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Business Summary and Article: GFRE
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: GFRE
Gulf Resources, Inc., through its subsidiaries, offers chemical products in China. Its subsidiary, Shouguang City Haoyuan Chemical Company Limited (SCHC), manufactures and trades in bromine and crude salt, which are utilized in the manufacture of various industrial compounds and products. Elemental bromine is used in the manufacture of various bromine compounds used in industry and agriculture. Bromine, a halogen element, is also used in the manufacture of fumigants, brominated flame-retardants, water purification compounds, dyes, medicines, sanitizers, and inorganic bromides for photography.

Article: More on GFRE
Make sure you have added GFRE to your watch list, it could see a huge pop as the Chinese sector heats up again.
GFRE could see huge profits in the bromine business!

Worldwide sales for bromine are $1.24 billion with $290 million originating just from China!

Many don't realize how important bromine is to industries that are worth billions of dollars.

GFRE is very aware of the money that can be made from this chemical element!

Aside from the much bigger areas of profit like agriculture, oil, and paper, bromine is also used in the manufacture of fumigants, flame-retardants, water purification compounds, dyes, medicines, sanitizers, inorganic bromides for photography and other items.

GFRE's involvement with bromine could get them a huge stake in the medicine sector!

GFRE's subsidiary SYCI has signed a letter of intent with Southwest Synthetic Pharmaceutical Corporation Ltd., one of the largest developers, manufacturers and exporters of pharmaceuticals in West China, to serve as a supplier of a chemical compound named 3.4.5-Trimethoxybenzaldehyde (T.M.B.) to Southwest.

In 2006, global spending on prescription drugs topped $600 billion!!

T.M.B.s are produced from bromine, and the deal should enable GFRE to vertically integrate, leverage its R&D competencies, and further commercialize this product.

GFRE, through its subsidiary SCHC, also engages in manufacturing and trading Bromine and Crude Salt in China.

GFRE's SCHC maintains a 50-year mineral rights and land lease covering over 18,775 acres of property with proven and probable reserves of over 1.7 million tons of bromine.

The crude salt yield of Shandong Province was 16 million tons in 2005, which amounts to approximately 30% of the entire Chinese market!

GFRE's headquarters are located in Shouguang City, which is the major salt production area in Shandong Province.

GFRE knows that agriculture, oil, and paper are very huge in China and that bromine is important to these industries. 

Think about it -- a country that has a population of over 1 billion is definitely going to rely heavily on these sectors!

In fact, in 2004, China passed Japan as the world's second-largest consumer of oil! 

It has been said that China's demand for oil is expected to continue to increase by 5-7% a year and oil industry experts predict that China's oil demand may rise 400 million tons by 2020!

GFRE is also in the booming paper industry with their involvement with bromine. 

According to a China Paper Online news report, China's paper industry from January through May 2007 generated sales income of RMB138.668 billion, up by 23.26% over the same period in 2006! These figures translated into RMB6.446 billion of profit, up by 40.95% from 2006!

GFRE's subsidiary SYCI manufactures chemical products utilized in oil & gas field explorations and as papermaking chemical agents.

GFRE's SYCI's annual production of oil and gas-field exploration products and related chemicals exceeds 10,000 tons, as well as more than 7,000 tons towards papermaking-related chemicals.

To further diversify revenue streams, GFRE is exploring additional applications such as environmentally friendly biocide products utilized by power generation companies.

In May last year, SYCI signed a long-term agreement with Huaneng Yimin Power Plant to distribute its proprietary, environmentally friendly biocide product, marking its official entry into a new and growing
market opportunity.

GFRE produces bromine in the most economical way there is right now. After GFRE produces bromine, they re-use the excess liquids in order to create crude salt and as a result of this process, also create raw materials such as chlorine, coal, sulfur, and hydrochloric acid. 

GFRE anticipates increasing its future bromine production through targeted complementary acquisitions and organic growth.

For more information on GFRE, make sure to visit their website at:
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