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Business Summary and Article:DLII
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: DLII
Dixie Lee International Industries, Inc. (DLII), parent company of the 40-year-old "Dixie Lee" brand name, with more than 80 franchised Chicken & Seafood restaurants open, today announced that Reovest Growth Research has initiated coverage on the Company with a Speculative Investment Merit rating and a $3.00-4.00 price target.

Article: More on DLII
Keep in mind that DLII is not a start up they have been around for many years and have over 80 locations and have been aggressively expanding across the globe.

At DLII's current price I believe it's undervalued. DLII has put new business plans in place to really expand over the next few years. I believe those involved at this stage could enjoy a nice ride up.

DLII could be the next KFC or Popeye's Chicken! Maybe even the next Denny's!

DLII is still a hidden gem and restaurant IPOS are hot.

Look at Chipotle for instance. They became the biggest opening-day gainer in a U.S. based deal in more than five years!!

Restaurants like KFC and Popeye's are billion dollar fast food empires. 

In 2005, Denny's, America's largest family-style restaurant chain, reported revenues of $978.7 million!!

DLII started in 1964 when DLII's first Dixie Lee Chicken and Seafood restaurant opened in Ontario, Canada.

Since then, DLII has made the "Dixie Lee" name huge! 

Now DLII has more than 80 branded restaurants open and more than 20 in development.

DLII knows how big the restaurant industry is!

According to the National Restaurant Association's 2008 Restaurant Industry Forecast, restaurant industry sales are expected to reach $558 billion in 2008-a 4.4 percent increase over 2007- and the industry will employ 13.1 million individuals in 945,000 restaurant-and-food service outlets!

DLII's restaurant concepts include full service, fast casual and take-out. These are the strongest concepts in the restaurant industry!

Fast casual is extremely profitable!

Analysts predict it will become a $100 billion market by 2015!

DLII plans to roll open the first company-owned "Dixie Lee Diner" in early 2008, then immediately begin franchising, while it continues to plan and open additional company "diners" in strategic cities in the U.S.

DLII believe they can hit 80-100 unit sales per year and projects that based upon 24 months of consecutive operations its cumulative cash position would be approximately (CN) $4.5 million from operations, adding at least 120 franchises during this period. 

DLII's classic "Dixie Lee Diner," will be a 60- to 80-seat stainless steel diner reminiscent of the nostalgic 1940s and 1950s family diners featuring breakfast, lunch and dinner.

DLII is trying to bring the Dixie Lee name to all over the world!

Recently DLII has announced the opening of the latest franchised restaurant in Kiev, Ukraine.

DLII Executive Vice President Dave Silvester, said, "We're very excited about this restaurant. We've been in the chicken business for 40 years, and we'll be finally serving the real Chicken Kiev -- in Kiev."

"We have a great Master Franchise owner there, Dr. Charles U. Iroanya, and we've been planning this for some time, as part of our international expansion. Kiev is the largest city in Ukraine, with over two and a half million people. Our location is close to the city center and next to one of their largest sports stadiums, the Olimpiysky National Sports Complex," he continued.

Kiev will house the 2012 UEFA European Football Championship. Three group matches, a quarter final and the final are scheduled to be played at the Olimpiyskyi stadium!
DLII will launch a flagship Dixie Lee Chicken & Seafood Restaurant in Dubai with Ahmad Nosratabadi, Dixie Lee's Middle-East Master Franchisee. 

Mr. Nosratabadi plans to establish the Dixie Lee Chicken & Seafood chain in 10 markets throughout the Middle East, including plans for Kuwait and 5 additional restaurants in the UAE in the next two years.

DLII CEO Joe Murano said, "The launch of our flagship Chicken & Seafood location in Dubai is an important milestone in our goal to expand our global footprint. The city's inhabitants span 120 nationalities and Dubai hosts 10 million tourists every year, but it is the quality of the demographics that we find most intriguing. Dubai is a hub where many of the world's most capable and very progressive business leaders meet. 

"Middle Eastern traditions and its passion for 'Western-style' comfort food were a great motivating factor for us to introduce the Dixie Lee Chicken & Seafood experience to the region," he further stated.

DLII will soon offer a line of healthy pasta dishes to complement its current line of salads.

DLII Executive Vice President Dave Silvester, stated, "The added line up will give our consumers an additional choice of healthier products and will complement the current salad lines that we offer in all Dixie Lee Chicken Restaurants currently." 

The lines to be added include Chicken Alfredo with (low calorie) cream sauce, Lasagna Florentine with Spinach, Chicken Parmesan and Spaghetti with Meatballs. 

"We've been monitoring the growth in popularity of Italian (pasta) dishes for some time, and now's the right time for Dixie Lee to dish it up," said Silvester.

More information about DLII is available at their website:
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