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Business Summary and Article:EFGU
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Article: More on EFGU
EFGU is in a very profitable sector! Make sure you do your own research and add it to your watch list. I believe EFGU is going to be one of those companies we write home about.

The entertainment industry is a multi billion dollar industry that pushes out million dollar budget films left and right.

EFGU realizes that many bigger budget films that cost a lot of money will fail bringing in far less than what was put out.

One great example of this was the summer blockbuster Cinderella Man starring Russell Crowe.

The movie cost almost $90 million to make but only brought in a little over $60 million in the U.S.

This shows that some big films can't bring in the profits!

EFGU understands that with smaller budget films, there is less risk of losing a lot of money.

EFGU knows that some films made with a small budget can become monsters.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding is proof!

The movie's production budget was $5 million yet brought in over $350 million worldwide!!

EFGU has over 20 years of experience in development, production, distribution, and finance and marketing of feature films and television programming.

EFGU has so many projects in the works that they will be busy filming into 2010!

EFGU just released Blonde and Blonder. 

Pamela Anderson and Denise Richards teamed up to bring this comedy to the screen.

Pamela was even seen on Jay Leno promoting it!

EFGU is also developing Gotch.

Frank Gotch was the best-known athlete in America. Handsome and articulate, he was the world heavyweight wrestling champion back when professional wrestling was a real contest and highly respected.

EFGU's Gotch is a story about dreaming big and chasing the dream, winning, and being a true American hero in the early 1900s. It has nostalgia, family values, romance and heartbreak at the very end.

EFGU is in pre-production of the "New Models of the World" international television special, live event and internet search to discover the world's next supermodel.

EFGU CEO, Dean Hamilton Bornstein said, "We are extremely pleased to partner with an established entertainment franchise that has over twenty years' experience producing one of the fashion industry's most sexy, glamorous and successful model searches and television events. 2008 will be a milestone year for 'New Models of the 

World' which will celebrate the 20th Anniversary broadcast by featuring original and archive content from international locations such as The United States, Venezuela, Panama, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Ecuador and Puerto Rico among others. With previous sponsors such as Revlon, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble and American Airlines and prizes including a modeling contract with a major international modeling agency, the 20th annual 2008 'New Models of the World' broadcast will be the best show yet."

Previous editions of the program have appeared on dozens of international television channels, including Sky Network, Human TV China, Fashion TV Network, RBSTV Brazil, and the national networks of participating countries. 2008 will mark the first year "New Models of the World" will be broadcast in both English and Spanish, widening the show's audience and appeal to a potential audience of approximately one billion additional Spanish speaking viewers around the world.

EFGU has also optioned the life story rights of singer Marvin Gaye to be produced as feature film. The Bio Pic is about the life of the late Motown recording star Marvin Gaye. We follow him through his childhood and rise to recording star and legend up until his untimely death. Original music from his vast group of worldwide hits will be unitized in the film. 

EFGU is currently involved in negotiations with lead actor and director. 

Ray, the story of Ray Charles, brought in over $125 million worldwide!

EFGU's book publishing label, Hannover House, has entered into a distribution agreement with Educational Products International covering the USA distribution of ten children's books based on the popular cartoon character, Garfield, created by cartoonist Jim Davis. The books are branded under the name, "Garfield: It's All About Series" and cover educational topics for kids including reading, writing, mathematics, phonics and spelling. Each book comes packaged with a bonus CD-Rom disc, providing additional entertainment value and functioning as an advanced visual learning aid. 

The books will be released to mass merchants and other USA retailers March 4, 2008, with immediate availability on, and will carry suggested retail pricing of between $9.95 and $14.95.

Garfield products are sold in 111 countries and rake in between $750 million and $1 billion each year!

EFGU's marketing will reach out to parents, grandparents and teachers to look at this series as an important learning aid for all children.

EFGU is committed to developing and producing low-cost, high-quality, commercial films that will attract talent and strong distribution. 

EFGU will also utilize its broad relationships with other producers, studio executives, agents, managers as well as directors and other talent to co-produce a quality slate of commercial films. 

EFGU will also take advantage of management’s expertise in domestic and international co-productions to best access production subsidies, tax-incentive production funding and other tax shelters.

This makes EFGU special because it will reduce hard production costs as well as the overall risk associated with equity investment into films!

More information on EFGU is available at:
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