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Stock Market - Market Makers List - B

Features a market makers directory list for B, there are more than 600 member firms that act as NASDAQ Market Makers...

Market Makers List - Starting with letter B
  1. B|Barnes Group, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||B|B|N
  2. BA|Boeing Company (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BA|BA|N
  3. BAB|Invesco Taxable Municipal Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BAB|BAB|N
  4. BABA|Alibaba Group Holding Limited American Depositary Shares each representing eight Ordinary share|N| |N|100|N||BABA|BABA|N
  5. BAC|Bank of America Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BAC|BAC|N
  6. BAC$B|Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 6.000% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series GG|N| |N|100|N||BACpB|BAC-B|N
  7. BAC$E|Bank of America Corporation Depositary Sh repstg 1/1000th Perp Pfd Ser E|N| |N|100|N||BACpE|BAC-E|N
  8. BAC$K|Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 5.875% Non- Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series HH|N| |N|100|N||BACpK|BAC-K|N
  9. BAC$L|Bank of America Corporation Non Cumulative Perpetual Conv Pfd Ser L|N| |N|10|N||BACpL|BAC-L|N
  10. BAC$M|Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 5.375% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series KK|N| |N|100|N||BACpM|BAC-M|N
  11. BAC$N|Bank of America Corporation Depositary shares, each representing 1/1,000th interest in a share of 5.000% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series LL|N| |N|100|N||BACpN|BAC-N|N
  12. BAC$O|Bank of America Corporation Depositary shares, each representing 1/1,000th interest in a share of 4.375% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series NN|N| |N|100|N||BACpO|BAC-O|N
  13. BAC$P|Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 4.125% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series PP|N| |N|100|N||BACpP|BAC-P|N
  14. BAC$Q|Bank of America Corporation Depositary shares, each representing 1/1,000th interest in a share of 4.250% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series QQ|N| |N|100|N||BACpQ|BAC-Q|N
  15. BAC$S|Bank of America Corporation Depositary shares, each representing 1/1,000th interest in a share of 4.750% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series SS|N| |N|100|N||BACpS|BAC-S|N
  16. BACA|Berenson Acquisition Corp. I Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BACA|BACA|N
  17. BACA.U|Berenson Acquisition Corp. I Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BACA.U|BACA=|N
  18. BACA.W|Berenson Acquisition Corp. I Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||BACA.WS|BACA+|N
  19. BAD|Listed Funds Trust B.A.D. ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BAD|BAD|N
  20. BAFN|BayFirst Financial Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BAFN|N
  21. BAH|Booz Allen Hamilton Holding Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BAH|BAH|N
  22. BAK|Braskem SA ADR|N| |N|100|N||BAK|BAK|N
  23. BAL|iPathA Series B Bloomberg Cotton Subindex Total Return ETN|P| |N|100|N||BAL|BAL|N
  24. BALL|Ball Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BALL|BALL|N
  25. BALT|Innovator Defined Wealth Shield ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BALT|BALT|N
  26. BALY|Bally's Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BAL
  27. BALY|N
  28. BAM|Brookfield Asset Management Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BAM|BAM|N
  29. BAMH|Brookfield Finance Inc. 4.625% Subordinated Notes due October 16, 2080|N| |N|100|N||BAMH|BAMH|N
  30. BAMI|Brookfield Finance Inc. 4.50% Perpetual Subordinated Notes|N| |N|100|N||BAMI|BAMI|N
  31. BAMR|Brookfield Asset Management Reinsurance Partners Ltd. Class A Exchangeable Limited Voting Shares|N| |N|100|N||BAMR|BAMR|N
  32. BANC|Banc of California, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BANC|BANC|N
  33. BAND|Bandwidth Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BAND|N
  34. BANF|BancFirst Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BANF|N
  35. BANFP|BancFirst Corporation - 7.2% Cumulative Trust Preferred Securities|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BANFP|N
  36. BANR|Banner Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BANR|N
  37. BANX|ArrowMark Financial Corp. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BANX|N
  38. BAOS|Baosheng Media Group Holdings Limited - Ordinary shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BAOS|N
  39. BAP|Credicorp Ltd. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BAP|BAP|N
  40. BAPR|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - April |Z| |Y|100|N||BAPR|BAPR|N
  41. BAR|GraniteShares Gold Trust Shares of Beneficial Interest|P| |N|100|N||BAR|BAR|N
  42. BARK|BARK, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BARK|BARK|N
  43. BARK.W|BARK, Inc. Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for shares of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BARK.WS|BARK+|N
  44. BASE|Couchbase, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BASE|N
  45. BATL|Battalion Oil Corporation Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BATL|BATL|N
  46. BATRA|Liberty Media Corporation - Series A Liberty Braves Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BATRA|N
  47. BATRK|Liberty Media Corporation - Series C Liberty Braves Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BATRK|N
  48. BATT|Amplify Lithium & Battery Technology ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BATT|BATT|N
  49. BAUG|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - August|Z| |Y|100|N||BAUG|BAUG|N
  50. BAX|Baxter International Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BAX|BAX|N
  51. BB|BlackBerry Limited Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BB|BB|N
  52. BBAI|BigBear.ai, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BBAI|BBAI|N
  53. BBAI.W|BigBear.ai, Inc. Redeemable Warrants, each exercisable for one share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BBAI.WS|BBAI+|N
  54. BBAR|Banco BBVA Argentina S.A. ADS|N| |N|100|N||BBAR|BBAR|N
  55. BBAX|JPMorgan BetaBuilders Developed Asia Pacific-ex Japan ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||BBAX|BBAX|N
  56. BBBY|Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BBBY|N
  57. BBC|Virtus LifeSci Biotech Clinical Trials ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BBC|BBC|N
  58. BBCA|JPMorgan BetaBuilders Canada ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||BBCA|BBCA|N
  59. BBCP|Concrete Pumping Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BBCP|N
  60. BBD|Banco Bradesco Sa American Depositary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BBD|BBD|N
  61. BBDC|Barings BDC, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BBDC|BBDC|N
  62. BBDO|Banco Bradesco Sa American Depositary Shares (each representing one Common Share)|N| |N|100|N||BBDO|BBDO|N
  63. BBEU|JPMorgan BetaBuilders Europe ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||BBEU|BBEU|N
  64. BBGI|Beasley Broadcast Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BBGI|N
  65. BBH|VanEck Biotech ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BBH|N
  66. BBI|Brickell Biotech, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||BBI|N
  67. BBIG|Vinco Ventures, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BBIG|N
  68. BBIGV|Vinco Ventures, Inc. - Ex-Distribution When-Issued|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BBIGV|N
  69. BBIN|JPMorgan BetaBuilders International Equity ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BBIN|BBIN|N
  70. BBIO|BridgeBio Pharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BBIO|N
  71. BBJP|JPMorgan BetaBuilders Japan ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||BBJP|BBJP|N
  72. BBLG|Bone Biologics Corp - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BBLG|N
  73. BBLGW|Bone Biologics Corp - warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BBLGW|N
  74. BBLN|Babylon Holdings Limited Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BBLN|BBLN|N
  75. BBMC|JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Mid Cap Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BBMC|BBMC|N
  76. BBN|BlackRock Taxable Municipal Bond Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BBN|BBN|N
  77. BBP|Virtus LifeSci Biotech Products ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BBP|BBP|N
  78. BBQ|BBQ Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BBQ|N
  79. BBRE|JPMorgan BetaBuilders MSCI U.S. REIT ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||BBRE|BBRE|N
  80. BBSA|JPMorgan BetaBuilders 1-5 Year U.S. Aggregate Bond ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||BBSA|BBSA|N
  81. BBSC|JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Small Cap Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BBSC|BBSC|N
  82. BBSI|Barrett Business Services, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BBSI|N
  83. BBU|Brookfield Business Partners L.P. Limited Partnership Units |N| |N|100|N||BBU|BBU|N
  84. BBUC|Brookfield Business Corporation Class A Exchangeable Subordinate Voting Shares|N| |N|100|N||BBUC|BBUC|N
  85. BBUS|JPMorgan BetaBuilders U.S. Equity ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BBUS|BBUS|N
  86. BBVA|Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria S.A. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BBVA|BBVA|N
  87. BBW|Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BBW|BBW|N
  88. BBWI|Bath & Body Works, Inc.|N| |N|100|N||BBWI|BBWI|N
  89. BBY|Best Buy Co., Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BB
  90. BBY|N
  91. BC|Brunswick Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BC|BC|N
  92. BC$A|Brunswick Corporation 6.500% Senior Notes due 2048|N| |N|100|N||BCpA|BC-A|N
  93. BC$B|Brunswick Corporation 6.625% Senior Notes due 2049|N| |N|100|N||BCpB|BC-B|N
  94. BC$C|Brunswick Corporation 6.375% Notes due 2049|N| |N|100|N||BCpC|BC-C|N
  95. BCAB|BioAtla, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BCAB|N
  96. BCAC|Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCAC|N
  97. BCACU|Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCACU|N
  98. BCACW|Brookline Capital Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCACW|N
  99. BCAN|BYND Cannasoft Enterprises Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCAN|N
  100. BCAT|BlackRock Capital Allocation Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BCAT|BCAT|N
  101. BCBP|BCB Bancorp, Inc. (NJ) - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BCBP|N
  102. BCC|Boise Cascade, L.L.C. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BCC|BCC|N
  103. BCD|abrdn Bloomberg All Commodity Longer Dated Strategy K-1 Free ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BCD|BCD|N
  104. BCDA|BioCardia, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCDA|N
  105. BCDAW|BioCardia, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCDAW|N
  106. BCE|BCE, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BCE|BCE|N
  107. BCEL|Atreca, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCEL|N
  108. BCH|Banco De Chile Banco De Chile ADS|N| |N|100|N||BCH|BCH|N
  109. BCI|abrdn Bloomberg All Commodity Strategy K-1 Free ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BCI|BCI|N
  110. BCIM|abrdn Bloomberg Industrial Metals Strategy K-1 Free ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BCIM|BCIM|N
  111. BCLI|Brainstorm Cell Therapeutics Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCLI|N
  112. BCM|iPath Pure Beta Broad Commodity ETN|P| |N|100|N||BCM|BCM|N
  113. BCML|BayCom Corp - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCML|N
  114. BCO|Brinks Company (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BCO|BCO|N
  115. BCOR|Blucora, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCOR|N
  116. BCOV|Brightcove Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCOV|N
  117. BCOW|1895 Bancorp of Wisconsin, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCOW|N
  118. BCPC|Balchem Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCPC|N
  119. BCRX|BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCRX|N
  120. BCS|Barclays PLC Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BCS|BCS|N
  121. BCSA|Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp. I - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BCSA|N
  122. BCSAU|Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp. I - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BCSAU|N
  123. BCSAW|Blockchain Coinvestors Acquisition Corp. I - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BCSAW|N
  124. BCSF|Bain Capital Specialty Finance, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BCSF|BCSF|N
  125. BCTX|BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. - Common Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCTX|N
  126. BCTXW|BriaCell Therapeutics Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BCTXW|N
  127. BCV|Bancroft Fund, Ltd.|A| |N|100|N||BCV|BCV|N
  128. BCV$A|Bancroft Fund Limited 5.375% Series A Cumulative Preferred Shares|A| |N|100|N||BCVpA|BCV-A|N
  129. BCX|BlackRock Resources Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BCX|BCX|N
  130. BCYC|Bicycle Therapeutics plc - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BCYC|N
  131. BDC|Belden Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BDC|BDC|N
  132. BDCX|ETRACS Quarterly Pay 1.5X Leveraged MVIS BDC Index ETN due June 10, 2050|P| |Y|100|N||BDCX|BDCX|N
  133. BDCZ|ETRACS MVIS Business Development Companies Index ETN due April 26, 2041|P| |N|100|N||BDCZ|BDCZ|N
  134. BDEC|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - December|Z| |Y|100|N||BDEC|BDEC|N
  135. BDJ|Blackrock Enhanced Equity Dividend Trust|N| |N|100|N||BDJ|BDJ|N
  136. BDL|Flanigan's Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BDL|BDL|N
  137. BDN|Brandywine Realty Trust Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BDN|BDN|N
  138. BDR|Blonder Tongue Laboratories, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BDR|BDR|N
  139. BDR
  140. Breakwave Dry Bulk Shipping ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BDR
  141. BDRY|N
  142. BDSX|Biodesix, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BDSX|N
  143. BDTX|Black Diamond Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BDTX|N
  144. BDX|Becton, Dickinson and Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BDX|BDX|N
  145. BDXB|Becton, Dickinson and Company Depositary Shares, each Representing a 1/20th Interest in a Share of 6.00% Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock, Series B|N| |N|100|N||BDXB|BDXB|N
  146. BE|Bloom Energy Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BE|BE|N
  147. BEAM|Beam Therapeutics Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BEAM|N
  148. BEAT|Heartbeam, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BEAT|N
  149. BEATW|Heartbeam, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BEATW|N
  150. BECN|Beacon Roofing Supply, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BECN|N
  151. BECO|BlackRock Future Climate and Sustainable Economy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BECO|BECO|N
  152. BEDU|Bright Scholar Education Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares, each representing one Class A Ordinary Share|N| |N|100|N||BEDU|BEDU|N
  153. BEDZ|AdvisorShares Hotel ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BEDZ|BEDZ|N
  154. BEEM|Beam Global - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BEEM|N
  155. BEEMW|Beam Global - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BEEMW|N
  156. BEKE|KE Holdings Inc American Depositary Shares (each representing three Class A Ordinary Shares)|N| |N|100|N||BEKE|BEKE|N
  157. BELFA|Bel Fuse Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BELFA|N
  158. BELFB|Bel Fuse Inc. - Class B Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BELFB|N
  159. BEN|Franklin Resources, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BEN|BEN|N
  160. BENE|Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BENE|N
  161. BENER|Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. - Right|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BENER|N
  162. BENEU|Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BENEU|N
  163. BENEW|Benessere Capital Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BENEW|N
  164. BEP|Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. |N| |N|100|N||BEP|BEP|N
  165. BEP$A|Brookfield Renewable Partners L.P. 5.25% Class A Preferred Limited Partnership Units, Series 17|N| |N|100|N||BEPpA|BEP-A|N
  166. BEPC|Brookfield Renewable Corporation Class A Subordinate Voting Shares |N| |N|100|N||BEPC|BEPC|N
  167. BEPH|Brookfield BRP Holdings (Canada) Inc. 4.625% Perpetual Subordinated Notes|N| |N|100|N||BEPH|BEPH|N
  168. BEPI|Brookfield BRP Holdings (Canada) Inc. 4.875% Perpetual Subordinated Notes|N| |N|100|N||BEPI|BEPI|N
  169. BERY|Berry Global Group, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BER
  170. BERY|N
  171. BERZ|MicroSectors FANG & Innovation -3x Inverse Leveraged ETN|P| |Y|100|N||BERZ|BERZ|N
  172. BEST|BEST Inc. American Depositary Shares, each representing five Class A Ordinary Share|N| |N|100|N||BEST|BEST|N
  173. BETZ|Roundhill Sports Betting & iGaming ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BETZ|BETZ|N
  174. BF.A|Brown Forman Inc Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BF.A|BF.A|N
  175. BF.B|Brown Forman Inc Class B Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BF.B|BF.B|N
  176. BFAC|Battery Future Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BFAC|BFAC|N
  177. BFAC.U|Battery Future Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BFAC.U|BFAC=|N
  178. BFAC.W|Battery Future Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BFAC.WS|BFAC+|N
  179. BFAM|Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BFAM|BFAM|N
  180. BFC|Bank First Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BFC|N
  181. BFEB|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - February|Z| |Y|100|N||BFEB|BFEB|N
  182. BFH|Bread Financial Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BFH|BFH|N
  183. BFI|BurgerFi International Inc - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BFI|N
  184. BFIIW|BurgerFi International Inc - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BFIIW|N
  185. BFIN|BankFinancial Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BFIN|N
  186. BFIT|Global X Health & Wellness ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BFIT|N
  187. BFIX|Build Funds Trust Build Bond Innovation ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BFIX|BFIX|N
  188. BFK|BlackRock Municipal Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||BFK|BFK|N
  189. BFLY|Butterfly Network, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BFL
  190. BFLY|N
  191. BFLY.W|Butterfly Network, Inc. Warrants|N| |N|100|N||BFLY.WS|BFLY+|N
  192. BFOR|Barron's 400|P| |Y|100|N||BFOR|BFOR|N
  193. BFRI|Biofrontera Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BFRI|N
  194. BFRIW|Biofrontera Inc. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BFRIW|N
  195. BFS|Saul Centers, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BFS|BFS|N
  196. BFS$D|Saul Centers, Inc. Depositary Shares, each representing 1/100th of a share of 6.125% Series D Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||BFSpD|BFS-D|N
  197. BFS$E|Saul Centers, Inc. Depositary shares, each representing a 1/100th fractional interest in a share of 6.000% Series E Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||BFSpE|BFS-E|N
  198. BFST|Business First Bancshares, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BFST|N
  199. BFTR|BlackRock Future Innovators ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BFTR|BFTR|N
  200. BFZ|BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||BFZ|BFZ|N
  201. BG|Bunge Limited Bunge Limited|N| |N|100|N||BG|BG|N
  202. BGB|Blackstone Strategic Credit Fund Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||BGB|BGB|N
  203. BGCP|BGC Partners, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BGCP|N
  204. BGFV|Big 5 Sporting Goods Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BGFV|N
  205. BGH|Barings Global Short Duration High Yield Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interests|N| |N|100|N||BGH|BGH|N
  206. BGI|Birks Group Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BGI|BGI|N
  207. BGLD|FT Cboe Vest Gold Strategy Quarterly Buffer ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BGLD|BGLD|N
  208. BGNE|BeiGene, Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BGNE|N
  209. BGR|BlackRock Energy and Resources Trust|N| |N|100|N||BGR|BGR|N
  210. BGRN|iShares USD Green Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BGRN|N
  211. BGRY|Berkshire Grey, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BGRY|N
  212. BGRYW|Berkshire Grey, Inc. - Warrant|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BGRYW|N
  213. BGS|B&G Foods, Inc. B&G Foods, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BGS|BGS|N
  214. BGSF|BGSF, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BGSF|BGSF|N
  215. BGSX|Build Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BGSX|BGSX|N
  216. BGSX.U|Build Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and one-third of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BGSX.U|BGSX=|N
  217. BGSX.W|Build Acquisition Corp. Redeemable warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||BGSX.WS|BGSX+|N
  218. BGT|BlackRock Floating Rate Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||BGT|BGT|N
  219. BGX|Blackstone Long Short Credit Income Fund Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||BGX|BGX|N
  220. BGXX|Bright Green Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BGXX|N
  221. BGY|Blackrock Enhanced International Dividend Trust|N| |N|100|N||BG
  222. BGY|N
  223. BH|Biglari Holdings Inc. Class B Common Stock|N| |N|10|N||BH|BH|N
  224. BH.A|Biglari Holdings Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|10|N||BH.A|BH.A|N
  225. BHAC|Crixus BH3 Acquisition Company - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BHAC|N
  226. BHACU|Crixus BH3 Acquisition Company - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BHACU|N
  227. BHACW|Crixus BH3 Acquisition Company - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BHACW|N
  228. BHAT|Blue Hat Interactive Entertainment Technology - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BHAT|N
  229. BHB|Bar Harbor Bankshares, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BHB|BHB|N
  230. BHC|Bausch Health Companies Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BHC|BHC|N
  231. BHE|Benchmark Electronics, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BHE|BHE|N
  232. BHF|Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BHF|N
  233. BHFAL|Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - Junior Subordinated Debentures due 2058|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BHFAL|N
  234. BHFAM|Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - Depositary shares each representing a 1/1,000th Interest in a Share of 4.625% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series D|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BHFAM|N
  235. BHFAN|Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - depositary shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 5.375% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series C|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BHFAN|N
  236. BHFAO|Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/1,000th interest in a share of 6.750% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series B|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BHFAO|N
  237. BHFAP|Brighthouse Financial, Inc. - Depositary Shares 6.6% Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series A|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BHFAP|N
  238. BHG|Bright Health Group, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BHG|BHG|N
  239. BHIL|Benson Hill, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BHIL|BHIL|N
  240. BHIL.W|Benson Hill, Inc. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of common stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||BHIL.WS|BHIL+|N
  241. BHK|Blackrock Core Bond Trust Blackrock Core Bond Trust|N| |N|100|N||BHK|BHK|N
  242. BHLB|Berkshire Hills Bancorp, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BHLB|BHLB|N
  243. BHP|BHP Group Limited American Depositary Shares (Each representing two Ordinary Shares)|N| |N|100|N||BHP|BHP|N
  244. BHR|Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BHR|BHR|N
  245. BHR$B|Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc. 5.50% Series B Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock, par value $0.01 per share|N| |N|100|N||BHRpB|BHR-B|N
  246. BHR$D|Braemar Hotels & Resorts Inc. 8.25% Series D Cumulative Preferred Stock, par value $0.01 per share|N| |N|100|N||BHRpD|BHR-D|N
  247. BHSE|Bull Horn Holdings Corp. - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BHSE|N
  248. BHSEU|Bull Horn Holdings Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BHSEU|N
  249. BHSEW|Bull Horn Holdings Corp. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BHSEW|N
  250. BHV|BlackRock Virginia Municipal Bond Trust|N| |N|100|N||BHV|BHV|N
  251. BHVN|Biohaven Pharmaceutical Holding Company Ltd. Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||BHVN|BHVN|N
  252. BIB|ProShares Ultra Nasdaq Biotechnology|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BIB|N
  253. BIBL|Inspire 100 ESG ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BIBL|BIBL|N
  254. BICK|First Trust BICK Index Fund|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BICK|N
  255. BIDS|Amplify Digital & Online Trading ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BIDS|BIDS|N
  256. BIDU|Baidu, Inc. - American Depositary Shares, each representing 8 ordinary share|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BIDU|N
  257. BIG|Big Lots, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BIG|BIG|N
  258. BIGC|BigCommerce Holdings, Inc. - Series 1 Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BIGC|N
  259. BIGZ|BlackRock Innovation and Growth Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BIGZ|BIGZ|N
  260. BIIB|Biogen Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BIIB|N
  261. BIL|SPDR Bloomberg 1-3 Month T-Bill ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BIL|BIL|N
  262. BILI|Bilibili Inc. - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BILI|N
  263. BILL|Bill.com Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BILL|BILL|N
  264. BILS|SPDR Bloomberg 3-12 Month T-Bill ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BILS|BILS|N
  265. BIMI|BIMI International Medical Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||BIMI|N
  266. BIO|Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BIO|BIO|N
  267. BIO.B|Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc. Class B Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BIO.B|BIO.B|N
  268. BIOC|Biocept, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BIOC|N
  269. BIOL|Biolase, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BIOL|N
  270. BIOR|Biora Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|D||BIOR|N
  271. BIOS|BioPlus Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BIOS|N
  272. BIOSU|BioPlus Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BIOSU|N
  273. BIOSW|BioPlus Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BIOSW|N
  274. BIOT|Biotech Acquisition Company - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BIOT|N
  275. BIOTU|Biotech Acquisition Company - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BIOTU|N
  276. BIOTW|Biotech Acquisition Company - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BIOTW|N
  277. BIOX|Bioceres Crop Solutions Corp. - Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BIOX|N
  278. BIP|Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP Limited Partnership Units|N| |N|100|N||BIP|BIP|N
  279. BIP$A|Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP 5.125% Class A Preferred Limited Partnership Units, Series 13|N| |N|100|N||BIPpA|BIP-A|N
  280. BIP$B|Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP 5.000% Class A Preferred Limited Partnership Units, Series 14|N| |N|100|N||BIPpB|BIP-B|N
  281. BIPC|Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LP Class A Subordinate Voting Shares |N| |N|100|N||BIPC|BIPC|N
  282. BIPH|Brookfield Infrastructure Corporation 5.000% Subordinated Notes due 2081|N| |N|100|N||BIPH|BIPH|N
  283. BIPI|BIP Bermuda Holdings I Limited 5.125% Perpetual Subordinated Notes|N| |N|100|N||BIPI|BIPI|N
  284. BIRD|Allbirds, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BIRD|N
  285. BIS|ProShares UltraShort Nasdaq Biotechnology|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BIS|N
  286. BIT|BlackRock Multi-Sector Income Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BIT|BIT|N
  287. BITE|Bite Acquisition Corp. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BITE|BITE|N
  288. BITE.U|Bite Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of common stock and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BITE.U|BITE=|N
  289. BITE.W|Bite Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of common stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||BITE.WS|BITE+|N
  290. BITF|Bitfarms Ltd. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BITF|N
  291. BITI|ProShares Trust ProShares Short Bitcoin Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BITI|BITI|N
  292. BITO|ProShares Bitcoin Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BITO|BITO|N
  293. BITQ|Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BITQ|BITQ|N
  294. BITS|Global X Blockchain & Bitcoin Strategy ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BITS|N
  295. BIV|Vanguard Intermediate-Term Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BIV|BIV|N
  296. BIVI|BioVie Inc. - Common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BIVI|N
  297. BIZD|VanEck BDC Income ETF |P| |Y|100|N||BIZD|BIZD|N
  298. BJ|BJ's Wholesale Club Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BJ|BJ|N
  299. BJAN|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - January|Z| |Y|100|N||BJAN|BJAN|N
  300. BJDX|Bluejay Diagnostics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BJDX|N
  301. BJK|VanEck Gaming ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BJK|N
  302. BJRI|BJ's Restaurants, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BJRI|N
  303. BJUL|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - July|Z| |Y|100|N||BJUL|BJUL|N
  304. BJUN|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - June|Z| |Y|100|N||BJUN|BJUN|N
  305. BK|The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BK|BK|N
  306. BKAG|BNY Mellon Core Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKAG|BKAG|N
  307. BKCC|BlackRock Capital Investment Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BKCC|N
  308. BKCH|Global X Blockchain ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BKCH|N
  309. BKCI|BNY Mellon ETF Trust BNY Mellon Concentrated International ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKCI|BKCI|N
  310. BKD|Brookdale Senior Living Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKD|BKD|N
  311. BKE|Buckle, Inc. (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKE|BKE|N
  312. BKEM|BNY Mellon Emerging Markets Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKEM|BKEM|N
  313. BKEP|Blueknight Energy Partners L.P. - Common Units representing Limited Partner Interests|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BKEP|N
  314. BKEPP|Blueknight Energy Partners L.P. - Series A Preferred Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BKEPP|N
  315. BKES|BNY Mellon ETF Trust BNY Mellon Sustainable Global Emerging Markets ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKES|BKES|N
  316. BKF|iShares MSCI BIC ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKF|BKF|N
  317. BKH|Black Hills Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKH|BKH|N
  318. BKHY|BNY Mellon High Yield Beta ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKH
  319. BKHY|N
  320. BKI|Black Knight, Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||BKI|BKI|N
  321. BKIE|BNY Mellon International Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKIE|BKIE|N
  322. BKIS|BNY Mellon ETF Trust BNY Mellon Sustainable International Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKIS|BKIS|N
  323. BKKT|Bakkt Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKKT|BKKT|N
  324. BKKT.W|Bakkt Holdings, Inc. Warrant|N| |N|100|N||BKKT.WS|BKKT+|N
  325. BKLC|BNY Mellon US Large Cap Core Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKLC|BKLC|N
  326. BKLN|Invesco Senior Loan ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKLN|BKLN|N
  327. BKMC|BNY Mellon US Mid Cap Core Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKMC|BKMC|N
  328. BKN|BlackRock Investment Quality Municipal Trust Inc. (The)|N| |N|100|N||BKN|BKN|N
  329. BKNG|Booking Holdings Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BKNG|N
  330. BKR|Baker Hughes Company - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BKR|N
  331. BKSB|BNY Mellon Short Duration Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKSB|BKSB|N
  332. BKSC|Bank of South Carolina Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BKSC|N
  333. BKSE|BNY Mellon US Small Cap Core Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKSE|BKSE|N
  334. BKSY|BlackSky Technology Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKS
  335. BKSY|N
  336. BKSY.W|BlackSky Technology Inc. Redeemable Warrants, each whole Warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKSY.WS|BKSY+|N
  337. BKT|BlackRock Income Trust Inc. (The)|N| |N|100|N||BKT|BKT|N
  338. BKTI|BK Technologies Corporation Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BKTI|BKTI|N
  339. BKU|BankUnited, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BKU|BKU|N
  340. BKUI|BNY Mellon Ultra Short Income ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKUI|BKUI|N
  341. BKUS|BNY Mellon ETF Trust BNY Mellon Sustainable US Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BKUS|BKUS|N
  342. BKYI|BIO-key International, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BKYI|N
  343. BL|BlackLine, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BL|N
  344. BLBD|Blue Bird Corporation - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLBD|N
  345. BLBX|Blackboxstocks Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLBX|N
  346. BLCM|Bellicum Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLCM|N
  347. BLCN|Siren Nasdaq NexGen Economy ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BLCN|N
  348. BLCO|Bausch + Lomb Corporation Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||BLCO|BLCO|N
  349. BLCT|BlueCity Holdings Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLCT|N
  350. BLD|TopBuild Corp. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BLD|BLD|N
  351. BLDE|Blade Air Mobility, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLDE|N
  352. BLDEW|Blade Air Mobility, Inc. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLDEW|N
  353. BLDG|Cambria Global Real Estate ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BLDG|BLDG|N
  354. BLDP|Ballard Power Systems, Inc. - Common Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLDP|N
  355. BLDR|Builders FirstSource, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BLDR|BLDR|N
  356. BLE|BlackRock Municipal Income Trust II|N| |N|100|N||BLE|BLE|N
  357. BLES|Inspire Global Hope ESG ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BLES|BLES|N
  358. BLEU|bleuacacia ltd - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLEU|N
  359. BLEUR|bleuacacia ltd - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLEUR|N
  360. BLEUU|bleuacacia ltd - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLEUU|N
  361. BLEUW|bleuacacia ltd - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLEUW|N
  362. BLFS|BioLife Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLFS|N
  363. BLFY|Blue Foundry Bancorp - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BLFY|N
  364. BLHY|Virtus Newfleet High Yield Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BLH
  365. BLHY|N
  366. BLI|Berkeley Lights, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BLI|N
  367. BLIN|Bridgeline Digital, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLIN|N
  368. BLK|BlackRock, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BLK|BLK|N
  369. BLKB|Blackbaud, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BLKB|N
  370. BLKC|Invesco Alerian Galaxy Blockchain Users and Decentralized Commerce ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BLKC|BLKC|N
  371. BLMN|Bloomin' Brands, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BLMN|N
  372. BLND|Blend Labs, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BLND|BLND|N
  373. BLNG|Belong Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLNG|N
  374. BLNGU|Belong Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLNGU|N
  375. BLNGW|Belong Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLNGW|N
  376. BLNK|Blink Charging Co. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLNK|N
  377. BLNKW|Blink Charging Co. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLNKW|N
  378. BLOK|Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BLOK|BLOK|N
  379. BLPH|Bellerophon Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLPH|N
  380. BLRX|BioLineRx Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLRX|N
  381. BLSA|BCLS Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLSA|N
  382. BLTE|Belite Bio, Inc - American Depositary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLTE|N
  383. BLTS|Bright Lights Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLTS|N
  384. BLTSU|Bright Lights Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLTSU|N
  385. BLTSW|Bright Lights Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BLTSW|N
  386. BLU|BELLUS Health Inc. - Common Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BLU|N
  387. BLUA|BlueRiver Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BLUA|BLUA|N
  388. BLUA.U|BlueRiver Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share, and one-third of a redeemable Warrant to acquire one Class A ordinary shares|N| |N|100|N||BLUA.U|BLUA=|N
  389. BLUA.W|BlueRiver Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A Ordinary Share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||BLUA.WS|BLUA+|N

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  1. BLUE|bluebird bio, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BLUE|N
  2. BLV|Vanguard Long-Term Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BLV|BLV|N
  3. BLW|Blackrock Limited Duration Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||BLW|BLW|N
  4. BLX|Banco Latinoamericano de Comercio Exterior, S.A.|N| |N|100|N||BLX|BLX|N
  5. BLZE|Backblaze, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BLZE|N
  6. BMA|Banco Macro S.A. ADR (representing Ten Class B Common Shares)|N| |N|100|N||BMA|BMA|N
  7. BMAC|Black Mountain Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BMAC|BMAC|N
  8. BMAC.U|Black Mountain Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and three quarters of one warrant|N| |N|100|N||BMAC.U|BMAC=|N
  9. BMAC.W|Black Mountain Acquisition Corp. Warrants, exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BMAC.WS|BMAC+|N
  10. BMAQ|Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BMAQ|N
  11. BMAQR|Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp. - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BMAQR|N
  12. BMAQU|Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BMAQU|N
  13. BMAQW|Blockchain Moon Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BMAQW|N
  14. BMAR|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - March|Z| |Y|100|N||BMAR|BMAR|N
  15. BMAY|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - May|Z| |Y|100|N||BMAY|BMAY|N
  16. BMBL|Bumble Inc. - common stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BMBL|N
  17. BME|Blackrock Health Sciences Trust|N| |N|100|N||BME|BME|N
  18. BMEA|Biomea Fusion, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BMEA|N
  19. BMED|BlackRock Future Health ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BMED|BMED|N
  20. BMEZ|BlackRock Health Sciences Trust II Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BMEZ|BMEZ|N
  21. BMI|Badger Meter, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BMI|BMI|N
  22. BML$G|Bank of America Corporation Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares (Each representing a 1/1200th interest in a share of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock , Series 1)|N| |N|100|N||BMLpG|BML-G|N
  23. BML$H|Bank of America Corporation Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares (Each representing a 1/1200th interest in a Share of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series 2)|N| |N|100|N||BMLpH|BML-H|N
  24. BML$J|Bank of America Corporation Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares (Each representing a 1/1200th interest in a Share of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series 4)|N| |N|100|N||BMLpJ|BML-J|N
  25. BML$L|Bank of America Corporation Bank of America Corporation Depositary Shares (Each representing a 1/1200th Interest in a Share of Floating Rate Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series 5)|N| |N|100|N||BMLpL|BML-L|N
  26. BMO|Bank Of Montreal Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BMO|BMO|N
  27. BMRA|Biomerica, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BMRA|N
  28. BMRC|Bank of Marin Bancorp - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BMRC|N
  29. BMRN|BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BMRN|N
  30. BMTX|BM Technologies, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BMTX|BMTX|N
  31. BMTX.W|BM Technologies, Inc. Warrants|A| |N|100|N||BMTX.WS|BMTX+|N
  32. BMY|Bristol-Myers Squibb Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BM
  33. BMY|N
  34. BND|Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BND|N
  35. BNDC|FlexShares Core Select Bond Fund|P| |Y|100|N||BNDC|BNDC|N
  36. BNDD|Quadratic Deflation ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BNDD|BNDD|N
  37. BNDW|Vanguard Total World Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BNDW|N
  38. BNDX|Vanguard Total International Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BNDX|N
  39. BNE|ETF Series Solutions Blue Horizon BNE ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BNE|BNE|N
  40. BNED|Barnes & Noble Education, Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BNED|BNED|N
  41. BNFT|Benefitfocus, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BNFT|N
  42. BNGE|First Trust S-Network Streaming and Gaming ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BNGE|BNGE|N
  43. BNGO|Bionano Genomics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNGO|N
  44. BNGOW|Bionano Genomics, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNGOW|N
  45. BNIX|Bannix Acquisition Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNIX|N
  46. BNIXR|Bannix Acquisition Corp. - Right|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNIXR|N
  47. BNIXW|Bannix Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNIXW|N
  48. BNKD|MicroSectors U.S. Big Banks Index -3X Inverse Leveraged ETNs|P| |N|100|N||BNKD|BNKD|N
  49. BNKU|MicroSectors U.S. Big Banks Index 3X Leveraged ETNs|P| |N|100|N||BNKU|BNKU|N
  50. BNL|Broadstone Net Lease, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BNL|BNL|N
  51. BNNR|Banner Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNNR|N
  52. BNNRU|Banner Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNNRU|N
  53. BNNRW|Banner Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNNRW|N
  54. BNO|United States Brent Oil Fund, LP ETV|P| |Y|100|N||BNO|BNO|N
  55. BNOV|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - November|Z| |Y|100|N||BNOV|BNOV|N
  56. BNOX|Bionomics Limited - American Depository Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BNOX|N
  57. BNR|Burning Rock Biotech Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BNR|N
  58. BNRG|Brenmiller Energy Ltd - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNRG|N
  59. BNS|Bank Nova Scotia Halifax Pfd 3 Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BNS|BNS|N
  60. BNSO|Bonso Electronics International, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNSO|N
  61. BNTC|Benitec Biopharma Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BNTC|N
  62. BNTX|BioNTech SE - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BNTX|N
  63. BNY|BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||BN
  64. BNY|N
  65. BOAC|Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BOAC|BOAC|N
  66. BOAC.U|Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share, and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BOAC.U|BOAC=|N
  67. BOAC.W|Bluescape Opportunities Acquisition Corp. Redeemable warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||BOAC.WS|BOAC+|N
  68. BOAS|BOA Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOAS|BOAS|N
  69. BOAS.U|BOA Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock, and one third of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BOAS.U|BOAS=|N
  70. BOAS.W|BOA Acquisition Corp. Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A common stock at a price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BOAS.WS|BOAS+|N
  71. BOAT|SonicShares Global Shipping ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BOAT|BOAT|N
  72. BOB|Merlyn.AI Best-of-Breed Core Momentum ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BOB|BOB|N
  73. BOC|Boston Omaha Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOC|BOC|N
  74. BOCN|Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BOCN|N
  75. BOCNU|Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BOCNU|N
  76. BOCNW|Blue Ocean Acquisition Corp - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BOCNW|N
  77. BOCT|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - October|Z| |Y|100|N||BOCT|BOCT|N
  78. BODY|The Beachbody Company, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOD
  79. BODY|N
  80. BODY.W|The Beachbody Company, Inc. Warrants|N| |N|100|N||BODY.WS|BODY+|N
  81. BOE|Blackrock Enhanced Global Dividend Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BOE|BOE|N
  82. BOH|Bank of Hawaii Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOH|BOH|N
  83. BOH$A|Bank of Hawaii Corporation Depositary Shares Each Representing a 1/40th Interest in a Share of 4.375% Fixed Rate Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series A|N| |N|100|N||BOHpA|BOH-A|N
  84. BOIL|ProShares Ultra Bloomberg Natural Gas|P| |Y|100|N||BOIL|BOIL|N
  85. BOKF|BOK Financial Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BOKF|N
  86. BOLT|Bolt Biotherapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BOLT|N
  87. BON|Bon Natural Life Limited - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BON|N
  88. BOND|PIMCO Active Bond Exchange-Traded Fund Exchange-Traded Fund|P| |Y|100|N||BOND|BOND|N
  89. BOOM|DMC Global Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BOOM|N
  90. BOOT|Boot Barn Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOOT|BOOT|N
  91. BORR|Borr Drilling Limited Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||BORR|BORR|N
  92. BOSC|B.O.S. Better Online Solutions - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BOSC|N
  93. BOSS|Global X Funds Global X Founder-Run Companies ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BOSS|BOSS|N
  94. BOTJ|Bank of the James Financial Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BOTJ|N
  95. BOTZ|Global X Robotics & Artificial Intelligence ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BOTZ|N
  96. BOUT|Innovator IBD Breakout Opportunities ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BOUT|BOUT|N
  97. BOWL|Bowlero Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOWL|BOWL|N
  98. BOX|Box, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOX|BOX|N
  99. BOXD|Boxed, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BOXD|BOXD|N
  100. BOXD.W|Boxed, Inc. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable to purchase one share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BOXD.WS|BOXD+|N
  101. BOXL|Boxlight Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BOXL|N
  102. BP|BP p.l.c. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BP|BP|N
  103. BPAC|Bullpen Parlay Acquisition Company - Class A Ordinary Share|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BPAC|N
  104. BPACU|Bullpen Parlay Acquisition Company - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BPACU|N
  105. BPACW|Bullpen Parlay Acquisition Company - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BPACW|N
  106. BPMC|Blueprint Medicines Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPMC|N
  107. BPOP|Popular, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPOP|N
  108. BPOPM|Popular, Inc. - Popular Capital Trust II - 6.125% Cumulative Monthly Income Trust Preferred Securities|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPOPM|N
  109. BPRN|The Bank of Princeton - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPRN|N
  110. BPT|BP Prudhoe Bay Royalty Trust Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BPT|BPT|N
  111. BPTH|Bio-Path Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BPTH|N
  112. BPTS|Biophytis SA - American Depositary Share|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BPTS|N
  113. BPYPM|Brookfield Property Partners L.P. - 6.25% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Units, Series 1|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPYPM|N
  114. BPYPN|Brookfield Property Partners L.P. - 5.750% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Units, Series 3|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPYPN|N
  115. BPYPO|Brookfield Property Partners L.P. - 6.375% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Units, Series 2|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPYPO|N
  116. BPYPP|Brookfield Property Partners L.P. - 6.50% Class A Cumulative Redeemable Perpetual Preferred Units|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BPYPP|N
  117. BQ|Boqii Holding Limited American Depositary Shares, representing Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BQ|BQ|N
  118. BR|Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BR|BR|N
  119. BRAC|Broad Capital Acquisition Corp - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRAC|N
  120. BRACR|Broad Capital Acquisition Corp - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRACR|N
  121. BRACU|Broad Capital Acquisition Corp - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRACU|N
  122. BRAG|Bragg Gaming Group Inc. - Common Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BRAG|N
  123. BRBR|BellRing Brands, Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||BRBR|BRBR|N
  124. BRBS|Blue Ridge Bankshares, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BRBS|BRBS|N
  125. BRC|Brady Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRC|BRC|N
  126. BRCC|BRC Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRCC|BRCC|N
  127. BRCN|Burcon NutraScience Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||BRCN|N
  128. BRD|Beard Energy Transition Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRD|BRD|N
  129. BRD.U|Beard Energy Transition Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A Common Stock and one-half of one Warrant|N| |N|100|N||BRD.U|BRD=|N
  130. BRD.W|Beard Energy Transition Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BRD.WS|BRD+|N
  131. BRDG|Bridge Investment Group Holdings Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRDG|BRDG|N
  132. BRDS|Bird Global, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRDS|BRDS|N
  133. BRDS.W|Bird Global, Inc. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable to purchase one share of Class A Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BRDS.WS|BRDS+|N
  134. BREZ|Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BREZ|N
  135. BREZR|Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp. - Right|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BREZR|N
  136. BREZW|Breeze Holdings Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BREZW|N
  137. BRF|VanEck Brazil Small-Cap ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BRF|BRF|N
  138. BRFH|Barfresh Food Group Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRFH|N
  139. BRFS|BRF S.A.|N| |N|100|N||BRFS|BRFS|N
  140. BRG|Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. Class A Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BRG|BRG|N
  141. BRG$C|Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. 7.625% Series C Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|A| |N|100|N||BRGpC|BRG-C|N
  142. BRG$D|Bluerock Residential Growth REIT, Inc. 7.125% Series D, Cumulative Preferred Stock ($0.01 par value per share)|A| |N|100|N||BRGpD|BRG-D|N
  143. BRID|Bridgford Foods Corporation - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRID|N
  144. BRIV|B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp. - Class A common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRIV|N
  145. BRIVU|B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRIVU|N
  146. BRIVW|B. Riley Principal 250 Merger Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRIVW|N
  147. |N|BRK.A|Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|1|N||BRK.A|BRK.A|N
  148. BRK.B|Berkshire Hathaway Inc. New Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRK.B|BRK.B|N
  149. BRKH|BurTech Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRKH|N
  150. BRKHU|BurTech Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRKHU|N
  151. BRKHW|BurTech Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRKHW|N
  152. BRKL|Brookline Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BRKL|N
  153. BRKR|Bruker Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BRKR|N
  154. BRKY|Direxion Shares ETF Trust Direxion Breakfast Commodities Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BRK
  155. BRKY|N
  156. BRLI|Brilliant Acquisition Corporation - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRLI|N
  157. BRLIR|Brilliant Acquisition Corporation - Rights|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRLIR|N
  158. BRLIU|Brilliant Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRLIU|N
  159. BRLIW|Brilliant Acquisition Corporation - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRLIW|N
  160. BRLT|Brilliant Earth Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BRLT|N
  161. BRMK|Broadmark Realty Capital Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRMK|BRMK|N
  162. BRMK.W|Broadmark Realty Capital Inc. Warrants, each exercisable for one fourth (1/4th) share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $2.875 per quarter share|A| |N|100|N||BRMK.WS|BRMK+|N
  163. BRN|Barnwell Industries, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BRN|BRN|N
  164. BRO|Brown & Brown, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRO|BRO|N
  165. BROG|Brooge Energy Limited - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|H||BROG|N
  166. BROGW|Brooge Energy Limited - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|H||BROGW|N
  167. BROS|Dutch Bros Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BROS|BROS|N
  168. BRP|BRP Group, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BRP|N
  169. BRPM|B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRPM|N
  170. BRPMU|B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRPMU|N
  171. BRPMW|B. Riley Principal 150 Merger Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRPMW|N
  172. BRQS|Borqs Technologies, Inc. - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|D||BRQS|N
  173. BRSP|BrightSpire Capital, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRSP|BRSP|N
  174. BRT|BRT Apartments Corp. (MD) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRT|BRT|N
  175. BRTX|BioRestorative Therapies, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BRTX|N
  176. BRW|Saba Capital Income & Opportunities Fund SBI|N| |N|100|N||BRW|BRW|N
  177. BRX|Brixmor Property Group Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BRX|BRX|N
  178. BRY|Berry Corporation (bry) - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BRY|N
  179. BRZE|Braze, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BRZE|N
  180. BRZU|Direxion Daily Brazil Bull 2X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||BRZU|BRZU|N
  181. BSAC|Banco Santander - Chile ADS|N| |N|100|N||BSAC|BSAC|N
  182. BSAQ|Black Spade Acquisition Co Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BSAQ|BSAQ|N
  183. BSAQ.U|Black Spade Acquisition Co Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BSAQ.U|BSAQ=|N
  184. BSAQ.W|Black Spade Acquisition Co Warrants|N| |N|100|N||BSAQ.WS|BSAQ+|N
  185. BSBE|Invesco BulletShares 2022 USD Emerging Markets Debt ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSBE|N
  186. BSBK|Bogota Financial Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSBK|N
  187. BSBR|Banco Santander Brasil SA American Depositary Shares, each representing one unit|N| |N|100|N||BSBR|BSBR|N
  188. BSCE|Invesco BulletShares 2023 USD Emerging Markets Debt ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCE|N
  189. BSCM|Invesco BulletShares 2022 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCM|N
  190. BSCN|Invesco BulletShares 2023 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCN|N
  191. BSCO|Invesco BulletShares 2024 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCO|N
  192. BSCP|Invesco BulletShares 2025 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCP|N
  193. BSCQ|Invesco BulletShares 2026 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCQ|N
  194. BSCR|Invesco BulletShares 2027 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCR|N
  195. BSCS|Invesco BulletShares 2028 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCS|N
  196. BSCT|Invesco BulletShares 2029 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCT|N
  197. BSCU|Invesco BulletShares 2030 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCU|N
  198. BSCV|Invesco BulletShares 2031 Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSCV|N
  199. BSDE|Invesco BulletShares 2024 USD Emerging Markets Debt ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSDE|N
  200. BSEA|ETFMG Breakwave Sea Decarbonization Tech ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BSEA|BSEA|N
  201. BSEP|Innovator U.S. Equity Buffer ETF - September|Z| |Y|100|N||BSEP|BSEP|N
  202. BSET|Bassett Furniture Industries, Incorporated - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BSET|N
  203. BSFC|Blue Star Foods Corp. - common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSFC|N
  204. BSGA|Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Share|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSGA|N
  205. BSGAR|Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. - Right|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSGAR|N
  206. BSGAU|Blue Safari Group Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSGAU|N
  207. BSGM|BioSig Technologies, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSGM|N
  208. BSIG|BrightSphere Investment Group Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BSIG|BSIG|N
  209. BSJM|Invesco BulletShares 2022 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJM|N
  210. BSJN|Invesco BulletShares 2023 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJN|N
  211. BSJO|Invesco BulletShares 2024 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJO|N
  212. BSJP|Invesco BulletShares 2025 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJP|N
  213. BSJQ|Invesco BulletShares 2026 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJQ|N
  214. BSJR|Invesco BulletShares 2027 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJR|N
  215. BSJS|Invesco BulletShares 2028 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJS|N
  216. BSJT|Invesco BulletShares 2029 High Yield Corporate Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSJT|N
  217. BSK
  218. Big Sky Growth Partners, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSKY|N
  219. BSKYU|Big Sky Growth Partners, Inc. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSKYU|N
  220. BSKYW|Big Sky Growth Partners, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSKYW|N
  221. BSL|Blackstone Senior Floating Rate Term Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BSL|BSL|N
  222. BSM|Black Stone Minerals, L.P. Common units representing limited partner interests|N| |N|100|N||BSM|BSM|N
  223. BSMM|Invesco BulletShares 2022 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMM|N
  224. BSMN|Invesco BulletShares 2023 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMN|N
  225. BSMO|Invesco BulletShares 2024 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMO|N
  226. BSMP|Invesco BulletShares 2025 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMP|N
  227. BSMQ|Invesco BulletShares 2026 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMQ|N
  228. BSMR|Invesco BulletShares 2027 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMR|N
  229. BSMS|Invesco BulletShares 2028 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMS|N
  230. BSMT|Invesco BulletShares 2029 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMT|N
  231. BSMU|Invesco BulletShares 2030 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMU|N
  232. BSMV|Invesco BulletShares 2031 Municipal Bond ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BSMV|N
  233. BSMX|Banco Santander Mexico, S.A., Institucion de Banca Multiple, Grupo Financiero Santander Mexico|N| |N|100|N||BSMX|BSMX|N
  234. BSQR|BSQUARE Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BSQR|N
  235. BSRR|Sierra Bancorp - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BSRR|N
  236. BST|BlackRock Science and Technology Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BST|BST|N
  237. BSTP|Innovator ETFs Trust Innovator Buffer Step-Up Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BSTP|BSTP|N
  238. BSTZ|BlackRock Science and Technology Trust II Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BSTZ|BSTZ|N
  239. BSV|Vanguard Short-Term Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BSV|BSV|N
  240. BSVN|Bank7 Corp. - Common stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BSVN|N
  241. BSX|Boston Scientific Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BSX|BSX|N
  242. BSX$A|Boston Scientific Corporation 5.50% Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock, Series A|N| |N|100|N||BSXpA|BSX-A|N
  243. BSY|Bentley Systems, Incorporated - Class B Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BSY|N
  244. BTA|BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust BlackRock Long-Term Municipal Advantage Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BTA|BTA|N
  245. BTAI|BioXcel Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTAI|N
  246. BTAL|AGFiQ U.S. Market Neutral Anti-Beta Fund|P| |Y|100|N||BTAL|BTAL|N
  247. BTB|Bit Brother Limited - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|D||BTB|N
  248. BTBD|BT Brands, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTBD|N
  249. BTBDW|BT Brands, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTBDW|N
  250. BTBT|Bit Digital, Inc. - Ordinary Share|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTBT|N
  251. BTCM|BIT Mining Limited ADS|N| |N|100|N||BTCM|BTCM|N
  252. BTCR|Volt Crypto Industry Revolution and Tech ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BTCR|BTCR|N
  253. BTCS|BTCS Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTCS|N
  254. BTCY|Biotricity, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTCY|N
  255. BTEC|Principal Healthcare Innovators ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BTEC|N
  256. BTEK|BlackRock Future Tech ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BTEK|BTEK|N
  257. BTF|Valkyrie Bitcoin Strategy ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BTF|N
  258. BTG|B2Gold Corp Common shares (Canada)|A| |N|100|N||BTG|BTG|N
  259. BTHM|BlackRock ETF Trust BlackRock Future U.S. Themes ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BTHM|BTHM|N
  260. BTI|British American Tobacco Industries, p.l.c. Common Stock ADR|N| |N|100|N||BTI|BTI|N
  261. BTMD|Biote Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|D||BTMD|N
  262. BTMDW|Biote Corp. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|D||BTMDW|N
  263. BTN|Ballantyne Strong, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BTN|BTN|N
  264. BTO|John Hancock Financial Opportunities Fund Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BTO|BTO|N
  265. BTOG|Bit Origin Limited - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|D||BTOG|N
  266. BTRS|BTRS Holdings Inc. - Class 1 Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BTRS|N
  267. BTT|BlackRock Municipal 2030 Target Term Trust|N| |N|100|N||BTT|BTT|N
  268. BTTR|Better Choice Company Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||BTTR|BTTR|N
  269. BTTX|Better Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTTX|N
  270. BTU|Peabody Energy Corporation Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||BTU|BTU|N
  271. BTWN|Bridgetown Holdings Limited - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTWN|N
  272. BTWNU|Bridgetown Holdings Limited - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTWNU|N
  273. BTWNW|Bridgetown Holdings Limited - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BTWNW|N
  274. BTX|Brooklyn ImmunoTherapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|E||BTX|N
  275. BTZ|BlackRock Credit Allocation Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||BTZ|BTZ|N
  276. BUD|Anheuser-Busch Inbev SA Sponsored ADR (Belgium)|N| |N|100|N||BUD|BUD|N
  277. BUFB|Innovator ETFs Trust Innovator Laddered Allocation Buffer ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFB|BUFB|N
  278. BUFD|FT Cboe Vest Fund of Deep Buffer ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFD|BUFD|N
  279. BUFF|Innovator Laddered Allocation Power Buffer ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFF|BUFF|N
  280. BUFG|FT Cboe Vest Buffered Allocation Growth ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFG|BUFG|N
  281. BUFQ|First Trust Exchange-Traded Fund VIII FT Cboe Vest Fund of Nasdaq-100 Buffer ETFs|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFQ|BUFQ|N
  282. BUFR|FT Cboe Vest Fund of Buffer ETFs|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFR|BUFR|N
  283. BUFT|FT Cboe Vest Buffered Allocation Defensive ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BUFT|BUFT|N
  284. BUG|Global X Cybersecurity ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BUG|N
  285. BUI|BlackRock Utility, Infrastructure & Power Opportunities Trust|N| |N|100|N||BUI|BUI|N
  286. BUL|Pacer US Cash Cows Growth ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BUL|BUL|N
  287. BULD|Pacer BlueStar Engineering the Future ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||BULD|N
  288. BULZ|MicroSectors FANG & Innovation 3x Leveraged ETN|P| |Y|100|N||BULZ|BULZ|N
  289. BUR|Burford Capital Limited Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||BUR|BUR|N
  290. BURL|Burlington Stores, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BURL|BURL|N
  291. BUSE|First Busey Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BUSE|N
  292. BUYZ|Franklin Disruptive Commerce ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||BUYZ|BUYZ|N
  293. BUZZ|VanEck Social Sentiment ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BUZZ|BUZZ|N
  294. BV|BrightView Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BV|BV|N
  295. BVH|Bluegreen Vacations Holding Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BVH|BVH|N
  296. BVN|Buenaventura Mining Company Inc.|N| |N|100|N||BVN|BVN|N
  297. BVS|Bioventus Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BVS|N
  298. BVXV|BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BVXV|N
  299. BW|Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BW|BW|N
  300. BW$A|Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. 7.75% Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||BWpA|BW-A|N
  301. BWA|BorgWarner Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BWA|BWA|N
  302. BWAC|Better World Acquisition Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWAC|N
  303. BWACU|Better World Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWACU|N
  304. BWACW|Better World Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWACW|N
  305. BWAQ|Blue World Acquisition Corporation - Class A ordinary shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWAQ|N
  306. BWAQR|Blue World Acquisition Corporation - Right|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWAQR|N
  307. BWAQU|Blue World Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWAQU|N
  308. BWAQW|Blue World Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWAQW|N
  309. BWAY|BrainsWay Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWAY|N
  310. BWB|Bridgewater Bancshares, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWB|N
  311. BWBBP|Bridgewater Bancshares, Inc. - Depositary Shares, Each Representing a 1/100th Interest in a Share of 5.875% Non-Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock, Series A|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWBBP|N
  312. BWC|Blue Whale Acquisition Corp I - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWC|N
  313. BWCAU|Blue Whale Acquisition Corp I - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWCAU|N
  314. BWCAW|Blue Whale Acquisition Corp I - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWCAW|N
  315. BWEN|Broadwind, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWEN|N
  316. BWFG|Bankwell Financial Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWFG|N
  317. BWG|BrandywineGLOBAL Global Income Opportunities Fund Inc.|N| |N|100|N||BWG|BWG|N
  318. BWMN|Bowman Consulting Group Ltd. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BWMN|N
  319. BWMX|Betterware de Mexico, S.A.B de C.V. - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWMX|N
  320. BWNB|Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. 6.50% Senior Notes due 2026|N| |N|100|N||BWNB|BWNB|N
  321. BWSN|Babcock & Wilcox Enterprises, Inc. 8.125% Senior Notes due 2026|N| |N|100|N||BWSN|BWSN|N
  322. BWV|Blue Water Vaccines, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BWV|N
  323. BWX|SPDR Bloomberg International Treasury Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BWX|BWX|N
  324. BWXT|BWX Technologies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BWXT|BWXT|N
  325. BWZ|SPDR Bloomberg Short Term International Treasury Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BWZ|BWZ|N
  326. BX|Blackstone Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BX|BX|N
  327. BXC|Bluelinx Holdings Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BXC|BXC|N
  328. BXMT|Blackstone Mortgage Trust, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BXMT|BXMT|N
  329. BXMX|Nuveen S&P 500 Buy-Write Income Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BXMX|BXMX|N
  330. BXP|Boston Properties, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BXP|BXP|N
  331. BXRX|Baudax Bio, Inc. - Common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BXRX|N
  332. BXSL|Blackstone Secured Lending Fund Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BXSL|BXSL|N
  333. BY|Byline Bancorp, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||B
  334. BY|N
  335. BYD|Boyd Gaming Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BYD|BYD|N
  336. BYFC|Broadway Financial Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BYFC|N
  337. BYLD|iShares Yield Optimized Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BYLD|BYLD|N
  338. BYM|Blackrock Municipal Income Quality Trust Common Shares of Beneficial Interest|N| |N|100|N||BYM|BYM|N
  339. BYN|Banyan Acquisition Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BYN|BYN|N
  340. BYN.U|Banyan Acquisition Corporation Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock, and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||BYN.U|BYN=|N
  341. BYN.W|Banyan Acquisition Corporation Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||BYN.WS|BYN+|N
  342. BYND|Beyond Meat, Inc. - Common stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BYND|N
  343. BYNO|byNordic Acquisition Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BYNO|N
  344. BYNOU|byNordic Acquisition Corporation - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BYNOU|N
  345. BYNOW|byNordic Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BYNOW|N
  346. BYRE|Principal Exchange-Traded Funds Principal Real Estate Active Opportunities ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BYRE|BYRE|N
  347. BYRN|Byrna Technologies, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BYRN|N
  348. BYSI|BeyondSpring, Inc. - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BYSI|N
  349. BYTE|Roundhill IO Digital Infrastructure ETF|P| |Y|100|N||BYTE|BYTE|N
  350. BYTS|BYTE Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BYTS|N
  351. BYTSU|BYTE Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BYTSU|N
  352. BYTSW|BYTE Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BYTSW|N
  353. BZ|KANZHUN LIMITED - American Depository Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BZ|N
  354. BZFD|BuzzFeed, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||BZFD|N
  355. BZFDW|BuzzFeed, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||BZFDW|N
  356. BZH|Beazer Homes USA, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||BZH|BZH|N
  357. BZQ|ProShares UltraShort MSCI Brazil Capped|P| |Y|100|N||BZQ|BZQ|N
  358. BZUN|Baozun Inc. - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||BZUN|N
Level II Stock Quotes
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes
For NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stocks. Level II Stock Quotes also features live stock charts, most active stocks and stock market news. For level II quotes click on LII-Book button.
Features free level 2 stock quotes, live stock charts, most active stocks, stock market watch list and stock market news for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX stocks. Market hours 4:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Features live stock quotes, stock market watch list, news and live candlestick stock charts for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTCBB stocks. You can see what a stock is doing, watch the open and close of the stock trade and compare to the previous trade to give you a better view.
Features real time NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, hot Penny stocks that are trading up in today's session and are below $5 dollars with volume coming in moving the stock market price higher. Volume is also an indicator of a stocks momentum and if you get in early, the earnings potential is at it's greatest, just make sure your on the right side of the trade and don't fight against the overall market trend.
Thousands of stock transactions take place everyday, not only in the United States but also all over the world.  When a stock is bought and sold, it has two kinds of prices, a bid price and an ask price. The bid price is what someone is willing to pay for the stock.
CA TSX Stock Quotes
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes
Features Free real-time stock quotes - Canadian stock quotes and charts for TSX and TSX Venture Stocks, regular trading hours from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Real-Time Stock Quotes.
Features Day-Trading Tips - A Day-Trading Formula that works with any Stock, Day trading tips for using Level 2 Quotes from your broker, this gives you an advantage.
Features a market makers list and brokerage firms, track the big picture, track the buy and sell orders, and the total stock shares traded by the market maker or specialist. For the top online stock brokers see our Online Stock Trading Broker List.
Features Stock Quotes Research, lookup stocks, earnings reports, historical charts, upgrades or downgrades and Insider Trends Buy Hold or Sell indicators. You can also research a stocks trading price current high and low for the day, check stock trading volume yield and change. Lookup stock earnings insider trading information stock announcements, upgrades or downgrades and stock holdings information change in stock ownership.
The futures trading markets are a meeting place for buyers and sellers of many different commodities futures like financial futures, oil futures, gold futures, silver futures, copper futures and many more.
Level II Stock Charts
Level 2 Stock Charts
Features live up to the minute stock market charts and stock quotes. Also features live headline news for your stocks and the stock watch-list to keep track of your stocks.
Features live candlestick stock charts, stock chart - Volume, Strength, MACD and Divergence. Pre-market and after market charts. Plus technical analysis for day traders to spot trends.
Features Stock Trading Tips for day traders or investors, Real Stock Trading Tips and advise you can use in today's stock market. The Asian and European markets can be used as a possible guide to get an idea of which direction the US market is likely to go in.
Forex Trading Currency Pairs, Free Quotes and Charts - Forex Trading Currencies features candlestick charts and quotes for XAU/USD - GOLD Dollar Rates, XAG/USD - SILVER Dollar Rates or EUR/USD - Euro Fx / U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and many more currency pairs. Watch for trends spot entry and exit points, view current bid and ask prices.
The trading floor of the futures exchange, with all the shouting and signaling to buy or sell Futures Commodities does give the direct impression of chaos.
Floor Traders - Trader Article for Investors.
Futures Hedging - Hedgers Article the Benefits.
Futures Contract - Futures type of Contract.
Futures Commodities - Futures Commodities
Stock Market Trading Books for Beginners and Professionals:

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