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Business Summary and Article: FCNR
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: FCNR
Falcon Ridge Development is a new breed of real estate company. We build environmentally-responsible communities that utilize precious resources wisely, and specialize in effluent-based construction.. We offer beautiful homes with exceptional build-quality, and unmatched value. We offer amenities you just won't find in other neighborhoods - like wireless Internet for everyone. Also, we feature a central online community center - with free entertainment for music and movie lovers. And to make it easier to live the way you want to live - We also provide you real estate agents who can help you find a new home, sell your current home, or both - we also have our own Mortgage Services with hundreds of programs that we can customize to fit your specific financing needs.

Article: More on FCNR
It's pretty clear that FCNR is coming off a low and the volume is increasing at an intense pace. The upside potential upside far outweighs the downside!!! If FCNR hits the price target set by Beacon Equity Research the gains would be over 450% from Tuesday's closing price.

Many analysts anticipate the real estate industry will recover in 2009. This is where the contrarian theory comes in and getting in before the masses catches on.

FCNR could be booming by then!

FCNR is a progressive real estate company based in Albuquerque, New Mexico that specializes in developing “lifestyle” communities where shopping, recreation and even employment are right outside the homeowner’s front door.

To see FCNR's communities, visit this website: 

FCNR is experienced in managing a diverse portfolio of development properties, including residential estates, commercial, industrial and retail space. 

FCNR properties incorporate “New Urbanism” concepts to create a rural sense of space in suburban locations. 

According to Real Capital Analytics, investment in commercial real estate in 2007 was $427.2 billion, up 39.2 percent from the previous record of $306.8 billion in 2006!

FCNR is pursuing development opportunities in additional Western markets such as Washington State, Oregon, and California. 

FCNR's communities are differentiated by the integration of modern technologies that lower environmental impact and produce energy and cost savings for residents, creating “green” communities. 

FCNR realizes how important green communities are!

A big group like The Citigroup Foundation in 2005 presented $1.5 million to Enterprise in support of Green Communities, a $555 million national initiative with the Natural Resources Defense Council to build 8,500 green affordable homes that promote health, conserve energy and natural resources, and provide easy access to jobs, schools, and services. 

FCNR offer amenities you just won't find in other neighborhoods - like wireless Internet for everyone!

With over a billion people using the internet, this is a great add on.

FCNR communities will be designed with Wireless Internet access throughout, VoIP telephone service availability at the customer’s request and Internet cameras monitoring common areas and paths. 

FCNR announced in early April the approval from its Directors to enter into discussions for the possible acquisition of leasehold rights for minerals.

FCNR President and CEO Fred Montano said, "As a possible acquisition this offers the potential to add millions of dollars in value to the company very quickly; I believe these acquisitions add tremendous value to our shareholders and offer diversity and depth to Falcon Ridge Company.

FCNR believes gypsum is present as reports indicate such regarding the property covered by the mineral leases.

"Gypsum is a key resource for multiple uses. Currently gypsum is over ninety dollars per ton. Though valuable in the U.S., it’s even more so to countries like China, where the GDP is growing at over 11%. Of course, we’re just beginning, and there is a lot of work to be done to complete the transaction, but with work already accomplished, estimates for phase one based on the indicated information are that more than three quarters of one million cubic tons of gypsum could be available," Fred Montano further stated.

FCNR announced in April that it has entered into a Letter of Intent to acquire mineral rights leases on approximately 2,000 acres in the State of Utah.

A report prepared in July 2000 regarding these leases by Behre Dolbear, a Minerals Industry Consultant, stated, “Based upon the work undertaken on approximately 250 acres out of your +/- 2,000 acre holding, 830,000 tons of probable high-grade gypsum reserves were calculated.”

Based on FCNR's understanding of the foregoing quote, and given the present market value of gypsum being estimated at over $90.00/cubic ton, this transaction could have a undiscounted present market value in excess of $70 Million

Gypsum is one of the most widely used minerals in the world and is the primary ingredient in the manufacturing of various building products, including wall board or “sheet rock,” joint compounds, acoustically enhanced Gypsum board, Gypsum board used in the construction of high STC wall assemblies, mold resistance products, hi-impact wall board systems, manufactured housing, and plaster systems. Further, gypsum is used as a fertilizer and food additive. 

An average American home is estimated to contain seven metric tons of it. Gypsum is an integral part of everyday life in the US as well as developing countries, which are target markets for Falcon Ridge. Given the pace of development and construction in countries such as China and India, demand for gypsum can continue to increase. Gypsum is typically found in large layers near the surface and is easily mined. Always do your own research.

More information on FCNR is available at their website:
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