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Business Summary and Article: PGOG
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: PGOG
Perf Go Green Holdings, Inc. operates as a biodegradable plastics company. The company intends to develop eco-friendly, non-toxic, food contact compliant, biodegradable plastic products as a practical and viable solution to eliminate plastic waste from the world environment. It focuses on marketing and distributing biodegradable plastic products that would include the 13 gallon kitchen trash bags and 30 gallon lawn and leaf bags. Perf Go Green Holdings principally targets mass retailers to market its products in the United States and Canada. The company is based in New York, New York.

Article: More on PGOG
Before you read the rest of this, you must view this video where PGOG bags are featured on CBS News: 

The PGOG bags are still very new and will available online and in the stores in the coming weeks according to their website. I'm bringing PGOG to your attention now so you time to research before it becomes mainstream and skyrockets.

Here is another major point in why I believe PGOG has a very bright future. PGOG recently announced that former New York Governor George Pataki has joined the board of directors for PGOG. He served as governor from 1995-2006. 

I don't think Pataki with his reputation on the line would join the board of directors if he didn't have confidence in the company.

“I feel passionately about environmental issues and the cause that Perf Go Green is pursuing,” stated Governor Pataki. “This is a crucial time for companies to develop and bring to market new products that are better for our environment. I am excited about helping Perf Go Green bring its message to consumers across the U.S.”

PGOG is not only in a lucrative sector, but a vital one also! 

The harm and dangers of plastics are overwhelming to our planet!

Unfortunately many do not realize how dangerous plastic is. 

PGOG is well aware that plastics are not biodegradable, which means they stick around in our landfills for years and years.

The toxins from these plastics then enter our oceans.

This affects our food chains and eventually we are left putting these toxins into our bodies.

PGOG is in the business of fixing this plastic problem through environmental friendly plastic packaging.

PGOG's Go Green products are produced using recycled plastic which reduces plastic in landfills!

PGOG's products are also 100% biodegradable!

This means that when PGOG's bags are left in a landfill, they will completely degrade and break down returning to nature in as little as 12-24 months – leaving absolutely no residue or harmful toxins!

Check out this YouTube clip about San Francisco banning plastic bags: 

In 2008 PGOG is launching six Biodegradable Plastic Products including the following: Perf Go Green 13 Gallon Tall Kitchen Trash Bags, Perf Go Green 30 Gallon Lawn & Leaf Bag, Perf Go Green Plastic Drop Cloths, Perf Go Green Commercial Trash Bags, Perf Go Green Kitty Litter Bags, and Perf Go Green Doggie Duty Bags.

PGOG's Perf Go Green Tall Kitchen Bags are made from recycled plastics and are biodegradable. Simply use them, throw them out, and in 12-14 months they are completely broken down!

It has been estimated that between 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed world-wide every year!

Americans are responsible for around 100 billion of these bags.

According to to Worldwatch Institute, an environmental research agency, 100 billion plastic bags will end up in American landfills each year!

PGOG realizes that this number is way too high!

Imagine a trillion bags in landfills all across the globe. Scary!

PGOG's patented products are made of recycled plastics that are combined with an Oxo-Biodegradable proprietary application method to produce the film for the bags.

When discarded in soil and exposed to the presence of microorganisms, moisture and oxygen, PGOG's products biodegrade, decomposing into simple materials found in nature much faster than regular plastics, which can take hundreds of years to break down.

Ron Fahoome, Business Manager of Roadrunner Sales & Marketing said, "Perf Go Green is the first product of its kind to be mass marketed and the reception from retailers already demonstrates the growing demand for more environmentally friendly products."

In May, PGOG announced a partnership with Roadrunner Sales & Marketing to broker and represent the company to major retailers nationally, including Kroger, Safeway, Super Value, Bashes, Albertsons and Whole Foods, among others.

This month is pretty huge for PGOG!

PGOG will start selling on both and this month.

PGOG CEO Tony Tracy said, "By offering our products on, we’re providing consumers another easy way to purchase our products prior to hitting grocery store shelves."

In regards to, Trace commented, "There has been so much excitement leading to our retail debut, we are thrilled to now offer consumers a way to purchase our products through We’re proud to introduce Perf Go Green into households as a simple and affordable solution for living a greener lifestyle."

Plastic trash bags that choke our landfills can continue poisoning the planet for 500 to 1000 years!!

We need companies like PGOG who are devoted to sustainability and our environment!

More information on PGOG is available at their website: 

From an investment standpoint, the stock looks very cheap considering the market for their product will be huge. Getting involved before it hits the market can also prove to be very lucrative. Always do you own research.
Note: The data and information provided here is for informational purposes only and all information on featured companies is provided by the companies profiled, or is available from other public sources. Fundamental analysis and stock market technical indicators are your responsibility, do your own research before you invest. Our recommendation is to never invest with more than you can lose. Penny stocks can pose significant risk to your capital.