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Business Summary and Article: PHBR
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: PHBR
IR/PR PROS, a leading source of news and information on small cap technology companies, has initiated coverage of PhoneBrasil International (PINKSHEETS: PHBR) today and reported that shares are now seeing a steady increase in volume and are trading at their most attractive price levels in 4 months. PhoneBrasil International, Inc. and Atlanta, GA based Tacora Wireless Inc. had previously announced late last year both parties had finalized, dually signed, and executed the agreement for the first large-scale WiFi/Wimax Platform in Brazil. IR/PR PROS spokesperson commented, “Understand and take into mind this type of large scale network/platform takes time, lots of planning, proper testing, and requires many of local, state, and Federal approvals.”PHBR now having Governmental approval is advancing in achieving the necessary process to get final approval from TUV and CPQD. Upon the full completion (roughly 2 years) this First large-scale Wi-Fi/WiMAX will have a valuation of over $1 Billion US.

Article: More on PHBR
Make sure you add PHBR to your watch list, this is definitely one to watch!

PHBR is in a fast growing sector!

According to the Telecommunications Industry Association, global telecommunications revenue is projected to reach nearly $5 trillion by 2011!

PHBR is focused on dominating technological aspects like software, billing, supply, and cost savings for the new VOIP industry. 

PHBR's recent return to the VOIP market has been made through strategic alliances with manufacturers such as Grandstream and InnoMedia. 

It's almost inevitable that PHBR will have success connecting the Latin American countries with these kind of product manufacturers.

InnoMedia is one of the early pioneers in the IP telephony market! 

Brazil is home to the largest mobile market in the region and, at 41.1%, it has the highest rate of mobile penetration in South America next to Chile!

PHBR has established an alliance with a Premier Consulting Firm, Paradise Capital Group LLC, to assist in corporate finance, business strategy, investment banking, and acquisitions & mergers.

PHBR CEO Anderson Dias, stated, “With the enormous boom recently in the Brazilian Economy and Stock Market I felt it was important to retain an experienced consulting firm. I’m excited to announce this is a non dilutive collaboration and is based on a performance incentive and per transaction basis. Paradise Capital Group is known for assisting in the rapid growth of small cap companies. 

PHBR now having Governmental approval is advancing in achieving the necessary process to get final approval from TUV and CPQD. Upon full completion (roughly 2 years) this First large-scale Wi-Fi/WiMAX will have a valuation of over $1 Billion US.

This new untapped technology will give both new subscribers, and already existing PHBR customers, the ability to connect their computers, laptops, VoIP networking devices, and Hybrid cellular dual-mode communication interfaces anywhere, when this large-scale WiFi/Wimax platform is available.

PHBR recently acquired a lifetime B1 license in the 4th quarter of 2007 to build its own national telecommunications network in Spain.

This is the same B1 type license owned by TELEFONICA SA, a company publicly traded and worth well over $100 Billion US! 

This is one major asset and commodity for PHBR, seeing how the government of Spain stopped granting B1 licenses several years ago and only issues new licenses permitting use for a particular communication.

The Spanish telecom market has rose from US$17.9 billion in 1999 to US$42.5 billion in 2004!

PHBR has reached the necessary technological advancements to create a universally compatible system with many world suppliers of telecom and web communication markets. These advancements and breakthrough developments were designed and manifested at institutions such as: MIT, Harvard, Columbia, NASA, and Cambridge, among others.

PHBR CEO Anderson Dias may be reason alone to look at PHBR.

Dias was responsible for securing in less than two months all the necessary licenses and certificates of all the products Audiovox was to use in its endeavor via the technology company ANATEL, who is telephony market regulator in Brazil similar to the FCC in the United States. 

Audiovox was having a very hard time getting into Brazil before Dias took action!

The PHBR CEO has developed very good relationships and ties with Brazilian businesses and more importantly the governing parties! Always do your own research.

For more information on PHBR, visit their web site at:
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