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Stock Market - Market Makers List - K

Features a market makers directory list for K, there are more than 600 member firms that act as NASDAQ Market Makers...

Market Makers List - Starting with letter K
  1. K|Kellogg Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||K|K|N
  2. KACL|Kairous Acquisition Corp. Limited - Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KACL|N
  3. KACLR|Kairous Acquisition Corp. Limited - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KACLR|N
  4. KACLU|Kairous Acquisition Corp. Limited - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KACLU|N
  5. KACLW|Kairous Acquisition Corp. Limited - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KACLW|N
  6. KAHC|KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KAHC|KAHC|N
  7. KAHC.U|KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A Common Stock and one-fourth of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||KAHC.U|KAHC=|N
  8. KAHC.W|KKR Acquisition Holdings I Corp. Redeemable Warrants, each whole Warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock, each at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||KAHC.WS|KAHC+|N
  9. KAI|Kadant Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KAI|KAI|N
  10. KAII|Kismet Acquisition Two Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAII|N
  11. KAIIU|Kismet Acquisition Two Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAIIU|N
  12. KAIIW|Kismet Acquisition Two Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAIIW|N
  13. KAIR|Kairos Acquisition Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAIR|N
  14. KAIRU|Kairos Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAIRU|N
  15. KAIRW|Kairos Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAIRW|N
  16. KALA|Kala Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|D||KALA|N
  17. KALL|KraneShares MSCI All China Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KALL|KALL|N
  18. KALU|Kaiser Aluminum Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KALU|N
  19. KALV|KalVista Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KALV|N
  20. KAMN|Kaman Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KAMN|KAMN|N
  21. KAPR|Innovator U.S. Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - April|Z| |Y|100|N||KAPR|KAPR|N
  22. KAR|KAR Auction Services, Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KAR|KAR|N
  23. KARO|Karooooo Ltd. - Ordinary shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KARO|N
  24. KARS|KraneShares Electric Vehicles and Future Mobility Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KARS|KARS|N
  25. KAVL|Kaival Brands Innovations Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KAVL|N
  26. KB|KB Financial Group Inc|N| |N|100|N||KB|KB|N
  27. KBA|KraneShares Bosera MSCI China A 50 Connect Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KBA|KBA|N
  28. KBAL|Kimball International, Inc. - Class B Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KBAL|N
  29. KBE|SPDR S&P Bank ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KBE|KBE|N
  30. KBH|KB Home Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KBH|KBH|N
  31. KBND|KraneShares Bloomberg China Bond Inclusion Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KBND|KBND|N
  32. KBNT|Kubient, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KBNT|N
  33. KBNTW|Kubient, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KBNTW|N
  34. KBR|KBR, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KBR|KBR|N
  35. KBUY|KraneShares CICC China Consumer Leaders Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KBU
  36. KBUY|N
  37. KBWB|Invesco KBW Bank ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KBWB|N
  38. KBWD|Invesco KBW High Dividend Yield Financial ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KBWD|N
  39. KBWP|Invesco KBW Property & Casualty Insurance ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KBWP|N
  40. KBWR|Invesco KBW Regional Banking ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KBWR|N
  41. KBWY|Invesco KBW Premium Yield Equity REIT ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KBWY|N
  42. KC|Kingsoft Cloud Holdings Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KC|N
  43. KCA.U|Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. IV New units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one Class 2 redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||KCA.U|KCA=|N
  44. KCAC.U|Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. IV Units, each consisting of one Class A Ordinary Share, one Class 1 redeemable Warrant and one Class 2 redeemable Warrant|N| |N|100|N||KCAC.U|KCAC=|N
  45. KCAC.W|Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. IV Class 1 redeemable warrants, each exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||KCAC.WS|KCAC+|N
  46. KCCA|KraneShares California Carbon Allowance Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KCCA|KCCA|N
  47. KCE|SPDR S&P Capital Markets ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KCE|KCE|N
  48. KCGI|Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. V Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||KCGI|KCGI|N
  49. KCGI.U|Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. V Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and three-fourths of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||KCGI.U|KCGI=|N
  50. KCGI.W|Kensington Capital Acquisition Corp. V Redeemable warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||KCGI.WS|KCGI+|N
  51. KD|Kyndryl Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KD|KD|N
  52. KDNY|Chinook Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KDNY|N
  53. KDP|Keurig Dr Pepper Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KDP|N
  54. KDRN|ETF Opportunities Trust Kingsbarn Tactical Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KDRN|KDRN|N
  55. KE|Kimball Electronics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KE|N
  56. KEJI|Global X China Innovation ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KEJI|N
  57. KELYA|Kelly Services, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KELYA|N
  58. KELYB|Kelly Services, Inc. - Class B Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KELYB|N
  59. KEMQ|KraneShares Emerging Markets Consumer Technology Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KEMQ|KEMQ|N
  60. KEMX|KraneShares MSCI Emerging Markets ex China Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KEMX|KEMX|N
  61. KEN|Kenon Holdings Ltd. Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||KEN|KEN|N
  62. KEP|Korea Electric Power Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KEP|KEP|N
  63. KEQU|Kewaunee Scientific Corporation - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KEQU|N
  64. KERN|Akerna Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||KERN|N
  65. KERNW|Akerna Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KERNW|N
  66. KESG|KraneShares MSCI China ESG Leaders Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KESG|KESG|N
  67. KEUA|KraneShares European Carbon Allowance Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KEUA|KEUA|N
  68. KEX|Kirby Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KEX|KEX|N
  69. KEY|KeyCorp Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KE
  70. KEY|N
  71. KEY$I|KeyCorp Depositary Shares Each Representing a 1/40th Ownership Interest in a Share of Fixed-to-Floating Rate Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series E|N| |N|100|N||KEYpI|KEY-I|N
  72. KEY$J|KeyCorp Depositary Shares each representing a 1/40th ownership interest in a share of Fixed Rate Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series F|N| |N|100|N||KEYpJ|KEY-J|N
  73. KEY$K|KeyCorp Depositary Shares, each representing a 1/40th ownership interest in a share of Fixed Rate Perpetual Non-Cumulative Preferred Stock, Series G|N| |N|100|N||KEYpK|KEY-K|N
  74. KEYS|Keysight Technologies Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KEYS|KEYS|N
  75. KF|Korea Fund, Inc. (The) New Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KF|KF|N
  76. KFFB|Kentucky First Federal Bancorp - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KFFB|N
  77. KFRC|Kforce, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KFRC|N
  78. KFS|Kingsway Financial Services, Inc. Common Stock (DE)|N| |N|100|N||KFS|KFS|N
  79. KFVG|KraneShares Trust KraneShares CICC China 5G and Semiconductor Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KFVG|KFVG|N
  80. KFY|Korn Ferry Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KF
  81. KFY|N
  82. KFYP|KraneShares CICC China Leaders 100 Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KFYP|KFYP|N
  83. KGC|Kinross Gold Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KGC|KGC|N
  84. KGHG|KraneShares Trust KraneShares Global Carbon Transformation ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KGHG|KGHG|N
  85. KGRN|KraneShares MSCI China Clean Technology Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KGRN|KGRN|N
  86. KGRO|KraneShares China Innovation ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KGRO|KGRO|N
  87. KHC|The Kraft Heinz Company - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KHC|N
  88. KHYB|KraneShares Asia Pacific High Income Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KHYB|KHYB|N
  89. KIDS|OrthoPediatrics Corp. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KIDS|N
  90. KIE|SPDR S&P Insurance ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KIE|KIE|N
  91. KIII|Kismet Acquisition Three Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KIII|N
  92. KIIIU|Kismet Acquisition Three Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KIIIU|N
  93. KIIIW|Kismet Acquisition Three Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KIIIW|N
  94. KIM|Kimco Realty Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KIM|KIM|N
  95. KIM$L|Kimco Realty Corporation Class L Depositary Shares, each of which represents a one-one thousandth fractional interest in a share of 5.125% Class L Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock, liquidation preference $25,000.00 per share|N| |N|100|N||KIMpL|KIM-L|N
  96. KIM$M|Kimco Realty Corporation Class M Depositary Shares, each of which represents a one-one thousandth fractional interest in a share of 5.25% Class M Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock, liquidation preference $25,000.00 per share|N| |N|100|N||KIMpM|KIM-M|N
  97. KIND|Nextdoor Holdings, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KIND|KIND|N
  98. KINS|Kingstone Companies, Inc - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KINS|N
  99. KINZ|KINS Technology Group Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KINZ|N
  100. KINZU|KINS Technology Group Inc. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KINZU|N
  101. KINZW|KINS Technology Group Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KINZW|N
  102. KIO|KKR Income Opportunities Fund Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||KIO|KIO|N
  103. KIQ|Kelso Technologies Inc Ordinary Shares|A| |N|100|N||KIQ|KIQ|N
  104. KIRK|Kirkland's, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KIRK|N
  105. KJAN|Innovator U.S. Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - January|Z| |Y|100|N||KJAN|KJAN|N
  106. KJUL|Innovator U.S. Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - July|Z| |Y|100|N||KJUL|KJUL|N
  107. KKR|KKR & Co. Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KKR|KKR|N
  108. KKR$C|KKR & Co. Inc. 6.00% Series C Mandatory Convertible Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||KKRpC|KKR-C|N
  109. KKRS|KKR Group Finance Co. IX LLC 4.625% Subordinated Notes due 2061|N| |N|100|N||KKRS|KKRS|N
  110. KLAC|KLA Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KLAC|N
  111. KLAQ|KL Acquisition Corp - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KLAQ|N
  112. KLAQU|KL Acquisition Corp - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KLAQU|N
  113. KLAQW|KL Acquisition Corp - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KLAQW|N
  114. KLCD|KFA Large Cap Quality Dividend Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KLCD|KLCD|N
  115. KLDW|Knowledge Leaders Developed World ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KLDW|KLDW|N
  116. KLIC|Kulicke and Soffa Industries, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KLIC|N
  117. KLNE|Direxion Daily Global Clean Energy Bull 2X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||KLNE|KLNE|N
  118. KLR|Kaleyra, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KLR|KLR|N
  119. KLR.W|Kaleyra, Inc. Warrants|A| |N|100|N||KLR.WS|KLR+|N
  120. KLTR|Kaltura, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KLTR|N
  121. KLXE|KLX Energy Services Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KLXE|N
  122. KMB|Kimberly-Clark Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KMB|KMB|N
  123. KMDA|Kamada Ltd. - Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KMDA|N
  124. KMED|KraneShares Trust KraneShares Emerging Markets Healthcare Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KMED|KMED|N
  125. KMF|Kayne Anderson NextGen Energy & Infrastructure, Inc.|N| |N|100|N||KMF|KMF|N

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  1. KMI|Kinder Morgan, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KMI|KMI|N
  2. KMLM|KFA Mount Lucas Index Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KMLM|KMLM|N
  3. KMPB|Kemper Corporation 5.875% Fixed-Rate Reset Junior Subordinated Debentures due 2062|N| |N|100|N||KMPB|KMPB|N
  4. KMPH|KemPharm, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KMPH|N
  5. KMPR|Kemper Corporation|N| |N|100|N||KMPR|KMPR|N
  6. KMT|Kennametal Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KMT|KMT|N
  7. KMX|CarMax Inc|N| |N|100|N||KMX|KMX|N
  8. KN|Knowles Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KN|KN|N
  9. KNBE|KnowBe4, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KNBE|N
  10. KNDI|Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KNDI|N
  11. KNG|FT Cboe Vest S&P 500 Dividend Aristocrats Target Income ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||KNG|KNG|N
  12. KNGS|UPHOLDINGS Compound Kings ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||KNGS|KNGS|N
  13. KNOP|KNOT Offshore Partners LP Common Units representing Limited Partner Interests|N| |N|100|N||KNOP|KNOP|N
  14. KNSA|Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KNSA|N
  15. KNSL|Kinsale Capital Group, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KNSL|KNSL|N
  16. KNSW|KnightSwan Acquisition Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KNSW|KNSW|N
  17. KNSW.U|KnightSwan Acquisition Corporation Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock and one-half of one redeemable public warrant|N| |N|100|N||KNSW.U|KNSW=|N
  18. KNSW.W|KnightSwan Acquisition Corporation Public warrants, each whole public warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||KNSW.WS|KNSW+|N
  19. KNTE|Kinnate Biopharma Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KNTE|N
  20. KNTK|Kinetik Holdings Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KNTK|N
  21. KNX|Knight-Swift Transportation Holdings Inc.|N| |N|100|N||KNX|KNX|N
  22. KO|Coca-Cola Company (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KO|KO|N
  23. KOCG|FIS Knights of Columbus Global Belief ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KOCG|KOCG|N
  24. KOCT|Innovator U.S. Small Cap Power Buffer ETF - October|Z| |Y|100|N||KOCT|KOCT|N
  25. KOD|Kodiak Sciences Inc - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KOD|N
  26. KODK|Eastman Kodak Company Common New|N| |N|100|N||KODK|KODK|N
  27. KOF|Coca Cola Femsa S.A.B. de C.V. American Depositary Shares, each representing 10 Units (each Unit consists of 3 Series B Shares and 5 Series L Shares)|N| |N|100|N||KOF|KOF|N
  28. KOIN|Capital Link Global Fintech Leaders ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KOIN|KOIN|N
  29. KOKU|Xtrackers MSCI Kokusai Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KOKU|KOKU|N
  30. KOLD|ProShares UltraShort Bloomberg Natural Gas|P| |Y|100|N||KOLD|KOLD|N
  31. KOMP|SPDR S&P Kensho New Economies Composite ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KOMP|KOMP|N
  32. KONG|ETF Opportunities Trust Formidable Fortress ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KONG|KONG|N
  33. KOP|Koppers Holdings Inc. Koppers Holdings Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KOP|KOP|N
  34. KOPN|Kopin Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KOPN|N
  35. KORE|KORE Group Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KORE|KORE|N
  36. KORE.W|KORE Group Holdings, Inc. Warrants|N| |N|100|N||KORE.WS|KORE+|N
  37. KORP|American Century Diversified Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KORP|KORP|N
  38. KORU|Direxion Daily South Korea Bull 3X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||KORU|KORU|N
  39. KOS|Kosmos Energy Ltd. Common Shares (DE)|N| |N|100|N||KOS|KOS|N
  40. KOSS|Koss Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KOSS|N
  41. KPLT|Katapult Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KPLT|N
  42. KPLTW|Katapult Holdings, Inc. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KPLTW|N
  43. KPRX|Kiora Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|H||KPRX|N
  44. KPTI|Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KPTI|N
  45. KR|Kroger Company (The) Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KR|KR|N
  46. KRBN|KraneShares Global Carbon Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KRBN|KRBN|N
  47. KRBP|Kiromic BioPharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||KRBP|N
  48. KRC|Kilroy Realty Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KRC|KRC|N
  49. KRE|SPDR S&P Regional Banking ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KRE|KRE|N
  50. KREF|KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KREF|KREF|N
  51. KREF$A|KKR Real Estate Finance Trust Inc. 6.50% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||KREFpA|KREF-A|N
  52. KRG|Kite Realty Group Trust Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KRG|KRG|N
  53. KRKR|36Kr Holdings Inc. - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KRKR|N
  54. KRMA|Global X Conscious Companies ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KRMA|N
  55. KRMD|Repro Med Systems, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KRMD|N
  56. KRNL|Kernel Group Holdings, Inc. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KRNL|N
  57. KRNLU|Kernel Group Holdings, Inc. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KRNLU|N
  58. KRNLW|Kernel Group Holdings, Inc. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KRNLW|N
  59. KRNT|Kornit Digital Ltd. - Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KRNT|N
  60. KRNY|Kearny Financial - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KRNY|N
  61. KRO|Kronos Worldwide Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KRO|KRO|N
  62. KRON|Kronos Bio, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KRON|N
  63. KROP|Global X AgTech & Food Innovation ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||KROP|N
  64. KROS|Keros Therapeutics, Inc. - common stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KROS|N
  65. KRP|Kimbell Royalty Partners Common Units Representing Limited Partner Interests|N| |N|100|N||KRP|KRP|N
  66. KRT|Karat Packaging Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KRT|N
  67. KRTX|Karuna Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KRTX|N
  68. KRUS|Kura Sushi USA, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KRUS|N
  69. KRYS|Krystal Biotech, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KRYS|N
  70. KSA|iShares Trust iShares MSCI Saudi Arabia ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KSA|KSA|N
  71. KSCD|KFA Small Cap Quality Dividend Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KSCD|KSCD|N
  72. KSCP|Knightscope, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KSCP|N
  73. KSET|KraneShares Trust KraneShares Global Carbon Offset Strategy ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KSET|KSET|N
  74. KSI|Kadem Sustainable Impact Corporation - Class A common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KSI|N
  75. KSICU|Kadem Sustainable Impact Corporation - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KSICU|N
  76. KSICW|Kadem Sustainable Impact Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KSICW|N
  77. KSM|DWS Strategic Municipal Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||KSM|KSM|N
  78. KSPN|Kaspien Holdings Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KSPN|N
  79. KSS|Kohl's Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KSS|KSS|N
  80. KSTR|KraneShares SSE STAR Market 50 Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KSTR|KSTR|N
  81. KT|KT Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KT|KT|N
  82. KTB|Kontoor Brands, Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||KTB|KTB|N
  83. KTCC|Key Tronic Corporation - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KTCC|N
  84. KTEC|KraneShares Hang Seng TECH Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KTEC|KTEC|N
  85. KTF|DWS Municipal Income Trust|N| |N|100|N||KTF|KTF|N
  86. KTH|Structures Products Cp 8% CorTS Issued by Peco Energy Cap Tr II Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||KTH|KTH|N
  87. KTN|Structured Products Corp 8.205% CorTS 8.205% Corporate Backed Trust Securities (CorTS)|N| |N|100|N||KTN|KTN|N
  88. KTOS|Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KTOS|N
  89. KTRA|Kintara Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||KTRA|N
  90. KTTA|Pasithea Therapeutics Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KTTA|N
  91. KTTAW|Pasithea Therapeutics Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KTTAW|N
  92. KUKE|Kuke Music Holding Limited American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary Share|N| |N|100|N||KUKE|KUKE|N
  93. KULR|KULR Technology Group, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||KULR|KULR|N
  94. KURA|Kura Oncology, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KURA|N
  95. KURE|KraneShares MSCI All China Health Care Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KURE|KURE|N
  96. KVHI|KVH Industries, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KVHI|N
  97. KVLE|KraneShares Trust KFA Value Line Dynamic Core Equity Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KVLE|KVLE|N
  98. KVSA|Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||KVSA|N
  99. KVSC|Khosla Ventures Acquisition Co. III - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KVSC|N
  100. KW|Kennedy-Wilson Holdings Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KW|KW|N
  101. KWAC|Kingswood Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KWAC|KWAC|N
  102. KWAC.U|Kingswood Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A Common Stock and three-fourths of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||KWAC.U|KWAC=|N
  103. KWAC.W|Kingswood Acquisition Corp. Warrants|N| |N|100|N||KWAC.WS|KWAC+|N
  104. KWEB|KraneShares Trust KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KWEB|KWEB|N
  105. KWR|Quaker Houghton Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||KWR|KWR|N
  106. KWT|iShares Trust iShares MSCI Kuwait ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||KWT|KWT|N
  107. KXI|iShares Global Consumer Staples ETF|P| |Y|100|N||KXI|KXI|N
  108. KXIN|Kaixin Auto Holdings - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KXIN|N
  109. KYCH|Keyarch Acquisition Corporation - Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KYCH|N
  110. KYCHR|Keyarch Acquisition Corporation - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KYCHR|N
  111. KYCHU|Keyarch Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KYCHU|N
  112. KYCHW|Keyarch Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KYCHW|N
  113. KYMR|Kymera Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||KYMR|N
  114. KYN|Kayne Anderson Energy Infrastructure Fund, Inc.|N| |N|100|N||KYN|KYN|N
  115. KZIA|Kazia Therapeutics Limited - American Depositary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||KZIA|N
  116. KZR|Kezar Life Sciences, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||KZR|N
Level II Stock Quotes
Free Level 2 Stock Quotes
For NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX stocks. Level II Stock Quotes also features live stock charts, most active stocks and stock market news. For level II quotes click on LII-Book button.
Features free level 2 stock quotes, live stock charts, most active stocks, stock market watch list and stock market news for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX stocks. Market hours 4:00 am to 8:00 pm.
Features live stock quotes, stock market watch list, news and live candlestick stock charts for NASDAQ, NYSE, AMEX and OTCBB stocks. You can see what a stock is doing, watch the open and close of the stock trade and compare to the previous trade to give you a better view.
Features real time NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, hot Penny stocks that are trading up in today's session and are below $5 dollars with volume coming in moving the stock market price higher. Volume is also an indicator of a stocks momentum and if you get in early, the earnings potential is at it's greatest, just make sure your on the right side of the trade and don't fight against the overall market trend.
Thousands of stock transactions take place everyday, not only in the United States but also all over the world.  When a stock is bought and sold, it has two kinds of prices, a bid price and an ask price. The bid price is what someone is willing to pay for the stock.
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Features Free real-time stock quotes - Canadian stock quotes and charts for TSX and TSX Venture Stocks, regular trading hours from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Time. Real-Time Stock Quotes.
Features Day-Trading Tips - A Day-Trading Formula that works with any Stock, Day trading tips for using Level 2 Quotes from your broker, this gives you an advantage.
Features a market makers list and brokerage firms, track the big picture, track the buy and sell orders, and the total stock shares traded by the market maker or specialist. For the top online stock brokers see our Online Stock Trading Broker List.
Features Stock Quotes Research, lookup stocks, earnings reports, historical charts, upgrades or downgrades and Insider Trends Buy Hold or Sell indicators. You can also research a stocks trading price current high and low for the day, check stock trading volume yield and change. Lookup stock earnings insider trading information stock announcements, upgrades or downgrades and stock holdings information change in stock ownership.
The futures trading markets are a meeting place for buyers and sellers of many different commodities futures like financial futures, oil futures, gold futures, silver futures, copper futures and many more.
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Features live up to the minute stock market charts and stock quotes. Also features live headline news for your stocks and the stock watch-list to keep track of your stocks.
Features live candlestick stock charts, stock chart - Volume, Strength, MACD and Divergence. Pre-market and after market charts. Plus technical analysis for day traders to spot trends.
Features Stock Trading Tips for day traders or investors, Real Stock Trading Tips and advise you can use in today's stock market. The Asian and European markets can be used as a possible guide to get an idea of which direction the US market is likely to go in.
Forex Trading Currency Pairs, Free Quotes and Charts - Forex Trading Currencies features candlestick charts and quotes for XAU/USD - GOLD Dollar Rates, XAG/USD - SILVER Dollar Rates or EUR/USD - Euro Fx / U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and many more currency pairs. Watch for trends spot entry and exit points, view current bid and ask prices.
The trading floor of the futures exchange, with all the shouting and signaling to buy or sell Futures Commodities does give the direct impression of chaos.
Floor Traders - Trader Article for Investors.
Futures Hedging - Hedgers Article the Benefits.
Futures Contract - Futures type of Contract.
Futures Commodities - Futures Commodities
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