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Stock Market - Market Makers List - L

Features a market makers directory list for L, there are more than 600 member firms that act as NASDAQ Market Makers...

Market Makers List - Starting with letter L
  1. L|Loews Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||L|L|N
  2. LAAA|Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp. - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LAAA|N
  3. LAAAU|Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LAAAU|N
  4. LAAAW|Lakeshore Acquisition I Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LAAAW|N
  5. LAB|Standard BioTools Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LAB|N
  6. LABD|Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bear 3X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||LABD|LABD|N
  7. LABP|Landos Biopharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|D||LABP|N
  8. LABU|Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3X Shares|P| |Y|100|N||LABU|LABU|N
  9. LAC|Lithium Americas Corp. Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||LAC|LAC|N
  10. LAD|Lithia Motors, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LAD|LAD|N
  11. LADR|Ladder Capital Corp Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LADR|LADR|N
  12. LAKE|Lakeland Industries, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LAKE|N
  13. LAMR|Lamar Advertising Company - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LAMR|N
  14. LANC|Lancaster Colony Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LANC|N
  15. LAND|Gladstone Land Corporation - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LAND|N
  16. LANDM|Gladstone Land Corporation - 5.00% Series D Cumulative Term Preferred Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LANDM|N
  17. LANDO|Gladstone Land Corporation - 6.00% Series B Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LANDO|N
  18. LARK|Landmark Bancorp Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LARK|N
  19. LASR|nLIGHT, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LASR|N
  20. LATG|LatAmGrowth SPAC - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LATG|N
  21. LATGU|LatAmGrowth SPAC - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LATGU|N
  22. LATGW|LatAmGrowth SPAC - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LATGW|N
  23. LAUR|Laureate Education, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LAUR|N
  24. LAW|CS Disco, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LAW|LAW|N
  25. LAX|8i Acquisition 2 Corp. - Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LAX|N
  26. LAXXR|8i Acquisition 2 Corp. - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LAXXR|N
  27. LAXXU|8i Acquisition 2 Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LAXXU|N
  28. LAXXW|8i Acquisition 2 Corp. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LAXXW|N
  29. LAZ|Lazard LTD. Lazard, LTD. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LAZ|LAZ|N
  30. LAZR|Luminar Technologies, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LAZR|N
  31. LAZY|Lazydays Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LAZY|N
  32. LBAI|Lakeland Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBAI|N
  33. LBAY|Leatherback Long/Short Alternative Yield ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LBA
  34. LBAY|N
  35. LBBB|Lakeshore Acquisition II Corp. - Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBBB|N
  36. LBBBR|Lakeshore Acquisition II Corp. - Rights|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBBBR|N
  37. LBBBU|Lakeshore Acquisition II Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBBBU|N
  38. LBBBW|Lakeshore Acquisition II Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBBBW|N
  39. LBC|Luther Burbank Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBC|N
  40. LBPH|Longboard Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBPH|N
  41. LBPS|4D pharma plc - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBPS|N
  42. LBPSW|4D pharma plc - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LBPSW|N
  43. LBRDA|Liberty Broadband Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBRDA|N
  44. LBRDK|Liberty Broadband Corporation - Class C Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBRDK|N
  45. LBRDP|Liberty Broadband Corporation - Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBRDP|N
  46. LBRT|Liberty Energy Inc. Class A common stock|N| |N|100|N||LBRT|LBRT|N
  47. LBTYA|Liberty Global plc - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBTYA|N
  48. LBTYB|Liberty Global plc - Class B Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBTYB|N
  49. LBTYK|Liberty Global plc - Class C Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LBTYK|N
  50. LC|LendingClub Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LC|LC|N
  51. LCA|Landcadia Holdings IV, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCA|N
  52. LCAA|L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCAA|N
  53. LCAAU|L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCAAU|N
  54. LCAAW|L Catterton Asia Acquisition Corp - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCAAW|N
  55. LCAHU|Landcadia Holdings IV, Inc. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCAHU|N
  56. LCAHW|Landcadia Holdings IV, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCAHW|N
  57. LCFY|Locafy Limited - Ordinary Share|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCFY|N
  58. LCFYW|Locafy Limited - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCFYW|N
  59. LCG|Sterling Capital Focus Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LCG|LCG|N
  60. LCI|Lannett Co Inc Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LCI|LCI|N
  61. LCID|Lucid Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LCID|N
  62. LCII|LCI Industries|N| |N|100|N||LCII|LCII|N
  63. LCNB|LCNB Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LCNB|N
  64. LCR|Leuthold Core ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LCR|LCR|N
  65. LCTD|BlackRock World ex U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LCTD|LCTD|N
  66. LCTU|BlackRock U.S. Carbon Transition Readiness ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LCTU|LCTU|N
  67. LCTX|Lineage Cell Therapeutics, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||LCTX|LCTX|N
  68. LCUT|Lifetime Brands, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LCUT|N
  69. LCW|Learn CW Investment Corporation Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||LCW|LCW|N
  70. LCW.U|Learn CW Investment Corporation Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-half of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||LCW.U|LCW=|N
  71. LCW.W|Learn CW Investment Corporation Redeemable warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||LCW.WS|LCW+|N
  72. LD|iPath Bloomberg Lead Subindex Total Return SM Index ETN|P| |N|100|N||LD|LD|N
  73. LDEM|iShares ESG MSCI EM Leaders ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||LDEM|N
  74. LDHA|LDH Growth Corp I - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LDHA|N
  75. LDHAU|LDH Growth Corp I - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LDHAU|N
  76. LDHAW|LDH Growth Corp I - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LDHAW|N
  77. LDI|loanDepot, Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LDI|LDI|N
  78. LDOS|Leidos Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LDOS|LDOS|N
  79. LDP|Cohen & Steers Limited Duration Preferred and Income Fund, Inc.|N| |N|100|N||LDP|LDP|N
  80. LDSF|First Trust Low Duration Strategic Focus ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||LDSF|N
  81. LDUR|PIMCO Enhanced Low Duration Active Exchange-Traded Fund|P| |Y|100|N||LDUR|LDUR|N
  82. LE|Lands' End, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LE|N
  83. LEA|Lear Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LEA|LEA|N
  84. LEAD|Siren DIVCON Leaders Dividend ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||LEAD|LEAD|N
  85. LEAP|Ribbit LEAP, Ltd. Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||LEAP|LEAP|N
  86. LEAP.U|Ribbit LEAP, Ltd. Units, each consisting of one Class A Ordinary Share, and one fifth of one Warrant to acquire one Class A Ordinary Share|N| |N|100|N||LEAP.U|LEAP=|N
  87. LEAP.W|Ribbit LEAP, Ltd. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A Ordinary Share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||LEAP.WS|LEAP+|N
  88. LECO|Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc. - Common Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LECO|N
  89. LEDS|SemiLEDS Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LEDS|N
  90. LEE|Lee Enterprises, Incorporated - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LEE|N
  91. LEG|Leggett & Platt, Incorporated Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LEG|LEG|N
  92. LEGA|Lead Edge Growth Opportunities, Ltd - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LEGA|N
  93. LEGAU|Lead Edge Growth Opportunities, Ltd - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LEGAU|N
  94. LEGAW|Lead Edge Growth Opportunities, Ltd - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LEGAW|N
  95. LEGH|Legacy Housing Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|E||LEGH|N
  96. LEGN|Legend Biotech Corporation - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LEGN|N
  97. LEGR|First Trust Indxx Innovative Transaction & Process ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||LEGR|N
  98. LEJU|Leju Holdings Limited American Depositary Shares, each representing one Ordinary share|N| |N|100|N||LEJU|LEJU|N
  99. LEMB|iShares J.P. Morgan EM Local Currency Bond|P| |Y|100|N||LEMB|LEMB|N
  100. LEN|Lennar Corporation Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LEN|LEN|N
  101. LEN.B|Lennar Corporation Class B|N| |N|100|N||LEN.B|LEN.B|N
  102. LEO|BNY Mellon Strategic Municipals, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LEO|LEO|N
  103. LESL|Leslie's, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LESL|N
  104. LETB|AdvisorShares Trust AdvisorShares Let Bob AI Powered Momentum ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LETB|LETB|N
  105. LEU|Centrus Energy Corp. Class A Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||LEU|LEU|N
  106. LEV|The Lion Electric Company Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||LEV|LEV|N
  107. LEV.W|The Lion Electric Company Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant entitles the holder to purchase one Common Share at a price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||LEV.WS|LEV+|N
  108. LEVI|Levi Strauss & Co Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LEVI|LEVI|N
  109. LEXI|Alexis Practical Tactical ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LEXI|LEXI|N
  110. LEXX|Lexaria Bioscience Corp. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LEXX|N
  111. LEXXW|Lexaria Bioscience Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LEXXW|N
  112. LFAC|LF Capital Acquisition Corp. II - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFAC|N
  113. LFACU|LF Capital Acquisition Corp. II - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFACU|N
  114. LFACW|LF Capital Acquisition Corp. II - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFACW|N
  115. LFC|China Life Insurance Company Limited American Depositary Shares|N| |N|100|N||LFC|LFC|N
  116. LFEQ|VanEck Long/Flat Trend ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LFEQ|LFEQ|N
  117. LFG|Archaea Energy Inc. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LFG|LFG|N
  118. LFLY|Leafly Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFLY|N
  119. LFLYW|Leafly Holdings, Inc. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFLYW|N
  120. LFMD|LifeMD, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFMD|N
  121. LFMDP|LifeMD, Inc. - 8.875% Series A Cumulative Perpetual Preferred Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LFMDP|N
  122. LFST|LifeStance Health Group, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LFST|N
  123. LFT|Lument Finance Trust, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LFT|LFT|N
  124. LFT$A|Lument Finance Trust, Inc. 7.875% Series A Cumulative Redeemable Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||LFTpA|LFT-A|N
  125. LFTR|Lefteris Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LFTR|N
  126. LFTRU|Lefteris Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LFTRU|N
  127. LFTRW|Lefteris Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LFTRW|N
  128. LFUS|Littelfuse, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LFUS|N
  129. LFVN|Lifevantage Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LFVN|N
  130. LGAC|Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp. I - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGAC|N
  131. LGACU|Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp. I - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGACU|N
  132. LGACW|Lazard Growth Acquisition Corp. I - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGACW|N
  133. LGF.A|Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation Class A Voting Shares|N| |N|100|N||LGF.A|LGF.A|N
  134. LGF.B|Lions Gate Entertainment Corporation Class B Non-Voting Shares|N| |N|100|N||LGF.B|LGF.B|N
  135. LGH|HCM Defender 500 Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LGH|LGH|N
  136. LGHL|Lion Group Holding Ltd. - American Depositary Share|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGHL|N
  137. LGHLW|Lion Group Holding Ltd. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGHLW|N
  138. LGI|Lazard Global Total Return and Income Fund Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LGI|LGI|N
  139. LGIH|LGI Homes, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LGIH|N
  140. LGL|LGL Group, Inc. (The) Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||LGL|LGL|N
  141. LGL.W|LGL Group, Inc. (The) Warrants|A| |N|100|N||LGL.WS|LGL+|N
  142. LGLV|SPDR SSGA US Large Cap Low Volatility Index ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LGLV|LGLV|N
  143. LGMK|LogicMark, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGMK|N
  144. LGND|Ligand Pharmaceuticals Incorporated - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGND|N
  145. LGO|Largo Inc. - Common Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LGO|N
  146. LGOV|First Trust Long Duration Opportunities ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LGOV|LGOV|N
  147. LGST|Semper Paratus Acquisition Corporation - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGST|N
  148. LGSTU|Semper Paratus Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGSTU|N
  149. LGSTW|Semper Paratus Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGSTW|N
  150. LGTO|Legato Merger Corp. II - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGTO|N
  151. LGTOU|Legato Merger Corp. II - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGTOU|N
  152. LGTOW|Legato Merger Corp. II - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGTOW|N
  153. LGV|Longview Acquisition Corp. II Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LGV|LGV|N
  154. LGV.U|Longview Acquisition Corp. II Units, each consisting of one share of Class A Common Stock and one-fifth of one redeemable Warrant|N| |N|100|N||LGV.U|LGV=|N
  155. LGV.W|Longview Acquisition Corp. II Redeemable Warrants, each whole Warrant exercisable for one share of Class A Common Stock, each at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||LGV.WS|LGV+|N
  156. LGVC|LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGVC|N
  157. LGVCU|LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGVCU|N
  158. LGVCW|LAMF Global Ventures Corp. I - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LGVCW|N
  159. LGVN|Longeveron Inc. - common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LGVN|N
  160. LH|Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LH|LH|N
  161. LHAA|Lerer Hippeau Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LHAA|N
  162. LHC|Leo Holdings Corp. II Class A Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||LHC|LHC|N
  163. LHC.U|Leo Holdings Corp. II Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share and one-third of one redeemable warrant|N| |N|100|N||LHC.U|LHC=|N
  164. LHC.W|Leo Holdings Corp. II Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||LHC.WS|LHC+|N
  165. LHCG|LHC Group - common stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LHCG|N
  166. LHDX|Lucira Health, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LHDX|N
  167. LHX|L3Harris Technologies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LHX|LHX|N
  168. LI|Li Auto Inc. - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LI|N
  169. LIAN|LianBio - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIAN|N
  170. LIBY|Liberty Resources Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIBY|N
  171. LIBYU|Liberty Resources Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIBYU|N
  172. LIBYW|Liberty Resources Acquisition Corp. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIBYW|N
  173. LICY|Li-Cycle Holdings Corp. Common Shares|N| |N|100|N||LIC
  174. LICY|N
  175. LIDR|AEye, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIDR|N
  176. LIDRW|AEye, Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIDRW|N
  177. LIFE|aTyr Pharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIFE|N
  178. LII|Lennox International, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LII|LII|N
  179. LILA|Liberty Latin America Ltd. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LILA|N
  180. LILAK|Liberty Latin America Ltd. - Class C Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LILAK|N
  181. LILM|Lilium N.V. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LILM|N
  182. LILMW|Lilium N.V. - Warrants|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LILMW|N
  183. LIN|Linde plc Ordinary Share|N| |N|100|N||LIN|LIN|N
  184. LINC|Lincoln Educational Services Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LINC|N
  185. LIND|Lindblad Expeditions Holdings Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIND|N
  186. LINK|Interlink Electronics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LINK|N
  187. LION|Lionheart III Corp - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LION|N
  188. LIONU|Lionheart III Corp - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIONU|N
  189. LIONW|Lionheart III Corp - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIONW|N
  190. LIQT|LiqTech International, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIQT|N
  191. LIT|Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LIT|LIT|N
  192. LITB|LightInTheBox Holding Co., Ltd. American Depositary Shares, each representing 2 ordinary shares|N| |N|100|N||LITB|LITB|N
  193. LITE|Lumentum Holdings Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LITE|N
  194. LITM|Snow Lake Resources Ltd. - Common Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LITM|N
  195. LITT|Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp. - Class A Common stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LITT|N
  196. LITTU|Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp. - Units|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LITTU|N
  197. LITTW|Logistics Innovation Technologies Corp. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LITTW|N
  198. LIV|Emles @Home ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||LIV|LIV|N
  199. LIVB|LIV Capital Acquisition Corp. II - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIVB|N
  200. LIVBU|LIV Capital Acquisition Corp. II - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIVBU|N
  201. LIVBW|LIV Capital Acquisition Corp. II - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIVBW|N
  202. LIVE|Live Ventures Incorporated - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIVE|N
  203. LIVN|LivaNova PLC - Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LIVN|N
  204. LIXT|Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIXT|N
  205. LIXTW|Lixte Biotechnology Holdings, Inc. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LIXTW|N
  206. LIZI|LIZHI INC. - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LIZI|N

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  1. LJAQ|LightJump Acquisition Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LJAQ|N
  2. LJAQU|LightJump Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LJAQU|N
  3. LJAQW|LightJump Acquisition Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LJAQW|N
  4. LJPC|La Jolla Pharmaceutical Company - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LJPC|N
  5. LKCO|Luokung Technology Corp - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|D||LKCO|N
  6. LKFN|Lakeland Financial Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LKFN|N
  7. LKOR|FlexShares Trust FlexShares Credit-Scored US Long Corporate Bond Index Fund|Z| |Y|100|N||LKOR|LKOR|N
  8. LKQ|LKQ Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LKQ|N
  9. LL|LL Flooring Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LL|LL|N
  10. LLAP|Terran Orbital Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LLAP|LLAP|N
  11. LLAP.W|Terran Orbital Corporation Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||LLAP.WS|LLAP+|N
  12. LLL|JX Luxventure Limited - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LLL|N
  13. LLY|Eli Lilly and Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LL
  14. LLY|N
  15. LMACA|Liberty Media Acquisition Corporation - Series A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMACA|N
  16. LMACU|Liberty Media Acquisition Corporation - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMACU|N
  17. LMACW|Liberty Media Acquisition Corporation - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMACW|N
  18. LMAO|LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc. - Class A common stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMAO|N
  19. LMAOU|LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMAOU|N
  20. LMAOW|LMF Acquisition Opportunities Inc. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMAOW|N
  21. LMAT|LeMaitre Vascular, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LMAT|N
  22. LMB|Limbach Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMB|N
  23. LMBS|First Trust Low Duration Opportunities ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||LMBS|N
  24. LMDX|LumiraDx Limited - Common stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LMDX|N
  25. LMDXW|LumiraDx Limited - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LMDXW|N
  26. LMFA|LM Funding America, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMFA|N
  27. LMND|Lemonade, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LMND|LMND|N
  28. LMNL|Liminal BioSciences Inc. - Common Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|D||LMNL|N
  29. LMNR|Limoneira Co - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LMNR|N
  30. LMPX|LMP Automotive Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|E||LMPX|N
  31. LMST|Limestone Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LMST|N
  32. LMT|Lockheed Martin Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LMT|LMT|N
  33. LNC|Lincoln National Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LNC|LNC|N
  34. LND|Brasilagro Brazilian Agric Real Estate Co Sponsored ADR (Brazil)|N| |N|100|N||LND|LND|N
  35. LNDC|Landec Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LNDC|N
  36. LNFA|L&F Acquisition Corp. Class A Ordinary Shares|A| |N|100|N||LNFA|LNFA|N
  37. LNFA.U|L&F Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one Class A ordinary share, and one-half of one redeemable warrant|A| |N|100|N||LNFA.U|LNFA=|N
  38. LNFA.W|L&F Acquisition Corp. Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one Class A ordinary share at an exercise price of $11.50|A| |N|100|N||LNFA.WS|LNFA+|N
  39. LNG|Cheniere Energy, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||LNG|LNG|N
  40. LNN|Lindsay Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LNN|LNN|N
  41. LNSR|LENSAR, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LNSR|N
  42. LNT|Alliant Energy Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LNT|N
  43. LNTH|Lantheus Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LNTH|N
  44. LNW|Light & Wonder, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LNW|N
  45. LOAN|Manhattan Bridge Capital, Inc - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LOAN|N
  46. LOB|Live Oak Bancshares, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LOB|N
  47. LOCC|Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LOCC|LOCC|N
  48. LOCC.U|Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock, and one-third of one warrant|N| |N|100|N||LOCC.U|LOCC=|N
  49. LOCC.W|Live Oak Crestview Climate Acquisition Corp. Warrants, exercisable for one share of Class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||LOCC.WS|LOCC+|N
  50. LOCL|Local Bounti Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LOCL|LOCL|N
  51. LOCL.W|Local Bounti Corporation Redeemable Warrants, each whole warrant exercisable for one share of Common Stock at an exercise price of $11.50|N| |N|100|N||LOCL.WS|LOCL+|N
  52. LOCO|El Pollo Loco Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LOCO|N
  53. LODE|Comstock Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||LODE|LODE|N
  54. LOGC|LogicBio Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|D||LOGC|N
  55. LOGI|Logitech International S.A. - Registered Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LOGI|N
  56. LOKM|Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp. Class A Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LOKM|LOKM|N
  57. LOKM.U|Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp. Units, each consisting of one share of Class A common stock, and one-fifth of one warrant|N| |N|100|N||LOKM.U|LOKM=|N
  58. LOKM.W|Live Oak Mobility Acquisition Corp. Warrants, exercisable for one share of Class A common stock at an exercise price of $11.50 per share|N| |N|100|N||LOKM.WS|LOKM+|N
  59. LOMA|Loma Negra Compania Industrial Argentina Sociedad Anonima ADS|N| |N|100|N||LOMA|LOMA|N
  60. LONZ|PIMCO U.S. Treasury Index Fund PIMCO Senior Loan Active Exchange-Traded Fund|P| |Y|100|N||LONZ|LONZ|N
  61. LOOP|Loop Industries, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LOOP|N
  62. LOPE|Grand Canyon Education, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LOPE|N
  63. LOPP|Gabelli Love Our Planet & People ETF Gabelli Love Our Planet & People ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LOPP|LOPP|N
  64. LOPX|Direxion Shares ETF Trust Direxion Low Priced Stock ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LOPX|LOPX|N
  65. LOTZ|CarLotz, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|D||LOTZ|N
  66. LOTZW|CarLotz, Inc. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LOTZW|N
  67. LOUP|Innovator Loup Frontier Tech E|P| |Y|100|N||LOUP|LOUP|N
  68. LOV|Spark Networks SE - ADS|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LOV|N
  69. LOVE|The Lovesac Company - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LOVE|N
  70. LOW|Lowe's Companies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LOW|LOW|N
  71. LPCN|Lipocine Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||LPCN|N
  72. LPG|Dorian LPG Ltd. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LPG|LPG|N
  73. LPI|Laredo Petroleum, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LPI|LPI|N
  75. LPLA|LPL Financial Holdings Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LPLA|N
  76. LPRO|Open Lending Corporation - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LPRO|N
  77. LPSN|LivePerson, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LPSN|N
  78. LPTH|LightPath Technologies, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LPTH|N
  79. LPTX|Leap Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LPTX|N
  80. LPX|Louisiana-Pacific Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LPX|LPX|N
  81. LQD|iShares iBoxx $ Investment Grade Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LQD|LQD|N
  82. LQDA|Liquidia Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LQDA|N
  83. LQDB|iShares Trust iShares BBB Rated Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LQDB|LQDB|N
  84. LQDH|iShares Interest Rate Hedged Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LQDH|LQDH|N
  85. LQDI|iShares Inflation Hedged Corporate Bond ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||LQDI|LQDI|N
  86. LQDT|Liquidity Services, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LQDT|N
  87. LQIG|SPDR Series Trust SPDR MarketAxess Investment Grade 400 Corporate Bond ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LQIG|LQIG|N
  88. LRCX|Lam Research Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LRCX|N
  89. LRFC|Logan Ridge Finance Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LRFC|N
  90. LRGE|ClearBridge Large Cap Growth ESG ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||LRGE|N
  91. LRGF|iShares U.S. Equity Factor ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LRGF|LRGF|N
  92. LRMR|Larimar Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LRMR|N
  93. LRN|Stride, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LRN|LRN|N
  94. LRND|IndexIQ ETF Trust IQ U.S. Large Cap R&D Leaders ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LRND|LRND|N
  95. LRNZ|TrueShares Technology, AI & Deep Learning ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LRNZ|LRNZ|N
  96. LSAF|LeaderShares AlphaFactor US Core Equity ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LSAF|LSAF|N
  97. LSAK|Lesaka Technologies, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LSAK|N
  98. LSAT|LeaderShares AlphaFactor Tactical Focused ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LSAT|LSAT|N
  99. LSBK|Lake Shore Bancorp, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LSBK|N
  100. LSCC|Lattice Semiconductor Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LSCC|N
  101. LSEA|Landsea Homes Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LSEA|N
  102. LSEAW|Landsea Homes Corporation - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LSEAW|N
  103. LSF|Laird Superfood, Inc. Common Stock|A| |N|100|N||LSF|LSF|N
  104. LSI|Life Storage, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LSI|LSI|N
  105. LSPD|Lightspeed Commerce Inc. Subordinate Voting Shares|N| |N|100|N||LSPD|LSPD|N
  106. LSPR|Larkspur Health Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LSPR|N
  107. LSPRU|Larkspur Health Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LSPRU|N
  108. LSPRW|Larkspur Health Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LSPRW|N
  109. LSST|Natixis ETF Trust Natixis Loomis Sayles Short Duration Income ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LSST|LSST|N
  110. LSTR|Landstar System, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LSTR|N
  111. LSXMA|Liberty Media Corporation - Series A Liberty SiriusXM Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LSXMA|N
  112. LSXMB|Liberty Media Corporation - Series B Liberty SiriusXM Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LSXMB|N
  113. LSXMK|Liberty Media Corporation - Series C Liberty SiriusXM Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LSXMK|N
  114. LTBR|Lightbridge Corporation - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LTBR|N
  115. LTC|LTC Properties, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LTC|LTC|N
  116. LTCH|Latch, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LTCH|N
  117. LTCHW|Latch, Inc. - Warrant|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LTCHW|N
  118. LTH|Life Time Group Holdings, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LTH|LTH|N
  119. LTHM|Livent Corporation Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LTHM|LTHM|N
  120. LTL|ProShares Ultra Telecommunications ProShares|P| |Y|100|N||LTL|LTL|N
  121. LTPZ|Pimco 15 Year U.S. TIPS Index Exchange-Traded Fund|P| |Y|100|N||LTPZ|LTPZ|N
  122. LTRN|Lantern Pharma Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LTRN|N
  123. LTRPA|Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc. - Series A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LTRPA|N
  124. LTRPB|Liberty TripAdvisor Holdings, Inc. - Series B Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LTRPB|N
  125. LTRX|Lantronix, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LTRX|N
  126. LTRY|Lottery.com, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LTRY|N
  127. LTRYW|Lottery.com, Inc. - Warrant|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LTRYW|N
  128. LU|Lufax Holding Ltd American Depositary Shares, two of which representing one Ordinary Share|N| |N|100|N||LU|LU|N
  129. LUCD|Lucid Diagnostics Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LUCD|N
  130. LULU|lululemon athletica inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LULU|N
  131. LUMN|Lumen Technologies, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LUMN|LUMN|N
  132. LUMO|Lumos Pharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LUMO|N
  133. LUNA|Luna Innovations Incorporated - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LUNA|N
  134. LUNG|Pulmonx Corporation - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LUNG|N
  135. LUV|Southwest Airlines Company Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LUV|LUV|N
  136. LUXA|Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LUXA|N
  137. LUXAU|Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp. - Units|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LUXAU|N
  138. LUXAW|Lux Health Tech Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LUXAW|N
  139. LUXE|Emles Trust Emles Luxury Goods ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||LUXE|LUXE|N
  140. LVAC|LAVA Medtech Acquisition Corp. - Class A Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LVAC|N
  141. LVACU|LAVA Medtech Acquisition Corp. - Unit|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LVACU|N
  142. LVACW|LAVA Medtech Acquisition Corp. - Warrants|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LVACW|N
  143. LVHD|Franklin U.S. Low Volatility High Dividend Index ETF|Q|G|Y|100|N|N||LVHD|N
  144. LVHI|Franklin International Low Volatility High Dividend Index ETF |Z| |Y|100|N||LVHI|LVHI|N
  145. LVLU|Lulu's Fashion Lounge Holdings, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LVLU|N
  146. LVO|LiveOne, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|D||LVO|N
  147. LVOL|American Century Low Volatility ETF|P| |Y|100|N||LVOL|LVOL|N
  148. LVOX|LiveVox Holdings, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LVOX|N
  149. LVOXU|LiveVox Holdings, Inc. - Unit|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LVOXU|N
  150. LVOXW|LiveVox Holdings, Inc. - Warrant|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LVOXW|N
  151. LVRA|Levere Holdings Corp. - Class A Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LVRA|N
  152. LVRAU|Levere Holdings Corp. - Unit|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LVRAU|N
  153. LVRAW|Levere Holdings Corp. - Warrant|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LVRAW|N
  154. LVS|Las Vegas Sands Corp. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LVS|LVS|N
  155. LVTX|LAVA Therapeutics N.V. - Ordinary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LVTX|N
  156. LW|Lamb Weston Holdings, Inc. Common Stock |N| |N|100|N||LW|LW|N
  157. LWA
  158. Lifeway Foods, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|E||LWAY|N
  159. LWLG|Lightwave Logic, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LWLG|N
  160. LX|LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LX|N
  161. LXEH|Lixiang Education Holding Co., Ltd. - American Depositary Shares|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LXEH|N
  162. LXFR|Luxfer Holdings PLC Ordinary Shares|N| |N|100|N||LXFR|LXFR|N
  163. LXP|LXP Industrial Trust Common Stock (Maryland REIT)|N| |N|100|N||LXP|LXP|N
  164. LXP$C|LXP Industrial Trust 6.5% Series C Cumulative Convertible Preferred Stock|N| |N|100|N||LXPpC|LXP-C|N
  165. LXRX|Lexicon Pharmaceuticals, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LXRX|N
  166. LXU|LSB Industries, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LXU|LXU|N
  167. LYB|LyondellBasell Industries NV Ordinary Shares Class A (Netherlands)|N| |N|100|N||LYB|LYB|N
  168. LYEL|Lyell Immunopharma, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LYEL|N
  169. LYFE|2ndVote Life Neutral Plus ETF|Z| |Y|100|N||LYFE|LYFE|N
  170. LYFT|Lyft, Inc. - Class A Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LYFT|N
  171. LYG|Lloyds Banking Group Plc American Depositary Shares|N| |N|100|N||LYG|LYG|N
  172. LYL|Dragon Victory International Limited - Ordinary Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LYL|N
  173. LYLT|Loyalty Ventures Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LYLT|N
  174. LYRA|Lyra Therapeutics, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|G|N|100|N|N||LYRA|N
  175. LYT|Lytus Technologies Holdings PTV. Ltd. - Common Shares|Q|S|N|100|N|N||LYT|N
  176. LYTS|LSI Industries Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LYTS|N
  177. LYV|Live Nation Entertainment, Inc. Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LYV|LYV|N
  178. LZ|LegalZoom.com, Inc. - Common Stock|Q|Q|N|100|N|N||LZ|N
  179. LZB|La-Z-Boy Incorporated Common Stock|N| |N|100|N||LZB|LZB|N
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Features real time NASDAQ, NYSE and AMEX, hot Penny stocks that are trading up in today's session and are below $5 dollars with volume coming in moving the stock market price higher. Volume is also an indicator of a stocks momentum and if you get in early, the earnings potential is at it's greatest, just make sure your on the right side of the trade and don't fight against the overall market trend.
Thousands of stock transactions take place everyday, not only in the United States but also all over the world.  When a stock is bought and sold, it has two kinds of prices, a bid price and an ask price. The bid price is what someone is willing to pay for the stock.
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Features a market makers list and brokerage firms, track the big picture, track the buy and sell orders, and the total stock shares traded by the market maker or specialist. For the top online stock brokers see our Online Stock Trading Broker List.
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The futures trading markets are a meeting place for buyers and sellers of many different commodities futures like financial futures, oil futures, gold futures, silver futures, copper futures and many more.
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Features Stock Trading Tips for day traders or investors, Real Stock Trading Tips and advise you can use in today's stock market. The Asian and European markets can be used as a possible guide to get an idea of which direction the US market is likely to go in.
Forex Trading Currency Pairs, Free Quotes and Charts - Forex Trading Currencies features candlestick charts and quotes for XAU/USD - GOLD Dollar Rates, XAG/USD - SILVER Dollar Rates or EUR/USD - Euro Fx / U.S. Dollar, Canadian Dollar and many more currency pairs. Watch for trends spot entry and exit points, view current bid and ask prices.
The trading floor of the futures exchange, with all the shouting and signaling to buy or sell Futures Commodities does give the direct impression of chaos.
Floor Traders - Trader Article for Investors.
Futures Hedging - Hedgers Article the Benefits.
Futures Contract - Futures type of Contract.
Futures Commodities - Futures Commodities
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