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Business Summary and Article: PURO
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes Business Summary: PURO
Purio, Inc. owns water clarification technology for use in the clarification of surface water, industrial process water, and sewage. The company intends to use its technology for industrial and commercial applications to reclaim water and reduce the need for fresh water in such applications, as well as to use its technology to produce potable water for commercial and residential use. Its technology applications include wastewater treatment, process water recycling, and drinking water production. The company also intends to distribute a line of in-home and office drinking water purification equipment in Canada and the Unites States. The company would offer its technology to federal, state, and municipal governments; developers; industrial plants, who use water in their processes; foodstuffs producers and growers; home owners; business offices; hospitality industry; temporary camps; and emergency relief agencies. Purio, Inc. is based in Blaine, Washington.

Article: More on PURO
PURO could be setting up to make another big rally any day!

Millions of people are dying as a result of water shortages around the world. 

There is a dire need for companies like PURO.

PURO has developed a self-contained water purification units that can be set-up almost anywhere and require very little oversight or maintenance to run. 

A single unit can produce enough clean water to serve 20,000-30,000 people and multiple units can be coupled together to purify enough water to serve even larger areas or small cities.

PURO realizes that with so many countries lacking fresh drinking water, their units may be a critical necessity to help sustain life. 

According to The World Bank, 80 countries now have water shortages that threaten health and economies while 40% of the world have no access to clean water or sanitation!

In China, 70% of the lakes and rivers are so badly polluted that the water is completely unsafe for human use. 

Water scarcity in India is widespread and pollution is rampant!

Nearly 65% of schools in India do not have drinking water for the children. Dangerous water-born hepatitis routinely threatens the population. 

PURO's water units can easily run on solar power if needed, they can be deployed virtually anywhere - which means that billions of people with limited or no access to dependable electric power can now count on a reliable source of clean water. 

It has been said that by 2010, the water shortage in many developing countries is recognized as one of the most serious political and social issues of the time!

Any small developing country could benefit immensely from PURO's water units.

Imagine the market potential and profit potential PURO could have when their system gains widespread usage.

"Globally, water usage has increased by six times in the past 100 years and will double again by 2050, driven mainly by irrigation and demands of agriculture. Some countries have already run out of water to produce their own food. Without improvements the consequences will be even more widespread water scarcity and rapidly increasing water prices," said Frank Rijsberman, Director General of The International Water Management Institute.

I firmly believe that a company like PURO could significantly change our future. 

PURO intends to apply its technology initially to industrial and commercial applications to reclaim water and reduce the need for fresh water in such applications. 

When PURO's process is applied to residential wastewater, the solids can be further processed through various forms of bio-reduction technology including composting thereby creating a value-added by-product suitable for uses in agriculture, horticulture, or landscaping.

The liquid in turn, can be further refined through bio-filtration or ozonation to reduce biological oxygen demand; and may be economically sanitized by means of Ultra-violet light or ozonation. The resulting product water meets stringent environmental disposal standards and becomes valuable for irrigation or other agricultural applications.

Agriculture is a gigantic industry all over the world. In California alone, this is just one state in the U.S., agriculture is worth more than $30 billion!

PURO's technology has been extensively, independently tested under actual residential wastewater reclamation conditions and has received a provincial approval for such use in Canada.

Take a look at this gallery of pictures to get an idea of a PURO unit: 

PURO is planning to commercialize its technology via a number of channels, namely licensing strategic partners to build and sell &/or operate units outside of North America, outright sale of their second generation (patent pending) units to end users and will build, own and operate on a fee for service basis their larger permanent installation units in North America. 

PURO is currently engaged in discussions regarding the marketing and manufacturing of its products in Malaysia.

The Malaysian company states that the portability of the PURO equipment makes it ideal for the oil and gas exploration industry in that region because drilling rig personnel are housed in portable camps.

The transportability of PURO equipment, whether the application be for drinking water purification, or wastewater treatment appears to be very suitable for this type of application.

For more information on PURO, visit their website at:
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