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Business Summary and Article: NHYT
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: NHYT
The primary mission of Neohydro Technologies Corp is to provide our customers with a efficient, reliable, high performance, street legal, Green Interactive Hybrid Vehicle while providing a nation-wide vehicle warranty.

Article: More on NHYT
Remember to always do you own research and consult a professional. NHYT could see major upside if their turbo charger system takes off. NHYT is already working some local dealers.

NHYT Volume has dramatically increased the last 2 days on NHYT, so something may be definitely brewing. NHYT may breakout if this continues, so put it on your watch list immediately!!

Imagine an environmentally friendly car that has over 775hp and gets 40 miles to a gallon. On top of this, still have full factory warranty.

This may sound like a pipe dream but NHYT has made it a reality!!
Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT is making this possible!

Most green cars today are lacking when it comes to design and power.

Looks should be the last concern when we are trying to save our planet but let's get realistic.

There wouldn't be any luxury cars or sport cars on the roads if people didn't care about how their car looks. 

NHYT has acquired the sole license to distribute the patented Green Interactive Hybrid System.

This is a revolutionary Twin Turbo Hybrid System. Turbocharging is typically used to create big power, but it also helps to create more power with less effort from the engine. 

The patented remote turbo system is applied to NHYT's vehicles, along with advanced tuning efforts to help not just the power, but also the efficiency of the vehicle.

This is what allows NHYT to reach those better-then hybrid economy numbers; along with the huge power!

Neohydro Technologies Corp. NHYT realizes that hybrid cars are making a great impact on our society, but the cars still have several disadvantages.

They are smaller than normal cars, the battery packs are expensive to replace and they tend to accelerate at a slower speed than other cars. 

NHYT can deliver some major power all while saving you on fuel costs! 

Imaging having a brand new Chevy Corvette that would get 40mpg+ around town and 32mpg+ on the highway but would also have 775 horsepower!

Not only that but what if it was covered by a 100,000 mile manufacturers warranty as well?

This is what NHYT can do!
Check out this dyno run for a Corvette with the Green Interactive Hybrid System: 

Doesn't that sound beautiful? 
NHYT's system is just remarkable in my opinion.

This is a system that can be adapted to fit any vehicle. 
Imagine a Hummer using this system. People driving Hummers wouldn't get criticized for the size of their car anymore.

This is a system that could use as much as 50% less fuel, increases horsepower, doesn't require expensive toxic and heavy batteries, and is also fully backed by 100,000 mile manufacturer's warranty!

President Obama's plan to increase fuel efficiency will require cars and light trucks to average 39 mpg and 30 mpg respectively, across a manufacturer's range of vehicles, to be phased in by 2016.

A senior administration official said that the increased miles per gallon should cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 900 million tons, the equivalent to shutting down 194 coal plants!

NHYT starts with a unique remote-mounted turbocharger system located in the rear of the vehicle. 

Remote-mounted turbo systems are superior to traditional turbo systems and superchargers because they are efficient, less intrusive, easier to install, reliable and generate amazing horsepower and torque.

The turbo systems are also one of the few turbo systems that have a CARB EO #, making them legal in all 50 states!

NHYT then adds their unique and advanced tuning efforts to help not just increase power, but also the efficiency of the car. 

NHYT has the exclusive rights to sell the Green Interactive Hybrid System throughout all of Canada, as well as in mutually agreed upon parts of the United States!

The technology has already been proven to work in light duty 1/2 and 3/4 ton Chevrolet Silverado pickup trucks and has been able to achieve 32 MPG City and 28 MPG highway while increasing power to 500 HP at the same time lowering the carbon footprint!

NHYT is working in cooperation with General Motors via the relationship with Blade Chevrolet of Mount Vernon, Washington!

NHYT CEO Michael Kulcheski, commented, "The establishment of a relationship with General Motors, through our license partner, GenesVettes, and Blade Chevrolet, is significant to our efforts to install the GIHS on fleets of light duty trucks throughout Canada, as it alleviates any customer concerns regarding warranty protection of their vehicles. Duplicating this relationship with Canadian Chevrolet dealerships across the country and with other automobile dealerships and manufactures will be the key to Neohydro's success."

NHYT could become colossal if they build more relationships with major car companies. This kind of technology could one day be in almost every car I think!

There is so much pressure for us to cut our ties with the Middle East for oil and for us to combat global warming.

I believe NHYT is a company that will help make this possible.

Michael Kulcheski, CEO of NHYT, commented, “The establishment of a relationship with General Motors, through our license partner, GenesVettes, and Blade Chevrolet, is significant to our efforts to install the GIHS on fleets of light duty trucks throughout Canada, as it alleviates any customer concerns regarding warranty protection of their vehicles.

GM is more desperate than ever right now to play catch in the hybrid arena. For them to emerge from BK and to survive the already weak auto industry they will need to develop new technologies to improve fuel efficiency

Just the other day the Fed announced they will lend Tesla $465 million to build an electric sedan and the battery packs need to propel it.

It's one of three loans totaling almost $8 billion that the Department of Energy awarded Tuesday to spur the development of fuel-efficient vehicles.

Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced that the Department of Energy is also lending $5.9 billion to Ford to retool factories in five states. Nissan will receive $1.6 billion to refurbish a factory in Tennessee to produce electric cars. 

NHYT is already on the market with a system that can be fitted to about any car that brings fuel use down by 50% and increase horsepower and uses no batteries.

I believe a lot of the big auto makers are going to want to talk to NHYT about the system they are selling. NHYT looks very attractive at these levels.

This is something that doesn't take money out of taxpayers pockets and years to repay and could put any of the top auto makers on a fast track to meeting future regulations.

For more information on NHYT visit their website at:
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