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Business Summary and Article: IDGI
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: IDGI
INCA Designs, Inc., through its subsidiary, S2 New York Design Corp., engages in the design, manufacture, marketing, sale, and distribution of resort wear and swimwear in the United States. The company was incorporated in 2006 and is based in New York, New York.

Article: More on IDGI
Make sure you start your research by first going to IDGI's website at: 

I believe the momentum on IDGI will carry through and follow up with another big rally!

If this economy goes into a recession there's one thing that won't change, that's the fact that women will always buy clothes.

Sales of the U.S. women's wear in the U.S. market reached $172.2 billion in 2006!!

This is a highly lucrative sector for companies like IDGI!

IDGI knows that with spring break happening all across the U.S., women are buying bathing suits left and right.

Worldwide the swim wear market is around $13 billion!

It has been said that Americans spend an average of $30 billion on lingerie and swim wear combined!

IDGI is engaged in the manufacture, design, sale, and distribution of designer swimwear, resort wear, and accessories for the wholesale and retail markets under the brand names Inca, Incagirl, Incabag, and Inca Junior. 

IDGI sells its apparel through nearly 100 upscale department and specialty stores, including Barneys New York, Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus. 

Many of the hottest female actresses have worn IDGI!

The list includes Denise Richards, Kelly Ripa, Carmen Electra, Jennifer Aniston, Halle Berry, and Salma Hayek!

If celebrities endorsing IDGI is not enough to prove the potential this company has, then how about the fact that the trendiest and hippest magazines have featured the company?

IDGI is so huge that Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, Elle, InStyle, and Sports Illustrated's Swimwear Edition have featured them!

IDGI knows that the fashion industry is huge!

It has been said that each year, over $250 billion is spent on fashion (including accessories) in the United States!

IDGI is in a niche market right now, but so were companies like Juicy Couture and True Religion when they first started off.

Juicy Couture is expected to grow to 140 stores by 2010!

IDGI knows that people want quality and they want what's hip and trendy.

IDGI's Inca branded apparel is sold in South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and the Caribbean.

IDGI markets its apparel lines through approximately 50 major US retailers and 20-30 International retailers.

They have already booked approximately $500,000 in sales in early 2008!!

The global apparel, accessories, and luxury goods market has grown 3.8% annually since 2002!

In 2006, the woman's wear segment was the most lucrative.

IDGI knows that the market is huge out there for women's apparel.

The company plans to open stores in Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dubai, Macau, London, St. Tropez, Hawaii, and Mexico.

Major retailers, renowned for their distinctive, trendy apparel have previously ordered or currently carry the IDGI swimwear and resort wear line in their stores.

IDGI President and designer, Stephanie Hirsch said, "Many retailers are falling in love with our rich, luxurious creations because of their exotic look and feel of Morocco, Mexico, Asia and Bali. It is also important to note that our collections are affordable so we can reach a wide audience. 

We are seeing more and more women looking to sport their swimwear in social situations in order to increase their wearability. Our stylish swimwear apparel and resort wear fit this growing niche perfectly. The fact that we are addressing this trend and that we have been carried in many major high fashion retail stores who happen to be very particular about the brands they carry shows just how popular INCA is becoming." 

Since inception IDGI has worked with nearly 100 retailers worldwide in locales such as Milan, London, Miami, Antigua and many others who featured the high fashion brand!
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