that include:

A patented method for treating patients suffering from cardiac trauma, such as ischemic reperfusion injury, heart failure, and bypass surgery, that augments the inotropic effects of ß-adrenergic agents with pyruvate.
A patented Thromboresistant Coating that prevents blood clot formation on medical devices.
Four patented aortic pumping catheters.

Article: More on CVSC
There are so many reasons to look at CVSC! The chart on CVSC is a dream and I believe it's going higher so make sure it's on your watch list. Do your own research always consult a professional.

Not only is CVSC the future of medical innovation but their global market is worth more than $6 billion!

CVSC is an advanced medical device company which is developing a novel technology platform to address the problem of post-surgical and post-traumatic adhesions.

Over 20 million surgeries are performed annually in the United States! 

Adhesions can start to form just within three hours after surgery! 

CVSC realizes that adhesions are very painful for the patients and sometimes deadly!

A wide range of specialists are faced with this problem, including general surgeons, cardiothoracic surgeons, orthopedic, plastic, and ophthalmologic and otolaryngology specialists.

CVSC CEO, Larry Hooper, exclaims, "The further we have come in this development, the increased number of potential uses and indications we have encountered. We have received several inquiries from fields we never expected, expressing to us additional proposed uses for our technology in areas we did not have in mind when we started."

A good example of this is the veterinary field, which CVSC knows has a tremendous need for a product that can prevent similar problems in a wide variety of animals

It has been said that Americans spent over $8 billion on veterinary care in 2005!

According to a 2003-2004 survey by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association (APPMA), 39% of U.S. households have a dog and 34% have at least one cat! 

CVSC is fully aware of the baby boomer market out there that continues to grow!

There will be 57.8 million baby boomers living in 2030 according to projections.

Many baby boomers will need orthopedic surgery.

A study by Exponent projected a 673-percent increase in knee replacement surgeries over the next 25 years. Primary or revision knee replacements are expected to balloon to more than 3.5 million by 2031!

CVSC knows that the currently available products on the market for adhesions are not sufficiently effective, and are difficult and very costly to use. 

CVSC is developing products that will be markedly more effective at a lower cost, and will also provide easier handling for the surgeons. 

CVSC owns technology in a variety of other areas, including thrombo-resistant coatings, enhanced intra-arterial balloon pumping catheters, cell engineered vascular tissues, and a method for improved recovery of the heart following cardioplegia. 

CVSC has the worldwide marketing and licensing rights for a patented process that provides a novel cardioplegia solution containing pyruvate for use in cardiopulmonary bypass surgery.

Administration of the cardiplegia solution during surgery has numerous beneficial effects: 1) It protects the heart from injury resulting from ischemia; 2) the heart exhibits rapid and robust recovery. This process can also be used during valve replacement and repairs of structural defects of the heart.

CVSC has also acquired the rights to develop and market four patented aortic pumping catheters: an Enhanced Intra-Aortic Balloon Catheter (EIABC), a Removable Left Ventricular Assist Device with an Aortic Support Apparatus, a Coronary Artery Counterpulsation Device and Method, and a Piston-action Intra-Aortic Coronary Assist Device. The new catheter designs overcome the inefficiencies of existing products in the market, and are designed to be application specific, thereby delivering the optimal performance for any given clinical setting.

Currently, there are more than 600,000 cardiac catheterization procedures performed annually in the United States. There are more than 2.5 million cardiac catheterization procedures performed annually and as many as twice that as a global total. 

CVSC has sponsored research at the University of Central Florida (UCF) and previously at other institutions which indicates that CVSC is on the right path and progressing well. 

CVSC and the University of Central Florida have entered into an agreement to research and develop post-surgical anti-adhesion materials. The principal investigator, Dr. Kevin Belfield, chairman of the Department of Chemistry, is leading a team to further develop the most effective and efficient anti-adhesion materials.

It is expected that the scope of this research will expand and broaden as CVSC continues to develop this technology.

CVSC and the University of Central Florida have produced a second-generation material with physical properties which appear to have exceeded the initially designed criteria. At surgery, this material is placed over and between areas likely to produce adhesions and are gradually degraded and resorbed by the body after the period in which adhesions are likely to occur, has passed.

CVSC's next phase in development will involve several areas of investigation. One will be to devise methods to manipulate the physical characteristics of the material in order to broaden the range of indications in which the material will be useful. A second will be to expand the animal trials beyond the proof-of-concept phase so that data can be gathered to support the requirements to bring this product to market, first in the veterinary arena and on to use in human clinical medicine. 

More information on CVSC is available at their website:
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