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Business Summary and Article: MEVT
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: MEVT
MEVT strives to seek out technologies that meet some or all of the following criteria: a significant technological advancement, have a global market and are socially and environmentally responsible. Our focus is to partner with innovative technology companies and facilitate the adoption of their technologies with our established prospect organizations.

Article: More on MEVT
Remember MEVT could become very volatile since it's thinly traded right now, so make sure you watch it very closely!! It might just blow up when you're not looking.

MEVT knows how important anti-fire technology is!!

Fires kills and they kill fast! Each year thousands of people die in a fire. 

In 2006 alone, 3,245 civilians lost their lives as the result of fire!

16,400 civilian injuries that occurred that same year were the result of fire.

MEVT is dedicated to seeking out technologies that meet some or all of the following criteria: a significant technological advancement, and have a global market and are socially and environmentally responsible. 

MEVT's focus right now is on anti-fire technology.

MEVT's flagship technology is a line of TRUE anti-fire products which is quickly gaining attention from North American companies after years of success in international markets.

MEVT firmly believes that there is a future of profits to be made on a very important thing - fire safety.

According to Freedonia Group Inc., global demand for flame retardent chemicals will rise 4.7% annually through 2011!

MEVT knows that the safety of a family in their own home is something that you cannot put a price on.

Most fires start small, but they often spread rapidly onto surrounding flammable surfaces until the phenomenon of flashover occurs, where superheated gases cause a whole room to erupt into flame within seconds.

MEVT also knows that furniture can play a detrimental role in how quickly a house can erupt in flames.

The link below contains a CNN video that gives you a clear demonstration. 

Wouldn't it be nice to have a spray that could protect your home from erupting into flames?

This is where MEVT comes in!

MEVT's Hartindo AF21 is a fire inhibitor...not a mere fire doesn't catch on fire!

Natural materials protected with AF21 will char (carbonize) when subjected to high heat, but they will not ignite, burn or spread flame.

Even plastics can be effectively treated with AF21, allowing them to only melt but not flame in the case of a fire!

It is very possible that future fire extinguishers in the U.S. will be made with MEVT's Hartindo AF11E.

It is the world's ONLY 1:1 replacement for Halon!

MEVT knows that current fire extinguishers are using recycled halon that was produced before January 1, 1994.

Under the Clean Air Act, the U.S. banned the production of halon and import of virgin halons beginning January 1, 1994 in compliance with Protocol On Substances That Deplete The Ozone Layer.

Because MEVT's Hartindo AF11E is similar to Halon yet is without any of the environmental or toxicity problems, it is a safe bet in my opinion that most future extinguishers will be using it. 

MEVT has North American agency rights to the Hartindo product line, the world's most advanced fire inhibitor and fire suppression products.

MEVT and Megola Inc. are bringing Hartindo Anti-Fire products to coast-to-coast North American markets!

In November 2007, they signed a definitive marketing and distribution agreement with Janus Products Corp. covering the Titan 21 Fire Blanket.

MEVT's Titan 21 Fire Blanket is a synthetic fire blanket that is designed to withstand flash fire ONLY. 

Titan 21 protects from flash fires as well as DIRECT FIRE attack over 1000°C.

MEVT announced On December 19, 2007, that distributor Janus Products Corp. had placed its first Purchase Order for the Titan 21 Fire Blanket. 

MEVT and Megola Inc.'s sales revenue from this initial order will naturally vary, as determined by the quantities of each model ultimately purchased by Janus Products Corp., but is tentatively estimated at approximately $1.1 million!!

MEVT's Hartindo A31 could be the future of fire fighting!

Hartindo AF31 is a water-based, environmentally-friendly fire fighting solution that stops fire and prevents fire spread.

According to Freedonia Group, the US demand for flame retardants will rise 3.6 percent per year to 1.1 billion pounds in 2008, valued at $1.3 billion

MEVT's Hartindo product lines encompass the world's most advanced fire inhibitor and fire suppression products. 

MEVT proposes to exploit the USA by establishing a network of dealers within the territory. Rapid development of marketing and distribution plans is underway.

More information on MEVT is available at their web site at:
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