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Business Summary and Article:DKSC
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: DKSC
Throughout the world, especially in developing countries, there is a dire need for water to fulfill basic human self-sufficiency demands. In most cases, the problem is not the lack of available water, but the inability to obtain it in a cost-effective, reliable manner. 

The developments of RESTEC International Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Dakshidin Corporation, provide significant contributions to the solution of problems in obtaining safe, reliable water faster and cheaper than ever before.

The most common method currently used to extract water from the earth in developing countries is through the use of submersible pumps, open wells, and boreholes. The disadvantages to these methods range from the large amounts of fuel needed to run pumps to sanitary problems and disease from open wells.

Article: More on DKSC
The world potential for DKSC is huge. With oil trading so high people have been turning to alternative energy sources to produce the daily necessities that we need in our daily lives.

Make sure you add DKSC to your watch list, it has run up big before and could run again!

Water shortage is a world problem and wind is the most plentiful resource we have. I believe DKSC's windmills will be used everywhere.

The water problem is more severe than most of under are aware of.

Nearly 450 Million people in 29 countries currently face severe water shortages.

20% more water than is now available will be needed to feed the additional 3 Billion people who will be alive by 2025.

As much as two-thirds of the world population could be water-stressed by 2025.

In the next five years, the US government predicts, at least 36 states will face water shortages, with causes ranging from climate change to population growth. But the water crisis isn't monopolized by the US--it's worldwide.

Australia's water resources are severely threatened while in the midst of a 30-year dry spell.

Population growth in urban centers of sub-Saharan Africa is placing a heavy strain on limited water resources.

Asia has 60 percent of the world's population, but only about 30 percent of its freshwater.

DKSC is a company that is high in demand!!

The World Water Crisis has created an enormous market for DKSC's RESTEC Mark 10 windmill.

Over a period of several years DKSC spent $5,000,000 on research and development.

This created a completely new style of windmill; the RESTEC Mark 10.

DKSC's high performance water pumping windmill uses a unique rotating counterbalance system similar to pumps used in the oil industry. 

DKSC's Mark 10 can draw water from depths of up to 4,000 feet and begins operation in wind speeds of approximately 4 MPH!

DKSC's water pumping windmill has been documented to produce more water at a lower unit cost than any other windmill tested!

In 2000, the WHO estimated that at least 1.1 billion do not have access to safe drinking water and 2.4 billion live without access to sanitation systems!

DKSC realizes the seriousness of this issue and is trying to do something about it.

DKSC knows that China is facing a huge water problem.

China has 20% of the world's population but only 7% of water global resources and is meeting a severe challenge.

More than half of China's 660 cities suffer from water shortages, affecting 160 million people!

DKSC President, Nick Laroche and Restec's Inventor, Richard Sutz, will travel to China in late February to move forward with the production of the Restec Mark 10E Wind Turbine test model.

The testing of the Restec Mark 10E Wind Turbine will be implemented on a 40 megawatt wind farm in the Province of Yunnan, China. The testing is expected to be completed by late June of this year and will then be put into full production. Dr. Kunchen Wang, an expert in electrical engineering and wind power, is a strong supporter in the production of the Restec Mark 10E Wind Turbine.

DKSC announced earlier this year that it has entered into an agreement with HKS (Wuhu) Environment Energy Development Ltd. ("HKS Wuhu"), who has agreed to invest $2,000,000 USD into Dakshidin Corporation.

DKSC also understands the energy crisis the world is facing today due to a decline in the availability of cheap oil. 

DKSC's RESTEC water pumping Windmill and the Restec Wind Turbine is the renewable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution for the world's water and energy crisis. 

DKSC is in a sector that many powerful investors believe in. Powerful investors such as Edison International, Shell, and Puget Sound Energy, have looked to wind power!

It is companies like DKSC that combat global warming by creating alternative energy that replaces the burning of fossil fuels.

According to Worldwatch Senior Researcher Janet Sawin, wind power is on track to soon play a major role in reducing fossil fuel dependence and slowing the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

"Wind power could be reducing global emissions growth by 20 percent in 2015," stated Sawin.

DKSC is a green company that could really become a monster. 

The RESTEC solution does not use fossil fuels and as such is very much in line with current politically correct solutions.

September 2007 marks the beginning of a comprehensive marketing campaign to all of the UN countries as well as the setting up of dozens of demonstration windmills worldwide. 

DKSC's initial orders are expected to be in the thousands for the first 12 months and increasing thereafter.

DKSC is currently concentrating on preparation for this massive rollout and wishes to expand its Distributor Network to the four corners of the globe!

More information on DKSC is available at:
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